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  1. Been mentioned in previous posts, but the thing I picked up on most was the comment that “we don’t want someone coming in and destroying (changing) what we have here fundamentally”. SL has been saying for a good few seasons now that we want to be Premier League. In all that time we have got close just once (under GJ), and actually, what they have set up now, in terms of structures, probably wasn’t set up in the GJ era. We have essentially been banging our heads against a brick wall. So in that sense, even if we choose not to take the option, we should be open to any suggested approach to achieve our goal. Even if it means someone making changes across the club. If it means we finally get to the Prem it will be worth it. In that sense it is worrying to me that SL is still so closed and narrow in what he will consider (let alone appoint). If we want to continue in mid table mediocrity with the occasional cup run then what we have in place delivers that, but we have to at least be open to the thought that it might not be capable of taking us to the next level.
  2. Oh for the love of God! Stop looking downwards and appointing people you know MA....get out of your comfort zone and appoint a Head Coach that will challenge you and the whole club! That is the secret to Lam at the Bears, he has had an effect on the entire organisation with his approach and attitude. Thats what we need, a big personality that is going to leave a real mark.
  3. You have to have a bit of sympathy for these two really. Both had good jobs with England and both gave them up on whatever DH/MA sold them as their vision for the club. Both likely to be jobless within just a few months....and I bet those England roles are no longer available! You could say that they should have known it was a risk being part of such an inexperienced head coaches team...still I would love to know how it was all sold to them to convince them to leave England.
  4. Interesting that the statement says Simpson & Downing to take charge of “training” with immediate effect and doesn’t mention games. Perhaps MA has someone lined up before Saturday?
  5. DH never uses it as an excuse, but he talks about it in every interview it seems!!
  6. The injuries i accept is hampering us (although all teams have long injury lists right now). However this excuse of the amount of games we are playing I do not buy. Every team we face has just as tough a schedule as us and they are still beating us.
  7. Oh yes... just saw Gregor say no goals in 5 games on Twitter. it’s actually 1 in 5.
  8. is this the attacking football Holden promised us? This is getting worse than LJs last few games...
  9. For the past 2 seasons we have been: 1) Consistently poor at home 2) Consistently poor against Top 6 3) Consistently poor against clubs at bottom of league with something to fight for These three things have been the only consistent thing about us for a long time now and have bridged the Johnson-Holden gap. Why is that? IMO it suggests we do not do well when under pressure or when favourites (also pressure). Which suggests we are missing some leadership/characters in the side. Or the coaches are not freeing the players up enough to play without fear. i think we need an experienced old pro, central midfielder with leadership ability in January (Brunt may be experienced but he’s not a leader). Someone to drive this team on. Or maybe Williams/Walsh have the characters to do this?
  10. Don’t think you can. I’ve tried that before.
  11. I’m busy tomorrow at 3pm. Is there a way I can watch the full match delayed, from 6/7pm?
  12. I can't even login to buy the game, keep getting error message, what is going on? tired just logging in to view store and that doesn't work either
  13. It kinda had to be 1 year, 2 years max given his inexperience. You don’t want to be paying him off in 12 months time. This does raise the concern though....what players will want to sign for us and play under Holden when his contract is so short?
  14. If he appoints Holden and Ashton comes out with some drivel about him being an outstanding candidate that will annoy the **** out of me. Outstanding candidate: 6 dead rubber games v a guy who’s been promoted twice and managed in the Premier...... i can’t see how Ashton will be able to spin it....
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