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  1. Could have been a lot worse if players were still allowed to wear blades. The headbutt on Billy Sharp was unacceptable, unnecessary and a cowardly cheap shot. The guy Biggs is going to have plenty of time to reflect on his stupidity while he's banged up and will probably regret the unprovoked attack. I suspect he's going to be looking over his shoulder for a long time.
  2. Abandoning ship because he has a sinking feeling it's going down next season. This could be a Titanic decision for him.
  3. If his performances reveal that he's not two-footed, he will not have a leg to stand on.
  4. Much more reliable than authentirovers.
  5. Yeh, if you consider relegation "interesting".
  6. To someone from outside of Bristol, this will sound very state-of-the-art, based on being mis-informed that your club is owned by a multi-trillionaire. Imagine that ! A Stand that can have it's capacity extended simply by th press of a button. The mind boggles. What will they think of next? However, the reality is, it's just about how many deck/patio-chairs are still in usuable condition and how they are set out by the trafficked labour supplied to the evil fake Sheik, and his side-kick Madame Irene by local gang-masters from Horfield and surrounding cesspits. Reminds me of that well-known saying "re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic". Very appropriate for a club constantly going down or (very likely once again) staying down. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is there any truth to the rumour that your team is being led out onto the pitch tomorrow to the strains of the theme music from "Steptoe & Son"? You should blame the guy who requested something from the Rag 'n' Bone Man repertoire. What a load of rubbish !
  7. Clyde are a bonnie team.
  8. It seems to be weighing them down.
  9. Having watched the secon half of the Mansfield game and the first half of the Port Vale game, I conclude this must be the poorest League Two for many years. It's like watching the walking dead. Some of the players look like they're wearing the left boot on their right foot and vice versa. Mpst of tem can't seem to kick, pass or shoot straight to save their lives. The standard and skill levels on display at the Sunday league games I have seen recently was a lot better than this rubbish. Now I can see why Rovers managed to force themselves into contention. The myth that Bardumb is a miracle-worker is just that ... a myth, I reckon at least two of the teams going up will come straight back down.
  10. Thanks to all concerned for the game and result we've been crying out for. Let's do the same next week and then make the right preparations and decisions to deliver a promotion-winning season.
  11. Walk of shame would have been more appropriate.
  12. Easily explained. Morons with six fingers have difficulty adding up properly. It will all end in tears . . . . I hope. Which reminds me. Keep the horses safe.
  13. Incredible ! I will miss Kammy's crazy reports and humour. He had the right qualities to work in front of the Kamara.
  14. This would explain why Williams was a bit snappy yesterday.
  15. The Rovers' squad is made up entirely of international players .... from Poundland.
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