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  1. He was at the game today. Saw him and Gould walking through the concourse in the West stand at around 2
  2. Llyod Kelly's their official Captain not just for the day
  3. Old Macdonald had a farm eieio, and on that farm he had a pig eieio with a nic nic here and nic nic there, old Macdonald had a farm, every time a copper walked past the east end.
  4. Seeing the police guy in the picture reminded me of the Old MacDonald had a farm chant....
  5. Rest in Peace Richard, your Match Day Threads always set me up for the game. Best wishes to Family, friends and all that knew Richard.
  6. We bought three and all were shite compared to last year. Be looking elsewhere next time.
  7. He was sat in the posh seats both halves.
  8. SimonL


    RIP Paul, we used to have some great times playing for the city supporters club team in the Bath league. We had some right tasty games up on Landsdown when the Gas were playing at Twerton. It was like red rag to a Bull when we would all turn up to take teams on all in our smart city kits! Great lad and so friendly. He will be sadly missed.
  9. It will be all about shirt sales for sure.
  10. I didn't realise (or forgotton) how long Keith was with us I think he mentioned 12 years.
  11. 43 years I think. First game Dad took me to was at home to Wolves in the First Division. We lost 1-0. Still kept going though I was 11.
  12. SimonL


    Bournemouth for me as no doubt we would get extra dosh for kelly.
  13. Ahh. When shorts were short!
  14. Let’s stay calm. We’ve been here before and still 42 games to go!!
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