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  1. Isnt it a bit sad that we all seem to be wishing ill on Ipswich in this thread? I was certainly no fan of Ashton and am glad he has left but isnt it a bit tin pot that we have a 13 page thread (no doubt WAY longer by the end of the season ?) I wonder what we will all say if they end up getting promoted !
  2. Free is ridiculous. I understand about the wages and the market etc but I dont see us signing players like Nagy who at least on paper is a decent player for free when there is a year left on their contract.
  3. Hello all Delighted that Alex Scott has signed a long term deal and so far he has certainly looked at home in the championship. However, let's let him develop and mature without too much pressure. If you think I'm being negative just read this from 2 years ago about massengo So I know massengo was superb against swansea but lets face it the last 2 years have been up and down for him. Some of the comments on the thread 'he wont be here past christmas '...'we have to enjoy him whilst we can' , 'best midfielder at the club by long way'. Clearly that hype hasn't panned out (hopefully yet!) and at times he has been out the squad, never mind out the team! He is still really young too and hopefully this season he has gone up a level. Im all for being excited and I have been impressed with Scott but let's be patient too. It's not like he has scored 5 goals in 3games...he has had some very solid performances, incredible for an 18 year old but will need time to fully find his feet.
  4. No one would have been up in arms about us appointing Pearson over to Hughton....but we didnt. We appointed Holden
  5. Thanks @Davefevs for this. This has really helped my understanding of the last few years. Those costs really do sky rocket and unfortunately we werent exactly in a good position before those transfer fees all started coming in.
  6. Yeah I get it. We have some players on some big money, think I saw last year Kalas on 25k a week maybe. I'm sure Dasilva, diedhou, James , king and wells have not been below league average for sure.
  7. I think ffp is a bit of an excuse for SL to not splurge money on transfers. O be fair it seems easy to say 'just dip into your pockets just this once'...but then come january people will say the same again and so ok Maybe someone can confirm but feels like we will have got more IN in transfer money than we have spent in the last 5 years. Kelly, webster, kodjia, brownhill, bryan, pack, reid all went for decent sums ...plus we had some sell on money for bolasie when he got his big money move to Everton. Kalas, Dasilva, wells and deidhou were big outlays but cant think of many others. He runs the clubs in a very sensible and sustainable way and this should be applauded.
  8. Sad news. There is a great documentary on sky about him called 'the law man'. He was a top player.
  9. The game finishes 1 min earlier last week and there would be 10x less negativity. We will need to be patient....I wont hold my breath!
  10. Heres a novel idea IF you are a fan unhappy at people booing taking the knee ask yourself whether the people that are booing are actually racist or simply unhappy at the political connotations /virtue gesturing /being told what to think IF you are a fan booing taking the knee think about what your booing might imply , even though I'm sure it is not your intention that it comes across this way My point is we could all benefit from seeing the other side of the argument in this issue (and in life more generally) whatever side we are all on. I could give my own opinion but I should ask myself the questions above too In many ways continually arguing is making the divisions greater which is just sad for all on both sides . Cant we all just get along ?
  11. Has he given a post match interview ? Nothing on the offical site...hope he hasn't done a coppell!
  12. Definitely agree with a lot of this. I'm.happy we have brought in freshness in Atkinson, king and james to complement others already here. Goals is the concern, no new attackers and regardless of weimann and martin we have lost Fam. I guess we will know a lot more in 4 hours time!
  13. Good to see that based on the original article I read in my first post on this thread...we are actually ranging from 'we are going up' to 'we are doomed' ! In all seriousness though looks like most fans feel broadly the same that thinks are looking up but we will have to wait and see. Which I guess is fair
  14. Came across this season preview https://link.medium.com/gYstTNUZeib which suggests we should be feeling 'cautiously optimistic '... I'm not sure I would describe my own feelings as that but more 'cautiously hopeful things wont be s**t', is that the same thing ?! I think most fans accept it's going to be a bit of a transition year having had such a high turnover of players. Cant say I agree with everything that's been done but we do seem to be heading in a much better direction that 12 months ago. Not long til the season and I'd certainly be happy and am hopeful for a season of mid table obscurity. Would that be enough for you ?
  15. Its madness really, I know there are more important things going on with covid and we are all more patient than in times gone by but leaving it late just causes aggro for people. Season starts in 2 and a half weeks and some people dont even know if they can go /want to go because we dont know what going looks like. I'm guessing all clubs in the same boat but even so you'd think theyd know if we need a covid passport or not at the very least
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