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  1. Very sad as loved that programme. Now free to cycle around heaven with Marina. RIP Robert.
  2. Correct. Before these silly names like 'Bears' they were Bristol RFC. We were and are Bristol City. Story end of. GET IT RIGHT COMMENTATORS or we will turn sound off
  3. Just realised Spurs v Chelsea at the lane at 4.30. Hope they give him a bloody good send off.
  4. RIP John Challis. What is it with today, first Greavsie then Boycie. A sad day.
  5. Another 'REAL' legend has left us. Thanks Jimmy for all your entertainment in my lifetime. RIP Jimmy.
  6. Always good to see I joined the Supporters club in the 60's , hard hearted Arthur Fowler was the top man.Took missus in there for a Port and Lemon on our first date. Sponsored the club in the late 70's and early 80's and had 2 free season tickets a year. plus annual luncheon plus our hoarding on the Dolman Stand. Beryl Fudge, sadly missed' had BCFC on her heart. Hope it keeps on forever.
  7. Ivor, 10 days 10 games whats the difference, going to be yet another gruelling season for everyone including us old guys ( pun not intended ) who have seen it many many times before but I believe NP has the pedigree to succeed long term.
  8. not unexpected from this basket case of a club...................BC must be turning over in his grave
  9. Couldnt make match due to car problems. Had a curry instead. Sometimes I make wise choices
  10. VR, as someone who looks like we share common interests, my heart goes out to you. I am fortunate to be married 50 years this December and so I cannot imagine what you are going through. Cherish the time you have with your wife as BOTH of you are special. You will find many who will talk with you and help you through this and remember it is about you as well. My thoughts and prayers go out to you both.
  11. Had a red and white wooden rattle in about 1960 when I was 10. When we moved to Sheffield with Dad's job in 1964, I repainted it Blue and White ( in those days we didnt worry about changing colour) as we went to Hillsborough and supported Sheffield Wednesday. Might have been easier to have supported United ! Took it with me in 1966 to Wembley v Everton. Happy and troublefree days.
  12. Sad to hear. Loved him as Corporal Marsh in 'Get Some in'. RIP Tony, a fine actor.
  13. I know Rob's brother Reg, who now lives in Lympsham. BTW I used to work for Walter Cannings in Avonmouth as a rep for Somerset and Dorset. Knew Colodense very well.
  14. As an oldie, didnt really take any notice of them but when you hear one of their group passes at 39, it saddens me. RIP Sarah, a tragic victim of this vile vile disease.
  15. I got a few I could flog him, bargain at £50,000 each
  16. Nice photos NTTDS. Never been to Cardiff City stadium so good to see.
  17. fantastic win, followed on BBC Sports, a win over the Taffs always welcome
  18. Yes lovely to see my Vespa I dedicated to the promotion winning side of Cotts, Reg
  19. Same here, saw him on his debut at the Baseball Ground. With Norman in the middle you feared nothing.
  20. RIP Charlie. Part of my teen years. Not Fade Away. No you never will.
  21. Please dont mate, I had a breakdown at 45. I am now going through a sh*tter at 70. My plans came to nothing in life but I will get through it, so will you,
  22. thanks to everyone who has wished me well, i dont feel alone now COYR my cousins @cyderinacan and @superdziek will shout for me tonight
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