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  1. Crazy to think if we signed these players 5 years ago we’d walk the league!
  2. Ah the annual Hampshire Reds panic post. Life’s back to normal.
  3. I’d really hope we bring in Adam Reach especially with SW heading for the drop. Brilliant player at this level.
  4. We’ve always been an easy club in terms of players coming here, being paid a decent amount and not really having to perform to justify their salary. I think NP has come to realise this. It’s a pretty damning assessment by him IMO. I genuinely believe he’s the man to take us forward but I think it will take a lot longer than what some of us might have anticipated.
  5. I think NWs time can’t really be judged here until he’s played in his correct position. The blokes a natural poacher so playing him 25 yds away from where he operates best and then bashing him for not scoring as much as we’d hoped isn’t really fair. I can see him playing as our main no 9 when Fam moves on this summer.
  6. That does ring a bell! I couldn’t believe it either, 33! When you think someone like Phil Jones is 28...
  7. God that’s a name that I haven’t heard of in a while! I’m sure we were linked with him once?
  8. I’ve always been told never trust a woman who has a bigger toe than the ‘big toe’
  9. Yeah and he’d lose to both of them!
  10. Pearson would be a great appointment. No nonsense hard man who will ruffle a few feathers, just what’s needed to get us out of freefall. Fingers crossed someone knows something hence why the odds have shortened drastically.
  11. Great thanks Tone. I know Dad and Mark have the matter in hand. I just needed to get away from everything really. I’ve brought my best crayons and colouring book which is helping me relax while I design next years training gear! Funily enough Nahki has joined me. He tells me he’s been on the beach back in his homeland since December! Such a small world.
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