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  1. @JerrySLO Hi Jerry, can you let us know what happened when this was raised today please? Nothing seems to be referred to about the position for u-12 ST holders being omitted from getting a steaming code in JL’s article or in emails the children received, which suggests they may now get it? Is this change correct? That said, neither does the article or the email actually say the club has changed it’s stance from what it previously announced, so it’s not actually clear either way!
  2. My two nieces who are under-12 season ticket holders are a bit gutted. The club article on 9 June when the fixtures were released said that ‘season card holders are reminded that they will be able to watch all of City’s remaining fixtures for free....on Robins TV’. Good news and caused some excitement. Today we are told that season card holders ‘under-12 will not be eligible for a live streaming pass’. Disappointed girls - they now don’t get one and they don’t live with me either. So the only way they’ll get to see games is by forking out another £10 each game, and this
  3. I’d rather see mistakes by referees than have VAR.
  4. Thanks-it looked like the RR entrance would be shut.
  5. Anybody know if you can enter the site via Raynes Road, or do you have to go around to KFC?
  6. I wonder if this figure only relates to the internal stadium concessions/bars, not those outside in the fan park, which are, presumably, independent of Ashton Gate but pay a fee to have the ‘pitch’? Does anyone know more? If so, given the amount of pints being drunk outside pre-match, which would not be included if that was the case, this makes the figure more impressive.
  7. Thanks I’m not at all tech savvy! When not at home but still in the uk, I would use mobile data to create a hotspot and then use a tablet to get Netflix or iPlayer. At home I use a nowtv box or chrome cast for Netflix to the tv, so I’m not sure if a slingbox would work for me (having never heard of them and just had a quick read!) as i’ve not got virgin or sky.
  8. Looking for a little help from OTIB’s knowledge .... Off to Spain soon and long story short, my partner has an illness which may make it difficult to go out at times, so the option of her being able to watch Netflix or BBC IPlayer would be great. Tried it before abroad, but they are geo-blocked. I’ve read mention of VPN’s on here, but I have no idea where to start! Ideally I wouldn’t want to pay, but if paying was the only option, something for a short time would be preferable. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. My reply from Chris Skidmore. Not an encouraging response to win my vote....... Thank you for contacting me about safe standing and the upcoming debate in Westminster Hall. Unfortunately due to other commitments I am unable to attend the debate. The Government believes that all-seater stadiums are the best means to ensure the safety and security of spectators at football grounds in England and Wales. All-seater stadiums have helped improve crowd management, crowd behaviour and policing. They provide better and more comfortable facilities to enjoy football matches, which has helped enco
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