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  1. Thinks its easy to work out what the P stands for in his user name.
  2. Had my jabs at AG and my card sounds identical to yours, certainly no barcode.
  3. (Probably) All In The Mind - Oasis
  4. Norman Stanley Barton, you are an habitual criminal etc... I sentence you to remain at the swamp.
  5. Sorted For E's and Wizz - Pulp
  6. Last chance to grab some coin before the next lockdown...
  7. The Four Horsemen - Aphrodite's Child
  8. Dog Eat Dog - Adam and the Ants
  9. Wooly Bully - Sam The Sham and The Pharaos
  10. Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
  11. Over Under Sideways Down - The Yardbirds
  12. 100% he should carry on. Let's not forget we haven't been beaten in this tournament. We lost a penalty competition. No disgrace there. Best manager we've had since Sir Alf in terms of results. Not the greatest watch at times But tournament football is about results. He produces them.
  13. 10538 Overture - Electric Light Orchestra
  14. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
  15. I’m Henry The 8th I Am - Hermans Hermits
  16. The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats
  17. The Earth Dies Screaming - UB40
  18. Why are you a city fan if you think the English are c**nts...? Any way never mind, there's lovely butty. Need a cwtch!?
  19. Yep. A children's song, originally sung by schoolchildren during ww2, no doubt to keep their spirits up during their darkest of days. Still, gives people something to whine about.
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