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  1. Not Captain material then…
  2. Sorry to hear that ITN. Wish you all the very best.
  3. glynriley


    Um…pass. Unless I missed Forbes Phillipson-Masters performing with Vice Squad back in the day? Theres also this of course…
  4. glynriley


    Ah,well,you see. Big fan of Gazza and Lindisfarne, but together…nah, carnage.
  5. Indeed. But if the in house interviewer came out with “so Steve, why did you let Mark Ashton have so much autonomy?” His ass would be travelling out the door quicker than an Alan Walsh free kick.
  6. Nice one Dave. Always enjoy listening to Nige. He sounds quite bullish.
  7. What were you saying the other day about "be quick or be original"...?
  8. Why on earth do people trawl social media accounts to get wound up? Strange world we live in.
  9. Where do you think he played Weimann most of the time?
  10. and bullshit... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61757947 "Andi Weimann - we signed him for £1.5 million as a wide player and turned him into a nine and a half, and this year, he's scored 22 goals and assists as well. I'm delighted for him."
  11. Roverzzz going with 'Running Towards Obscurity' on their shirt I believe... Enjoy Lanzarote, was there a couple of weeks ago. Gurt Lush.
  12. As long as he doesn't get injured...
  13. Nicer than Wally...?? ....pffftt.
  14. Agree about JWP. We looked ok in the main, and it may have been different had Kane played the full game. Tomori looked decent, which could come in handy if Maguire continues to suffer bad form at club level. All in all though, there was a definite ‘can the season end now please’ feel about it.
  15. I guess it shows what a decent job Southgate has done when people expect us to blow the Italians and the Germans away.
  16. Don’t know the geezer, but I’ve met his brother Frank.
  17. Sounds like your average 20 something to be honest. Just be thankful the only interviews we’re hearing are from the players and not wanky sound bites from a jumped up CEO.
  18. Did a great job for NI in the 80's. Rest In Peace.
  19. Amazed this needs explaining.
  20. And probably still end up back in the top flight before us...
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