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  1. Bristol City F.C. 1) What will be City's final league position? 8th 2) How many points will City get this season? 71 3) Will City score 60 (or more) League goals this season? Yes 4) Will City concede 60 (or more) League goals this season? Yes 5) Who will finish as City's top scorer? Nahki Wells 6) How many League goals will City's top scorer (whether the player named in Q5 or ano.) get? 16 7) Who will finish as City's 2nd top scorer? Andi Weimann How many League goals will City's 2nd top scorer (whether the player named in Q7 or ano.) get? 11 9.) How many academy graduates will make their City debuts this season in League or Cup competitions? 3 10) Will Nathan Baker make 20 (or more) League appearances for City this season? Yes 11) Will Taylor Moore make 20 (or more) League appearances for City this season? No 12) Will Alex Scott make 20 (or more) League appearances for City this season? No 13) Will Adam Nagy still be a City player on the last day of the season? Yes 14) Will Tomas Kalas still be a City player on the last day of the season? Yes 15) Will City sign a striker either before the end of this window, or in the January window? Yes 16) Who will be City's player of the season? Wells 17) What will be the official attendance for the first home game against Blackpool to the nearest thousand? 17k 18) What will City's Official average League attendance be this season to the nearest thousand? 22k 19) In which round will City be knocked out of the F.A. Cup? 5th 20) In which round will City be knocked out of the Carabou Cup? 5th 21) How many City players will be sent off in all competitions this season? 7 22) Who will be the first City player to be sent off this season? Baker 23) How many penalties, in all competitions, will City be awarded this season? 5 24) How many penalties will City score? 4 25) Will any City player score a first team hat trick this season? Yes 26) Will Nigel Pearson still be City's manager on the last day of the season? Yes Young City players: Bell, Pearson, Conway, Britton, Scott, Janneh 1) Which of these 6 will make the mostappearances for City, in all competitions, this season? Bell 2) Which of these 6 will score the most goals for City in all competitions? Bell Gas: 1) Final League position? 14th 2) Average League attendance, to the nearest thousand? 7k 3) Brett Pitman to score 0-10, 11-20 or 21+ league goals this season for Rovers? 0-10 4) Will Joey Barton still be Rovers' manager on the last day of the season? No Welsh Rivals, Cardiff & Swansea 1) Will any of Pack, Flint or Tomlin score for Cardiff against City? No 2) Who will finish higher, Cardiff or City? City 3) Will Korey Smith or Liam Walsh score for Swansea against City? No 4) Will Liam Walsh make 20 (or more) league apps. for Swansea this season? No chance :laugh: 5) Who will finish higher, Swansea or City? City Lee Johnson's Sunderland 1) Where will Sunderland finish this season? Automatic promotion, promoted through play offs, play offs, lower? Automatic promotion 2) Will Lee Johnson still be Sunderland manager on the last day of the season? Yes Ashton's Ipswich 1) Will Ipswich be promoted this season (with MA doing a lap of honour ) either automatically or through the play offs? No 2) Will Ipswich finish above Sunderland? No Steve Cotterill 1) Will Cotts lead Shrewsbury to promotion? No 2) How many points will Cotts' Shrewsbury take off LJ's Sunderland, 0,1,2,3,4,or 6? 3 Old Boys 1) Will Bobby Reid score 14 (or more) league goals for Fulham? No 2) Will Bobby Reid score against City? No 3) Will Josh Brownhill score 5 or more PL goals for Burnley? No 4) Will Matty Taylor score against Sunderland? No 5) Will Wes Burns score against Sunderland? No Championship 1) Which club will finish top of the Championship? Fulham 2) Which club will finish bottom of the Championship? Peterborough
  2. I’m told he himself last time…
  3. Thankyou for the responses. I’ll digest them and respond shortly.
  4. Which way do you wish to go? Via whiteladies? I don’t like the Albion I’d go Mall Cori Tap White Lion (Avon Gorge Hotel) Portculis wander down the hill. The Bear Mardyke Mrytle Tree Three Tuns
  5. I use it and find it superb. Pm me if you want more info. I pay £10 a month and can use it in two devices at the same time. I use a MXQ box hard wired in rather than a Firestick.
  6. As always, first class by the bloke. Would love to get them in a cup game this season.
  7. What a fantastic tribute
  8. Ona similar ilk to the beer / lager making thread. Has anyone ever got into homemade cider / scrump? Any advice greatly received. I assume timing wise it’s September to November time most people make it? Any advice on apples and yield? I’ll do some proper research but intrigued if others have had a go
  9. When did he say that? I’ve not seen that reported.
  10. 17 plus 2 (taking out the Covid questions) so 19 for me I think.
  11. I may have got this wrong with counting the Covid answers correctly
  12. Eubank Jr is a complete asshole
  13. I’d imagine the judges will have it 6-2 or 5-3 to Canelo.
  14. Be interesting to see what the injury is. Can’t see he’s earned a rematch either.
  15. Can’t say too much as we don’t know the injury. But after all the comments about having the biggest heart in any man...
  16. That’s strange, did they throw the towel in?
  17. Should give him some confidence that, Canelo isn’t invincible
  18. Come on Billy Joe step it up, take it too him, no chance of a decision here.
  19. Any links or is everyone signing up for DAZN and then cancelling straight after the fight? £1.99 I believe?
  20. Alarm set for 4am, hopefully fight starts by 4:30am. Finished by 5:30am back to sleep for a few hours. Easy
  21. What consequences are you fearing?
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