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  1. Well, if you are watching RobinsTv you can see he is seething.
  2. Is the performance of the team worse than the RobinsTV commentary?
  3. Right. C'mon City. I'll take a shot in the second half. It doesn't even have to be on target. Anything that rasies the xG over 0.0 would do.
  4. Yeah, from GMG's comments it sounds like they are just negotiating the settlement figure.
  5. Remember the days when Jurgen the German joined Spurs and introduced the English game to the art of diving. Much to the distain of proper fans. 20, 30 years later (how long has it been?) and that is bloody nothing compared to the crap that goes on today.
  6. And that's probably why he'd miss out on a legitimate pen shout.
  7. Good poiunt re Britton. Since he hasn't signed a new contract I guess there's little point in investring much hope of him coming through. And I honestly think loans are not a very good way to 'strengthen' your team - short term advantage (possibly - but a risk) leading to mid/long term disadvantage.
  8. Well we all said we'd have given it. Obviously not as clear cut as the one they got - probably a 70/30 shout in favour of the pen.
  9. Number 2 is the more worrying aspect to me. That just sums up how mentally weak we are.
  10. I don't think you can blame LJ for not using Scott. If he was here under LJ's tenure he'd have been 16 at most.
  11. There are pros and cons of both. I can see why he's doing it, and I can see why it irks some that he does. Personally I don't care what he does if we're winning ...
  12. Some lifers probably get less. But fair play for bothering - can't be easy sometimes.
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