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  1. Army training sirrrrrrrrrrrrr
  2. Bit of brown Source and a pint to wash it down.
  3. Don’t you like dogs or is it the shirt?
  4. Why, you didn’t like it, I’m sure lots of people did.
  5. Einar Aas: The first Norweigan to play football in England after Brian Clough signed him from Bayern Munich in 1981. Incidentally, "ein" is one in German, one can only guess at what. Great player.
  6. Ars Bandeet, I had to check. We have a winner
  7. Anyone think this is how Hancock and his assistant started?
  8. This Country just seems to have gotten worse over the last 20 odd years. Probably the same amount of dick heads, limp lefty’s, right wing idiots, so on so on, but the main difference is the press and media stirring up trouble at every opportunity. Scandal and outrage sell papers.
  9. He's been off for ages
  10. Can’t even blame Sterling for this rubbish now
  11. I have seen Bristol described as bottlers, chokers and bottle jobs in last few hours. Does anyone really believe that they didn’t leave everything on the pitch? Sometimes the other team are better, that’s life.
  12. That was such a City display
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