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  1. I don’t wish that upon their fans, really...but just as a throwaway comment both Barnsley and Peterborough beat Derby. In the event Derby disappeared mid season they would both lose three points.
  2. However much we were second best today, it still comes down to moments. Hard to rationalise our defending for the first goal, or Wells inability to square a ball.
  3. Safe trip home for our fans. Hope Baker is ok. Well beaten today, that is all.
  4. Alongside Birmingham, this is right up there. 4 points in a week v Blackburn, Stoke and this lot not awful, but most likely more than we deserved. Just got to keep nicking points when we can.
  5. Been very open since the changes. They took a chance, we didn’t.
  6. I mean, he is clearly a brave player…can for now we just hope he is going to be ok?
  7. Burnley v Spurs called off late because of heavy snow. Might be our best chance…
  8. Only good thing about that is the score they show…
  9. Having looked a bit more solid recently, back to ‘pre Blackburn’ today. Far to easy to play though.
  10. Not sure we will finish with 11, this ref likes his card.
  11. As far as thighs go, it’s pretty much hamstring at the back, quads at the front.
  12. Bet you posted exactly the same on their forum…
  13. No evidence it is an injury that is going to keep him out for a while. Seemed to be saying last game his hamstring was feeling tight and got taken off. Given a long break for injury, three games in a week is most likely seen as an an unnecessary risk and this is ‘an abundance of caution’ rather than anything more serious. Hope so anyway. edit: umm…then it emerges ‘out for a few weeks…’
  14. Was just about to post similar. Nothing in the team is a surprise, but seeing it like that in black and white…blimey. Tough one for them today.
  15. Maybe a bit unlucky, but certainly will be facing them both when they are in pretty good form. Hull now on a good run and Derby just taken 4 points off the top two. No easy games…
  16. Not really a great set of results, although if Peterborough v Barnsley finishes 0-0 it’s ok (ten minutes delayed because of flood light failure).
  17. Forest Green penalty…scores!
  18. Cardiff back to level. Bit salty over Reading. EFL ‘here is a point penalty, now learn your lesson and take it careful’. Reading ‘Gotcha, anyway let’s sign Carroll and Drinkwater’, who of course both score today.
  19. Swansea back level. edit…and now behind again!
  20. Reading now leading (up and coming player called Carroll with the latest), as well as Hull and Cardiff. Not entirely ideal.
  21. As an oddity, we have beaten every team below us we have played, 12 points from the 4 matches, and two currently in the play offs, 7pts from the six of them. A whole pile of teams within reach 7-17th and we are yet to beat any of them. A good number of them only ahead of us because of late results against us. Against this ‘midtable’ we have 4 points from 9 matches, all draws. Not sure if it means anything, other than we are pretty much midtable point wise, but crap against midtable teams.
  22. We all to some extent tend to put a lot on the result (you are in fairness one of the exceptions). If Stoke had finished a late chance no doubt the posts would have been full of ‘bottlers’. Luton or Forest etc etc flash late chances wide and we would have been talking about character and battling. Objectively we are still very much work in progress, but the last two games we have looked better. No one is saying great. Played three PO contenders in a row now and have finished 4-4 with four points. In the round that’s been about right. Difficult not to have started looking down the table, tonight’s result takes a fair bit of immediate pressure off. Buys time, which one feels more than anything is what we need.
  23. cityexile


    Has not had a lot of love from us over the years, often with reason, so worth a shout out I thought for his efforts the last two games. Not his natural position, but cannot fault his attitude and commitment these last two matches. Has played a full part in both results and does not look out of place at all in that role. Must know he has not performed as he has wanted over the past few seasons, but has shown some real character recently. Long may it continue.
  24. Take the point entirely if you look at the chances…equally, this was not the Alamo of most games over the last dozen when we have been up and hanging on. Sure, they might have scored, but our game management gave us a chance.
  25. 7 points last three home games. AG a fortress! Aged several years in the IT there, but fought right to the end. Maybe on balance a draw would have been fair enough, but looked so much better last two matches. In the context of our season, and my nerves, a huge result. Get in!! Absolutely delighted with that. And a clean sheet!
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