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  1. Can anyone tell me what system we are supposed to be playing, f…Ed if I can see one
  2. Happy to sell any of our current squad of gutless, pampered, clueless soon to be L1 players. As to thoughts of “a top half finish “ , sorry but that is dilutional.
  3. I think any half decent coach could organise a central defence with Kallas, Baker , Atkinson and Vyner to choose from, however as we have no trusted or fit full/ wing backs that is where we continually fall down. Simpson is hopeless, the Chelsea midget clearly on his way out. Both Tanner and Pring show potential, play one is possibly OK, but both is asking too much. In my view two new experienced full/ wing backs in January is essential to staying up.
  4. Lots of reasonable arguments for boycotting this corrupt, money tournament, with the realistic expectation that nothing will happen, but what if for once , enough of us “ordinary fans” did start a worldwide boycott? Start with a message on all the EFL/PL fan forums , go from there, see what happens. If 10 of us volunteer we only need to contact about nine forums each. If we get a positive reaction, then try and get press attention. I’m prepared to be one of the contactors, any others ?
  5. This has been discussed on the “save your money “ thread below, but in a nutshell, yes, I would boycott this , mainly as the granting of the tournament to Qatar was completely and utterly a fraud
  6. Get rid of the lot of them, bunch of bottlers
  7. Rather not, 3pm Saturday please. Allows morning family time, lunchtime beer and home in time for dinner. As to away games, time to get there including beers
  8. I’ve had enough, I’ve supported City since 1966, , but I’m not going to let this bunch of pampered overpaid cowards spoil my weekend anymore, Goodbye
  9. Correct, this bunch of soft cowards are not worth supporting,
  10. Grey Fox


    Two full backs, right and left and at least one strong ball winning midfielder, minimum.
  11. Of course, in League One next season Pring and Tanner will be fine, if that is the plan. And yes, I am seriously pi….Ed off
  12. In reality none of our full backs are good enough for Championship football, Pring and Tanner have potential, but not for two games a week, DaSilva and the bloody useless Simpson are just not good enough. If we have any ambition, as a club, to avoid relegation we must bring in experienced replacements for RB and LB positions In January
  13. None of them, squad simply not good enough, and a number of them don’t look that bothered
  14. Quite simply the current squad are not Championship standard, especially in midfield, Our only hope of staying up is for Williams to actually remain fit for more than ten minutes and bring in at least two quality midfielders and replacement experienced full backs In January. If we don,t, League One next season.
  15. Ipswich away, the season we made the play off final , that match with Hull. Wife moaned I was driving too much and I should go by train. Train to London broke down, and the train to Ipswich stopped at every single station on the way. Arrived too late for the pub, missed the first 10 minutes of the game, and we lost 6-0. Train back was just as slow. Last time I listened to the Mrs.
  16. Arsenal 0 Bristol City 1 First match in the top division, City fans every where, a fantastic performance, great win , and totally smashed by the end of the night
  17. Not as far as I know, I looked it up last year and had no problem viewing. The Charlton fans site seems to suggest a “ taking the knee” debate turned very Millwall and the site admin closed it. Don’t know if this is true, but seems possible.
  18. Anyone notice that the Millwall forum ( north stand) is down and has been for a while? May be a technical fault, or have they been misbehaving again ?
  19. If you want to do The Shard for free, go to the bar, it’s on about the 36th floor but the views are amazing, have a pee whilst up there, quite surreal. Drinks are hotel prices, but worth having one just for the view.
  20. The old school Millwall aren’t really a problem, you can have a laugh with them, it is the stupid little chavs that can get annoying. Compared to the 70’s/ early 80’s it’s more like the pussy cats basket than the lions den
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