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  1. Did JJW not go there? I hope he walked or is he clinging to hope of getting paid. And is there any chance Swindon can start the season?
  2. There are quite a few Italian sides wearing green since they were formed. They are being told to throw away their history. No doubt if its forced without a revolt, tough call in Italy, other countries will likely follow suit Unnecessary tinkering. Then they will do more studies and say Purple is not allowed. Being colour blind is not nice, clearly, but is this the right way ?
  3. They will now have the melancholy in their souls of always thinking why our son before us. What an incredibly sad piece of news. Do we know what the cause of death was and his age? RIP Lewis and sincere condolences to his parents and all his family and loved ones
  4. Run through shower tunnels and drinks breaks every 15 minutes!! Even with an aircon stadium i think it might be a bit hot.
  5. Agreed but will some now knowingly bend the rules in the coming season having seen what Derby have got away with?
  6. I agree to his smoochie talents on the last bit alright. In time they'll see through his salesmanship if not already just biding their time. As for the first bit... Tightening rules? What rules? And if we assume there are some, actually fit for purpose, using them would be a good start.
  7. Always enjoyed watching him on The Big Match weaving his way past three or four players before unleashing a thunderbolt into the top corner. A debonair handsome fella that graced the field of play. Will be long missed.
  8. You could say that about virtually every club in the land. I am quite looking forward to a fully fit Martin and Weimann. We can always benefit from another striker but I do not see us with a front line any weaker than a lot of other clubs in the division.
  9. I think the gap between the relegated trio and most of the rest will be even starker this season
  10. Well, Parry is turning out to be an unmitigated disaster. I estimate there will be plenty more teams breaking similar rules this season knowing full well the little slap on the wrist will be so slight they will barely feel it. There needs to be a revolution.
  11. Looks the same as last season so that's a good thing for starters. Get a cheapy from 2020.
  12. Perhaps Bakinson simply does not have the motor needed for football. Perhaps he is genuinely knackered. And this close season is worse for him because pre season is harder. I assume they check all the heart and lung performances but maybe they need to dig a little deeper. This could be a player who in future will do more than just struggle on the pitch. I hope for his health this is not being overlooked in any way, shape or form.
  13. Tend to agree. Been fairly ineffective thus far bordering on disinterested. Bizarre.
  14. A complete waste of a discussion guessing. Could be no one could be 2 or 3. But to throw names around will be unsettling to any staff reading this thread imo.
  15. I had hoped for a question on a striker. As always he is straight, clear and informative.
  16. That's a wonderful message from Steve. Marie you no doubt did our club proud. Lets all hope he is strong enough and remains fit enough to get the Shrews promoted this coming season. A class man and an excellent manager.
  17. The criticism of the FL is on many subjects and on many levels. In the event you are carte blanche dismissing them all then you will find very few agreeing with you. On public relations and swiftness of action alone they have been utterly useless. That is enough. As a direct result as I said before they bring the rules of the game into disrepute. They are a busted flush and need replacing. You really don't need to go into the minutae; if you act like there is plenty of time, as they clearly have, you will eventually run out of it and then scratch your heads and blame somebody else which is exactly what they have done.
  18. I remember those quotes. Rumsfeld will not be missed. As for the Football League. I think this decision effectively kills any respect anyone still had for the governing body and effectively brings the game into disrepute; by its governing body. That has to be a first. For the FL to come out and say 'insufficient evidence for appeal' is a total lie . It has always been a whitewash exercise from the beginning. Whatever punishment is dished out will be puny compared to relegating the terminal liars. Like I said before 71 members should resign from the governing body, making it immediately defunct, and set up a new one. Derby can go swivel in the sun. Parry was supposed to be the tough breath of fresh air. He's just a limp ***** like the rest of them. That meal with Morris in west London was the ultimate stitch up.
  19. Beating the Germans in the final as I recall.
  20. You would think no better reason for an Ashton Gate station. Yet to discount it now by excluding match day figures for football, rugby and basketball, let alone other events, seems beyond naive to me. Oh its a council! If you cannot get a job in the private sector work for a public body. Dumpsters holding back the regions because they lack intelligence. I cannot think of any other reason. Logic is something crushed by council dictat bollox.
  21. Quite odd indeed. I find him incredibly boring in the studio. Hope he can motivate players; i have my doubts.
  22. They won it once. Cannot be greedy. Its our turn. Its on our turf. One better than 2018.
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