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  1. Bristol born and bred.... congratulations JB
  2. This would be an intriguing option
  3. Not me. I'll be heading off to camp in the beautiful Colorado mtns tomorrow. Would have missed the game anyway but at least I know there wouldn't have been anything riding on it. It's been a strange and disappointing season and I often wonder why I put myself through it, however we all know that I and the rest of you will be back next season to "go again" Maybe I'll come back next week to an exciting announcement of a new manager.........not holding my breath. Until then, farewell fellow reds. CTID
  4. You have to wonder, thinking about his one on one last match and today's pen. He's a quality defender :laugh:
  5. Especially when you have Wells and Afobe on the pitch
  6. C'mon KP45 show us what we've been missing
  7. Agreed. With Cardiff up 2-0 we've nothing to loose by experimenting
  8. Preston one up just before the break. Not good scores for us atm
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