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  1. I'm still in for £40 for our games - hopefully, hopefully, I get the refund of a duplicate stream plus a tenner for the Celtic debacle. I'm also a new member of argyletv (or whatever they call it).
  2. I still think you're going to have to go some to beat The Manageress. Ahem.
  3. I was thinking the same. Maybe that's why RobinsTV aren't streaming it? I know they require registration, so I'll wait until I know for sure.
  4. Ok, cool. I probably should have taken a look before posting.
  5. There is no cure for inherited colour blindness. If there were every optician that I've ever seen would be trying to upsell me. You can however, get glasses to help with some types of acquired colour-blindness (at least according to the spec-savers aussie website.)
  6. I've just sent an email to slo@bcfc.co.uk - not only could I not watch the stream, I got billed twice, and that was for the 3 game package: so essentially I've shelled out £40 for sweet fa. (I sent an email to bristolcitysupport@streamamg.com (or whatever its called) yesterday about my double billing and got the most ridiculous automated replies I've ever seen 0/10 for support.)
  7. CelticTV anyone? It seems a bit of a faff, and by the time I'vbe registerd it'll be half time.
  8. Freaking useless. I've been billed twice, so currently paying £40 for a 3 game package with the only game worth watch being unavailable.
  9. Okay, replying to your own post is about the same level as laughing at your own jokes. Having sent a coherent email to streamamg.com asking them to correct a double billing error of the 3-game package (as noted above), I get two seemingly automated emails from them explaining (a) how I can subscribe to a package. Thanks but I've already subscribed (twice, not my error) (b) how I can cancel a package - which I would have done myself on the duplicate package if it was possible to do (there is no cancel option) I'd rather have no response that a useless one (or two in this case). @JerrySLOis there anything you can do to sort this out - I could forward you the email I sent them - if not I'll have go to paypal and dispute the erroneous transaction and put bristol city on the naughty step.
  10. As people have said, bit pricey for what we're getting, and I can't really watch the midweek game (but I am working from home, so ...), but damn it I have to watch the boys in action. Even if it's just training games. I've managed to get double billed for the 3 game package (2 packages added to robinstv (how they can even allow that I don't know), 2 paypal transactions 10 seconds apart). I've email streamamg so hopefully they'll refund me for the duplicate transaction without any issues.
  11. Sleepy1968


    Iptv is just a technology - there will be legitimate and illegitimate services using it. But if 'prices look great' that's probably because you'll be paying criminals for stolen content. Not sure I'd want to be giving my credit card information to criminal organisations. I expect a few people will post that they've been watching PL/Bundesliga/La liga, etc, games via iptv for a fiver a month for years and never had any issues ...
  12. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. If we'd have got relegated (and we basically deserved to) then we'd be in freefall right now. We look like we've done enough to stop the rot (lucky for us Ashton walked), but there can be few mis-steps on the road to recovery. The type of player we're signing give me encouragement. We need the Wade Elliott and Aaron Wilbraham types before the fancy dan types. I don't expect them all to work out (they nevert do), but it's a good start. Bit worried on the striker front, but if Wells decides to show up, I'll be less concerned. The goals are going to be realistic this season, but if we can maximise our potential, bringing a couple of the youngsters through properly, we'll do alright, and apart from a few deluded fans, we'll be reasonably happy to avoid a relegation fight.
  13. I used Proton last season and as you say, it was fine for 720p. I'll be at all the home games next season but will probably continue the annual option to stream the away games.
  14. Half the reason I buy a s/t is that I'd never want to stump up the POTD prices. I remember paying 40p to watch (real) first division football in the boys enclosures back in the day. I'm sure there are a couple on here who remember paying a shilling or less for games. @Robbored what were prices like in the 50's? You know, back in the days when the PA worked.
  15. Ah, interesting. Would this have made it into his biography? I had a copy at one time but I've no idea what happened to it.
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