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  1. sm2webb

    Man City

    Apart from getting to the FA Cup final, to be able to watch City against one of the big European clubs, particularly away from home at say the San Siro or suchlike, would be the dream. It would be an insane experience. Never got why fans were moaning about the league cup run and saying concentrate on the league and that they would rather win the next league game. It was brilliant and something that stays with you and those bits of glory away from the mundane is what makes it all worth it.
  2. It was strange trying to get onto the open terrace. We couldn’t get on it via any of the entrances, so climbed up over the back rail mid-way between two of the entrances. A few chaps standing at the back against the rail kindly moved aside to let us do it, and we were able to stand in front of them where there was quite a bit of space. We ended up bang on the half way line. Just from my point of view, it was as if the stewards weren’t keeping gangways and entrances clear, nor were they encouraging people to move laterally down the terrace, so this caused it to block up.
  3. Fortunately ours came in the late post today. I was thinking that it would be contacting the club and collecting reprints on the night, but fortunately that has been avoided-only just! Hear quite a few are in the same boat as you. Doesn’t help if they turn up tomorrow and you are already at work and have to go directly to the game. Maybe with COVID post delays the club need to factor that in a bit more.
  4. I’ve been a blubbering wreck reading this thread and watching the old videos again. The stories from around that time have always got to me a bit when they have come up on threads, and I really appreciate posters sharing their memories. Keep doing so please. It’s an amazing tribute. My first game was in 86 so although too young to remember TC directly, it is thanks to him, and others like him from those times, that I even had a first game to go to, or even have this club to support at all. There have been amazing highs, lows (and lowers) since, but I’m always immensely thankful that I’m a City fan. It’s great that I’ve been able to introduce City to the next generation in our family and have that interest and emotional connection in common with them and you all. TC, you made that possible. It is your style of play that is the default of how I want a City team to play - wingers and definitely no hoofing it here! You have massively influenced and impacted on lives for the better and I cannot thank you enough. Rest in peace TC.
  5. A statue of TC with the freight rover along with a plaque with a transcript from his interview which gives great context and emotion would be great, but probably fanciful, given how long the Atyeo statue took. I think a mural along similar lines would be second best and a great tribute.
  6. Really? With Bristol Sport supposedly dealing with the club’s commercial side, his remit must surely include dealing with and negotiating transfers.
  7. @JerrySLO Hi Jerry, can you let us know what happened when this was raised today please? Nothing seems to be referred to about the position for u-12 ST holders being omitted from getting a steaming code in JL’s article or in emails the children received, which suggests they may now get it? Is this change correct? That said, neither does the article or the email actually say the club has changed it’s stance from what it previously announced, so it’s not actually clear either way!
  8. My two nieces who are under-12 season ticket holders are a bit gutted. The club article on 9 June when the fixtures were released said that ‘season card holders are reminded that they will be able to watch all of City’s remaining fixtures for free....on Robins TV’. Good news and caused some excitement. Today we are told that season card holders ‘under-12 will not be eligible for a live streaming pass’. Disappointed girls - they now don’t get one and they don’t live with me either. So the only way they’ll get to see games is by forking out another £10 each game, and this is despite them having season tickets! I’m not happy about it and you can imagine how they must feel. It’s tough times and that sort of cash is not always readily available. I wonder how many families this also affects where one parent takes the kids to city, but they live with the other parent. @jerrySLO any chance of the club actually thinking things through, not assuming people all live in traditional family units all under one roof and not taking away the Robins TV pass that it had already said season card holders would receive? I’d be grateful if you could feed this back to the club!
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