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  1. GreedyHarry Know what you are saying,but can you actually get to Parsoin Street by 17:01 from Ashton Gate? unless you leave early
  2. A shudder went through me when I thought you meant that this seasons away mid week games involved very long journeys. After so much hard work has been done by so many. Normally Championship sides have five away games and five home games for mid week fixtures This season we have the following mid week AWAY fixtures Reading Millwall Birmingham and the fly in the ointment is Barnsley in March I think we have done quite well on away mid week games short distances To prove the point have a look at Middlesbrough Cardiff and Swansea mid week away games If I could find the individuals to blame I would them a big Gold star
  3. Not to mention "the open to the elements" flat bed vehicles that carried pulped paper. All I can say is, IF you can use Parson Street to get to the Gate,please carry on and thank you As I have said in the past if you are starting any train journey from BTM(which includes Bristol Parkway)get the train tickets issued from Parson Street If you have friend or relatives visting you in Bristol and using the train,get the tickets issued to Parson Street. It does not matter if they use the ticket to PS but it push's up the footfall at PS. Be interesting to see what the passenger usage is, when the passengers numbers for PS are published generally in December
  4. A football programme fair has been arranged at Manor farm football club this coming Sunday 24 October, the first one in quite a few years,kicking off at 10:30am FREE ENTRY. Be nice to see as many of you there as possible,if you can't attend please let as many people know about the event Weather forecast is for rain on Sunday morning,so come along.
  5. on the approch to match days https://view.email.tfl.gov.uk/?qs=4578bbd782144c49923689e814bfec86877af45464c0a311162195b2ac4b2c4dc641f150665b749e4833433b2a57e248fb0644d320aac3b13f96adb82d1e7e1f48da64807b223c7d6826da1ffa72b9a7
  6. https://www.pnefc.net/news/2021/october/beam-back-to-be-held-for-blackpool-fixture/
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