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  1. Where is Danny Simpson anyway? Not been near the match day squad for a while; not that I’d want him there. Vyner isn’t a full back either; rarely attacked the space ahead of him last night and made Scott look worse than he probably was given lack of support. His distribution was largely poor too. Tanner will be playing sooner than we expected I’m sure.
  2. That’s annoying. I made sure the attachments were downloaded before leaving home as find the 4G or stadium WiFi unreliable (overloaded). Another way to overcome this issue in future would be to screenshot your tickets (at least just the barcode bit) so it’s there ready to go in your photos.
  3. No trouble at all using the e-tickets today; can’t see how that could cause any delay to entry compared to printed ones.
  4. The most recent gig I went to issued proper tickets but they’re all rather generic now. I have loads of ones from the 90s that are full of colour.
  5. Thank you so much. Just seemed unnecessary to have to print it. And the physical ticket printed at home is not quite the keepsake that proper tickets were!
  6. Hi all. I’ve always printed tickets at home but it was suggested that I can just scan the barcodes for each ticket on my phone and that will be fine as it’s scanning the same code but without a physical ticket. I’m sure it should be ok but just asking if anyone else has experience of doing so?
  7. Listening now and was interested to hear what he had to say about Kalas. The questions asked by GT were very much geared towards an assessment of players NP has brought in (or in the case of Baker, re-signed) and therefore nothing to read into about his thoughts on Kalas. I’d be happy seeing Kalas and Atkinson/Baker (happy with either there) as our primary pairing. Gregor needs to take note of what NP said tonight and hone his interview skills accordingly. I quite like Gregor but at times his questions lack intelligence and invite the obtuse replies that NP offers. Perhaps he’s been too easily indulged by more media friendly managers in recent seasons. I don’t especially like Pearson but I think he’s the right man for the job and if he gets the best out of this talented (on paper at least) group then I’ll be delighted. What I do like is that he wants players who are committed and play with commitment. Should be much easier on the eye this season I reckon - not necessarily attractive but we won’t be watching from behind our hands in absolute horror. COYR…just don’t expect Nige to bounce around the ground!
  8. The game at Plymouth Argyle is next Tuesday (27th) - I think a few were caught out by the Friday date on the Argyle ticket site which is the date tickets go on general sale, not date of the game. I’ve secured my ticket alongside an Argyle fan and looking forward to it.
  9. Yeah that does seem to be what he’s implying at the end upon second listening. I think Bakinson would likely be one he’s thinking of here. I don’t know beyond that.
  10. Ahhh the ubiquitous Sweet Caroline; a great song but quite how it ended up becoming an anthem for any large gathering I have no idea! Attend any sporting event or a gig and this gets belted out all the time. It’s fine but I don’t want to hear it at Ashton Gate; much prefer we stick with our own songs!
  11. Absolutely, that’s the way I read it. He was saying that if there are those who don’t buy into it/can’t commit to what he’s trying to achieve, then they know where the door is. It felt more of a warning than an assertion as to what’s happening; surely it’s too early to see whether people are/aren’t committed to it.
  12. Who’s the player on the left here with Danny Simpson?
  13. I was thinking the same. Had to look up that Blackpool season opener; Davies wasn’t even playing that day!
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