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  1. Ultimately SL wanted Ashton at the club more than he wanted Cotts. And now all the chickens are home to roost Nice one Steve
  2. The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas...?
  3. Obviously this is the case, just compare the amount of multi million pound sales of their academy palyers compared to ours...
  4. They'll try to get as many games as possible called off, untill Salah, Mane and Keita reurn from the AFCON.
  5. Yep, here we are again… Assisted on recruitment by Swiss wasn’t he?
  6. Missed that and did wonder why the majority of the crowd were clapping the player who just put us behind. Seems to have been well meaning though so fair play to everyone. Still got a lot of respect for Benik. Wish him and his family all the best.
  7. I’m in that vid, looking a bit fatter than I did before Xmas…
  8. You’re not Yates version of Lionel Messi though, are you…?
  9. Indeed, and some of the previous regimes signings that didn’t work out are still here, not working out.
  10. Should’ve parked up by the hen and chicken.
  11. You know me so well...(are you Elaine Paige or Barbara Dickson?) A Merry Christmas is a given... Or Santa's wife? Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow is Luton away.
  12. 1974 - 2021...and counting. Shit happens. Bring on the next one. Happy Christmas everyone.
  13. I'll go and get it back for you, if you want..?
  14. I'm triple jabbed, I'll be going. I've no intention of arriving early and mingling in the concourse though. I'll follow my usual routine of going to the pub, leaving at 2.30 and wandering over. There's no way they will check everyones phone/passport so it will be pot luck with the queues. (Shouldn't be too bad as nobody is going by the sound of it...!!) I've got just as much chance of getting covid on my daily bus journey to and from work or in work as I have at AG on Saturday. I do find it funny though, that all the anti-vaxxers on here have been urging people to get on with their lives as normal, yet all of a sudden they don't want us to go to AG on Saturday.
  15. Only for the car park I believe.
  16. So he didn't have the final say on signings then? Another waste of money to chalk up to the oily one.
  17. Don’t forget Ryan Kent. Believe we had to pay a penalty for not playing him enough.
  18. Second post down - "We really don't need another AM" They've not tuned into Mr Ashton yet, have they...!?
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