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  1. That was one of the best CH performances I’ve been ever seen
  2. In my view, the best player, in the best City side I have seen in my lifetime (48, so too young for the first division days)
  3. Can’t see Joe Williams lasting long under Bieslas high intensity
  4. Spoonbed


    Surely he must of played himself into contention for Barnsley? Thought he was excellent when he came on. Used the ball very well, and whilst he will never be classed as a target man, surprisingly good at shielding, and holding onto, the ball.
  5. Really was an incredible performance that. If that doesn’t lead to some huge bids this summer, I don’t know what will
  6. I always wondered what has happened to the “Dave Rennie near post flick on” Very effective back in the day, but now virtually never seen
  7. I know we played well yesterday, but watching the lack of quality in this game compared to us is like chalk and cheese.
  8. Went to that game and then straight afterwards up into the supporters club for a “gentleman’s evening” Stoney was compère/comedian and strippers! How times change
  9. I don’t think he can come for it as (a) it was a very good delivery and (b) Afobe’s movement across makes it very hard for him to “gamble” on if not landing on Beniks head( and therefore an open goal) I personally think if we do much much better at stopping these crosses coming in so easily, we will do much better( but bloody obvious!)
  10. I don’t want much for New Year, but can we please just sign an Andy Llwellen,Adam Locke,Bradley Orr please I think we would be an “ok” side with a reasonable right back
  11. In my 40 years of supporting City, I’m struggling to think of a more inept midfield display. Absolutely useless with, and (more importantly) without the ball. A total passenger. Not fit to lace the boots of Pennyfather, Dinning, Carl Hutchins etc!
  12. It really is incredible to watch him. We really are playing with 10men
  13. Please god no! Ive never seen a player “coast” so much
  14. Did I just see Williams with a little stretch of the hamstring
  15. It’s bizarre- he had a very decent first half, he made an early error in the second half, and since then looks worse than a pub player. He does not have the heart or desire to make anything of his career
  16. Havnt been very impressed with Tanner, but fair play, great tackle then
  17. Christ, shows how bad my memory is! It did feel like a turning point though if I remember correctly
  18. Can remember the game against Chesterfield under GJ- terrible run of results, but for some reason the whole ground was up for it, and made for a (rare) cracking atmosphere, which I’m sure helped the players to raise their game for a victory. Let’s hope it’s something similar tomorrow night.
  19. Thought he was also average on Tuesday. But you’re right, he has been almost Ryan McGivern bad!!
  20. Remember Abdul Kamaras penalty vs the Gas in the Gloucester Cup. Think the ball is still in orbit now
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