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  1. To be honest, a very very slow count, I think it was 15 seconds may well have saved him on the 2nd knockdown I expect Wilder is a tad pissed off (deserved or not). I would like to know if Fury was making the most of the count, or if he was in fact saved by it. Only he will know.
  2. Anecdote, I remember jacki out on the wing, I can't remember who the opponent was but I clearly remember him saying "you might as we give me the ball now, you're shit" and then taking the piss out of the the player waltzing around him time and time again until the player was subbed.
  3. I haven’t read the book, but Cole hates Sheringham for blanking him when coming on as a sub for England, I'm not sure if I have ever heard any praise from Cole about him other than he was a talented player.
  4. I remember him bagging a hattrick against us playing for Millwall. Good player. I think Collymore for forest might have been better imo. He tore us a new one!
  5. Yep, I think so. These guys were good, Jacki for me was far more aware of things going around him and had that natural first touch you can't teach. He was also quite slow and not exactly athletic, but his ability to get away from an appointment through pure skill was something to behold. And you have to remember he was playing at a time when a two footed challenge from behind was quite acceptable, where as the others you mention didn't have to worry about that so much. As a flair player up until about 95, you had to have something about you that many today don't have (not their fault, it's a different era) that said strikers and flair players of bygone era had it tougher, but I wasn't around to witness that!
  6. He was a Maverick very lazy, not a team player. But skill wise he was head and shoulders over any player we have has since. We have had plenty of players that get stuck in for the team, unfortunately I rarely mention any of them and some I have completely forgotten. But a pisshead lazy slacker still lives with me. why? Outrageous skill, its what I paid to go and watch, not many players I can say that about, even if it was only momentary flashes of brilliance. I am fully aware of all his limits, but that is not why I loved the bloke, it was the fleeting pure genius bit of play that are etched in my memory. Maverick Genius, hence we are still talking about him now, good or bad.
  7. Yep its very close to being the same sort of result the achievement along with a few handful won it at a very young age was outstanding. I guess the difference being he didn't have to qualify to make the grand slams, he was already doing well enough and highly enoughed ranked to make the first round proper. But what a player he was at that young age. Fantastic.
  8. I don't disagree, cracking achievement. that said I am not sure a fully functioning Tyson would have been wallowing around on the floor trying to put his gum shield in, he would have hammered him to the canvass in the first 1 or 2 rounds. I just don't think the achievement is the same, as all us boxing fans know, a big heavyweight on any given day can knock another heavyweight out, it the nature of the beast and its why there are so many shocks in the boxing world. nail someone with a big punch with their jaw slightly unlocked, time for tubby bye byes
  9. it wasn't disrespect, Tyson before and after Cus was a very different human being. And most certainly a very different boxer, very sad to see. I maintain When he fought Douglas he was a junkie drunk and admitted so himself later in life,, so no disrespect what so ever
  10. amen to that, time to celebrate a brit winning a top title, it doesn't happen often
  11. aye, that is probably as close as you are going to get. any you quoted me before I realised Goran had not won before his wild card, I remember he had got to the final a couple of times, maybe 3 and lost em all and that's what made it a great win, too quick off the mark for me Kid :laugh:
  12. none of those are really close 3 of them have team mates backing them up while playing at the same level, Ivanisavic had already been far at wimbeldon and had experience when he got his wildcard chance 2 or 3 finals i reckon, and one had a punchers chance against a rapidly fading junkie drunk. Scotland? hahaha. I know you put that in there for the giggles
  13. In footballing terms it would be like Millwall wining the cup winners cup after losing in the FA cup a fews year back while in the championship. Even then, no team mates to back her up, the closest I can think is Becker winning his first Slam, but he wasn't a qualifier. This properly goes down in history
  14. well having retired with breathing difficulties at Wimbledon she is undefeated in 2 slams, where as Morgan was defeated by a HTV weather presenter, no contest really
  15. Classy lady, incredible stuff. Looks like she is going to be a proper British winner rather than the plucky loser we herald all the time. Lets wait for the gutter press and Piers Morgan get stuck into her when she fails to win the next title. I real hope the British public get behind her. Both these ladies have kept me entertained tonight, the pace an power of the tennis on show was great something you tend to see generally when the Williams Sisters are on court. These two could dominate for the next decade,
  16. Colchester are going to have the oldest team in the world judging by that!
  17. Nice one. Most of the defensive stuff I found was from his ManYoo academy days.
  18. Looks genuinely two footed, maybe prefers his right over his left slightly judging by the clips. I wish these videos would concentrate some of the time on the defensive side, I have seen clips from his youth career, but not much from his professional career. The one worrying thing I noticed and I can't back this up from his league career as there is not much to go on, is he likes to go to ground a lot. I personally don't like this in a defender. get it wrong and you are massively exposed, so lets hope that the person putting that show reel together just seems to like slide tackling
  19. Always Liked Massengo, top talent water carrier type player (interestingly I thing Dasilva could also play that role rather than left back) with HNM him and Scott in the team, we should really be looking at improving our set pieces, the amount of fouls they draw are unbelievable. Anyway am not sure I have seen it mentioned anywhere... Cracking backheel for our 2nd
  20. Abbreviated mine from the old net centre day Was Tinnions_Right_Leg in reference to my footballing ability
  21. Thanks Taylor, You must be in a minority of 1
  22. maybe, although I would have thought it hard to have a medical with everything they need to put them through, it would mean using our facilities I would imagine and involve taking Pisa medical staff away from the club. That said I have no idea how this stuff works in reality
  23. Dunno when he is going out for his medical, I walk past him today about 11.30ish today walking along Commercial Road
  24. 100% agree, I think its fear of losing money, when in reality they are already doing that. I can understand it especially if you have little spare money. People need to take a little time out of their lives to look what actually happens in the world of finance with their money, once they have done that, maybe some of the fear of losing money will go. Obviously personal circumstances dictate, and it might not be right for some, but the vast majority if they have a long term plan to be financially free, it is a no brainer.
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