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  1. The lansdown upper adult and kid combo explains a lot of it to be fair so thanks @Davefevs I wasnt talking about the sunderland end, more empty seats in the upper lansdown in particular (there were LOADS) My wider point is we 'sold out' according to the club but definitely didnt sell every possible ticket which is just every odd thing. Maybe the club genuinely didnt want/werent able to logistically sell every possible ticket hence it was 'sold out'. Or maybe the club wanted to say it was a sell out to avoid selling tickets on the day (perhaps for logistical reasons)
  2. It really doesnt matter but my wider point is why cant we actually fill the ground? It seems the club only sold 25500 tickets but could have sold 1800 more? Are there health and safety restrictions for mac capacity for football?
  3. Yeah but there were heaps of empty seats. Way to many to be 'just season ticket holders on holiday '
  4. There were quite a few empty seats in upper lansdown and the south stand . I sit in the doorman so couldnt see but a few dotted around near me. No way it was a 'full house ' in the home end
  5. What is our actual max capacity ? The club said today was a sell out with 24,500 announced as the attendance but there were way too many empty seats for it to be just 'season ticket holders on holiday ' Anyone know the reasons for us not being able to literally fill the ground or was it just marketing PR by the club to promote a sell out without actually selling all the tickets?
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/jul/26/premier-league-wants-championship-to-house-loan-players-in-new-finance-deal Cant say I'm a fan of this. Not sure the premier league should be meddling with the rules of the championship. I'm already concerned the 5 subs rule in the prem will actually lead to talent being hovered up to the top league (to fill squads) leading to an overall drop in quality over the next few years.
  7. It's good to raise awareness etc but when the club fly to middlesborough for an away game (I am sure we are not the worst offenders ) then it makes a bit of a mockery of it all. A whole mindset/cultural/technological shift is needed to save the planet , not a few fans cycling to the Gate on matchday.
  8. The sky sports app cricket section has the blast table 7th (seventh) which makes it further along than the internation t20 world cup , hundred mens and hundred womens 2022 tables both ahead of it despite the tables being just 0 everywhere because the tournament hasn't stayed yet.
  9. Yeah I think it is. There are quite a few with youtubers which arent really for me but some good ones with footballers and with foster himself about different elements of his career. I dont really have a problem with it althoguh I guess when your team gets relegated so woefully it doesnt come across great . Ultimately (as foster says) a football club is a place of work so why shouldn't he have some interests outside .
  10. Things have taken off for him a bit since this was posted. Also got the 'Fozcast' now. I notice a lot of watford fans really werent happy about him doing all this as they fought relegation but on the other hand is it so bad he has this interest outside of football? It's better than being out on the town every night or playing xbox til 3am. Some pretty interesting insights into what goes on behind the scenes ,a LOT of money gets spent by football clubs doesnt it. Hotels , great coaches, planes the night before etc etc We wont be signing him but if we did would we all be ok with him posting and vlogging win, lose or draw?
  11. Fingers crossed they are another alex Scott. Think fans are more interested in the retained list then two young uns who probably wont feature for a couple of years at least
  12. Thanks for the reply , inspiring to read . Hopefully the future is bright
  13. @shahanshahan you're obviously free to post what you want but how come this thread is mainly you posting over and over again? Do you have a role within the club with the womens team e.g press officer or just a keen fan? Genuine question
  14. Il never EVER get over this injustice. When you look at what's ended up happening with VAR etc and wright ended up with a ban after he was at the one fouled/wronged
  15. Agree but it's so bad that they were cynical enough to make the decision in the first place....it clearly wasnt an accidental mistake making it the 29th. However....I am glad the club listened and changed their mind...let's hope this is a sign of things to come
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