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  1. after his team loss to Nottingham forest,WHY? Please don't go down the road of your opinion of Billy Sharp. If the EFL had any back bone it would tell Nottingham forest you have forfeited your place at Wembley This could stop the pitch invasions that have been getting out of hand recently.
  2. I have put this together,if you think any thing is wrong pleae reply and I can correct Middlesbrough 400 pay on the day available Reading 2,178 SOLD OUT Cardiff City 2,400 SOLD OUT Queens Park Rangers 1,890 no pay on the day available Millwall 650 pre sales pay on the day available £3.00 EXTRA Peterborough 1,190 (allocation was 1,488) no pay on the day rained most of the match West Bromwich Albion 2,000 SOLD OUT Birmingham City 700 tuesday night Coventry City 3,000 PLUS pay on the day available Sheffield United 665 sunday kick off at 12:30pm snow towards end of match Hull City 300 (allocation was 1,222) pay on the day available Fulham 1,668 SOLD OUT Luton Town 586 pay on the day available Preston North End 400 PLUS (allocation was 828) Blackpool 1,000 (allocation was 1,500) pay on the day available £2.00 extra rained all day Swansea City 1,971 SOLD OUT sunday 13:00pm BEAM BACK Nottingham Forest 1,400 PLUS no pay on the day available Blackburn Rovers 480 pay on the day available Barnsley ??????? CAN'T FIND FIGURES BUT IT LOOKED APPROX 200 the only overnight stay for the whole season AFC Bournemouth 1,318 SOLD OUT Stoke City 728 (allocation 1,612) Derby County 1,000 PLUS (allocation 2,119) Huddersfield Town 700 saturday 12:30pm kick off
  3. Hoping that some one can help,as I have lost my data for the 2021/22 season. Just to save me having spend many hours trawling through all records to collect the info again. Thanking you in advance
  4. With the number of games displaced by TV at an all-time high (and all the faff that brings for matchgoing fans) we want to know - which of these kick-off times is your *LEAST* favourite? We'll close the poll at midday tomorrow. Let us know what you think. Saturday 12.30pm 25.1% Saturday evening 13.9% Sunday afternoon 12.2% Monday night 48.7% 4,511 votes·Final results
  5. Thank you for a proper thread title. and "Thank You" for your very kind thought.
  6. Not sure if Bristol City have been invited https://www.mastersfootball.com/tickets
  7. set out early,and make a detour via Holmfirth where last of the summer wine was filmed The place is very smalll and won't take long to go and see the places where it was filmed I won't be going to holmfirth as there is not enough time for me to get to Huddersfield as well as I am heading out on the 06:24am train from Bristol Parkway. First prize is if you can get a picture of the front of the former train station at Holmfirth Distance from Holmfirth to Huddersfield is just SIX miles
  8. you might "BUMP" into some one who is deperate for one
  9. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/derby-county-kirchner-rooney-morris-7048181
  10. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/championship-set-introduce-var-five-26889146?utm_source=mirror_newsletter&utm_campaign=Mirror_EFL_newsletter2&utm_medium=email
  11. we might now get a step free access at Parson Street train station
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