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  1. I would love to believe that the role of Scrumpy is a full time permanent salaried position, an employee who could be furloughed, rather than a mate of the tea lady doing us a favour in return for a half time pasty and a cup of Bovril. Yes, I am choosing to believe that is true, the world just seems better that way.
  2. Yep the perspective of age is definitely a thing. Visiting the delightful Devon resort of Beer recently, I assured the wife that the pebbles on the beach there are absolutely huge. About the size of your feet! I knew this because I went to Beer on holiday years ago. Anyway when we got there it turned out I was wrong and the pebbles are actually rather small. Then I remembered that I was about 4 years old and with tiny feet the last time I'd been there
  3. *"The old Dolman salute" That moment when the sun comes out and 5,000 people perform a perfectly synchronised military style salute. (*For fans of Johnny Vaughan's Mexican Handbags).
  4. Randomly, this has reminded me that I and my mate when aged about 10 got put in retention for singing in the school corridor "He's here, he's there, he's every f'cking where, Gerry Gow, Gerry Gow!".
  5. He'll be one of the Lockleaze crew then. The 'bruvvers'. Or a Meader.
  6. 8 years ago? Leave it yeh Sadly, Virgin Media decided to 'upgrade' my TV box, which meant losing this much-watched game from my recordings
  7. Oh shit, I hadn't thought of that. They really are coming for us aren't they?
  8. Sounds like a giant killing might be on the cards this evening. And no surprise, if you disrespect the lower league sides like that by playing your youth team, they're gonna raise their game.
  9. Welcome back. #HMSPissTheFantasyLeague
  10. Excuse me? Where the hell did that come from?! I don't know of anyone who ever thought Flint was better than Webster, that's insane
  11. I vaguely recall there was some (possibly short-lived) online BCFC fanzine that ran something like 'Jordan Watch', to update us on his latest shade of fake tan. "This week: Tangerine Queen". Maybe someone can hook us up with a link?
  12. I think he became @Mr Mosquito - last visited here Feb 12th. His brother I think was @Cooter - last visited in 2011! I still see Kustard in real life. Fulham home game in September I think will be the next one. She just finds it more agreeable living in the real world than in this ludicrous place. And who, frankly, can blame her?
  13. This chap drove past me in Bristol today, and what with the blue and white livery on his van, I got to wondering which football team he supports. I just hope, I really hope....well, you know. Does anyone here happen to know 'Mr Gapper'?
  14. Being for the benefit of Mr Kite. I wonder if he's related to Phil. I do hope so.
  15. @Tre Bong please look here: https://www.wetalkclub.com/ Founded in Bristol a couple of years ago, it's spread all around the UK and beyond. "Talk Club is a Male Mental Fitness Movement. It’s a talking and listening club for men. It’s a support network for ways to keep mentally fit. It’s a community of men looking after each other. It’s here to remind all men that they are not alone, that other men feel exactly the same way they do, and if we share our feelings we can become mentally strong. Together we can change the way we look after our mental health and end suicide."
  16. That's the way I saw it too. But you kind of had the impression at the time he maybe felt privately that he was better than our level, so it's nice to hear he has held his hands up.
  17. Cormack joined us from Liverpool quite early on in that first season, I think not long after Norman came down. Meijer and Jantunen didn't arrive until the relegation season of 79/80. I remember the same as you, Geert Meijer looked sensational on his debut and we thought we had signed the next Cruyff! But after that he was disappointing, Hunter had retired to his sports shop and neither of these new foreign lads nor Tony Fitzpatrick could arrest the inevitable and almost terminal decline I have a dvd of a City game at Eastville in the mid 70s, with the TV footage clearly showing Alan Dicks toking on a ciggy in the dugout during the game. Difficult now to believe how different the world was.
  18. Shots fired. Go on Nige, smack 'im!
  19. I was there and, like some others, can't remember too much about the game itself. But I do recall I was stood on the railway sleepers with 'pop stars' of the time Dave Bateman (RIP) and Shane Baldwin of Bristol punksters Vice Squad fame.
  20. Is there a song for him? I suggest this, though you'll need to be pretty feckin cool to get it.... Saikou Janneh Qu'est-ce que c'est Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better Run, run, run, run, run, run, run awaaaaay........
  21. Yes I hope we see much more of this lad. I've read far too much kneejerk negatively on here this evening, whereas I couldn't help ending the evening feeling positive about the fantastic contribution of young Janneh.
  22. Well it would be hidden from me, as I've no interest in politics, but am opposed to racial discrimination. Oh the irony!
  23. FFS why the excruciating political debate, when those making the gesture have confirmed it's not a political action? The players have put that misunderstanding to bed, taking the knee has no political association. I've said this before on here but make no apology for repeating it, many of us football fans of a certain age from the punk/mod/ska era have been overtly anti-racist for over forty years, and it's never been anything to do with politics, just our culture based on general human decency. Opposing inequality is not 'left wing'. Anti-racism is not the preserve of the Left, neither is it 'politically correct'. It is just correct.
  24. Allo mon ami, moi aussi! Nous garderons le drapeau rouge haut!
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