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  1. If they are dropping them off at Parson Street,thats okay by me.
  2. In the past I have visited KFC after the game, never ceases to amaze me that amount of cars going past from the Cumberland basin area to wards Bedminster Down and vica versus. For those not wanting to get caught up in the after match day traffic, why don't the drivers turn off at Boyces cars dealership and head towards the Long Ahton bypass for Bedmister down? Don't even get me started on those who visit the KFC retail park 20 minutes before the games finish
  3. Guys drop me an e-mail when your ready for me to collect them. johngreatwestern@aol.com
  4. Bradley Ash scores the winner for Weymouth against Swindon,DOWN in deepest Dorset.
  5. cidered abroad I think that was a very uncalled for comment,I have no intention of dieing just yet. I have no interest in team sheets or football programmes,I just try and stop them going in the trash can The team sheet/programme was for some one who is older than me. Mark, thanks for the link,did you attend?
  6. Any one know if they'll have a match day programme or team sheet?
  7. Be nice to see loads of the Blackpool fans in the away end,after all this time
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