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  1. Hey, I've lost three stone since March 2020. Keep Crouchy out of this. Such a nice guy.
  2. "Ask them why they are booing" - Jurgen, I think an advance shirt price notification was leaked at the same time the national anthem was played.
  3. Funnily enough I didn't feel the need to bring that up
  4. Oh, it was above board. No problem with that in itself. But I thought (and I haven't looked closely) that NUFC's main driver behind the move was to cripple Burnley's attack and assist their relegation - if it was a genuine move for a player they wanted then I withdraw my accusation.
  5. If the unlawful actions of the fans influenced the outcome of the game then I might agree that this could be considered. Otherwise, start by identifying and prosecuting anyone that went on the pitch and acted with malicious intent.
  6. I don't think Burnley had a choice re selling Chris Wood - all Newcastle had to do was to meet the release clause. It seemed to be a bit of an unsportsmanlike strategic move by Newcastle.
  7. Perhaps we take a leaf out of The Vatican's book. There's a decent sized chimney in the South Stand that could be used for the white smoke signal.
  8. Calling anyone who goes on the pitch and attacks you a fan is like a supermarket worker calling a shoplifter a customer.
  9. Also, remember that fences at most grounds were restricted to the stands behind the goals. At the Gate, there have never been fences in front the Dolman or Enclosure (at least since I started going 44/45 years ago).
  10. Quality pens all the way from the Germans.
  11. If I think I'm in mortal danger anything goes. Otherwise I'm exiting stage left minimising my personal risk. In this case he clearly has no defense and is doubly stupid because he'd generally be more at risk following the incident. Is he related to League 2's husband of the year I wonder? Looking forward to twenty years of the bottom 5 rows of seats being out of action, wembley style pitchside fences, and full body cavity searches on stadium entry.
  12. What I'd give to see us playing like that. Mad when you consider where these two teams were when they changed their respective managers - obviously vindicating their boards' decisions.
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