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  1. I suggest guilty clubs won't tend to be open and honest in their dealings with the EFL, doing all they can to get in the way of supplying all the evidence needed to judge their alleged misconduct, and thus prolong any verdict.
  2. Divide by two for a reasonable price. Divide by three for a good price.
  3. Worth shortlisting for that alone.
  4. I think this is the agreement the EFL clubs originally came for matches that could have been televised in the UK pre Covid19 as they would impact attendences. If anything I think the cost of watching on internationally will probably rise.
  5. They can start by doing a deal with the BBC to use the radio Bristol matchday commentary on the video stream.
  6. Undoubtedly he needs less than we're paying him. I doubt we'd be offering well paid players much better terms in these times, unless maybe he's going to be getting much better deals elsewhere.
  7. Can we retrospectively vote this as the champagne moment of the season?
  8. Point noted Major, but I don't count players under loan as our players. A very good prospect, and potentially a top-top player. You certainly could see the upgrade in control over Hunt when he came on yesterday. I wish I could see us signing him but the rumoured agrred fee looked too big pre Covid 19, so unless MA can renegotiate this (maybe to <£2M) and agree a sustainable player contract, I don't think it would be likely. Maybe the new manager would see his signing as a deal maker. Probbaly would need to move Jack Hunt which might be difficult.
  9. On the Freeman front in the Championship for us, one concern was that he held on the the ball for too long - what some of us (me included) failed to realise was that he was only doing that through lack of options. Basically let go for nothing (it's not clear if we offered him a new contract before QPR came a courting, but if we did it was never mentioned).
  10. Yeah, well done Luke. From the outside I think LJ could have done more to persuade Luke to stay with us, and he might have been a bit put out by p1$$gate, but it's been nearly four years and we haven't come close to finding an adaquate replacement.
  11. It doesn't look like there is any infastructute in place to add a second tier to the South Stand, and you'll have the right to light issue with some houses at the end of Raynes Road. For similar reasons I don't think the Atyeo will ever get rebuilt in the manner we'd hope - unless we could compulsary purchase the houses on that block of Ashton Road, even then we'd probably have to provide at least as many equivalent new build houses. You'd start looking at costs of £15-20 million before you constucted a stand. But I hope to be proved wrong!
  12. It would be great but he's probably too "controversial" for them.
  13. I expect that's because they'll be mixing a number of effects mics from all round the pitch and boosting up the volume to 11.
  14. I've only ever been in the Lansdown for cheap cup games (lower), and the England U21 game (*) (upper - bloody hell its steep up there!). So those games wouldn't be typical, and you get (for example) a mum taking their 10 year old boy to their first game because its affordable, bloke with a couple of kids who spend the entire first half asking if they can go over the park! I did feel slightly dis-associated from the games, and part of that would also have been due to the extra space and distance from the pitch, especially in the upper Lansdown. Call me old fashioned but I like the safety of bei
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