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  1. If you’d be interested in making me an offer DM me. I collect them too but always happy to listen
  2. I’ve got one. Not sure what size it is, probably XL I’d guess. It’s worn 3-4 times and stored in a vacuum bag ever since.
  3. I’ve got my 8 year old home. Have spoken to his teachers etc and we’ve got a rough plan... At 9am Joe Wicks is doing a live PE for kids for 30 minutes each day on YouTube. Then we’ve got to do some of his spellings. Bit of a break then he is starting a project, he’s chosen the history of Bristol City so we’ll be doing research (reading) and then writing about it. Think we can spread this out for a few weeks. After lunch we’ll do some maths on the iPad app the school use and then we’ll do something for an hour at the end of the day like a science experiment or a painting or somet
  4. For one season of absolute class, and being a nasty piece of work to go with it I've always said Paul Hartley. Odd choice and others like Louis Carey, currently Nathan Baker and a few of our goal scorers over the years have come close but Hartley always stands out in my mind.
  5. Vilmos Sebok wasn't it?
  6. If you’d have offered me Kalas, Da Silva & Palmer on permanent deals in exchange for Lloyd Kelly I’d have taken your arm off. Excellent business.
  7. Like the kit, badge is cheap looking. Maybe it’ll grow on me.
  8. I had us in on goal difference. Not sure any of us could take that amount of drama!
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