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  1. I think the point he was trying to get those around him into better position and marking better is a big positive, we have been lacking someone with a voice at the back for a few seasons he could be one of our missing peace's
  2. Disagree thought he improved as the game went along think once he's got a few games under his belt Naismith will be very good for us, sadly Zak has had a lot of changes and never took then , I just feel he's not improving
  3. For me Naismith made one big mistake but looked pretty good for the rest of the match I guess others must be thinking the same,
  4. 100% correct he's never going to be good enough for this level, cost us a goal again today as he dose all to often, he should never be starting a game for us, he is always out of position and seams to not read the play at all,
  5. Thought he had a very good first half before tiring in the second, didn't do anything to cost us the game unlike some others, am surprised to see he's the one being singled out,
  6. Same old city really, look ok when on the front foot attacking but as soon as need to defend we just go to peace's, no idea why we where playing do slow in the 2nd half, we just made it easy for them, really struggling to see what Nigel was thinking starting with Zak he was hopeless , at least we are scoring guess,
  7. I feel confident we will get at least a point today, we didn't play badly last week just didn't have any luck,
  8. I thought the guy presenting it was a bit bland but he seamed to know his stuff, the show is exactly the same as when on quest I was hoping that they might have moved to a more motd style for the championship with each game getting proper highlights and analysis
  9. Think we just got to right that game off as one of those games when luck was not on our side, we lost to a shocking bit of refereeing and a huge deflection from a ball that was heading wide, We actually played pretty well for most of the game and looked a lot more solid at the back I thought, We really did do enough to win that game and any other day we probably would have, definitely feeling quite confident for next weekend home game,
  10. Agree with this by the time lots of people have started going in the ground around 1400 they are just getting started , be better off playing from 1330,
  11. Safe to say both our away kits look really good and I think a 100 times better than this year's poor home kit,
  12. Mine has just arrived, very fancy box,
  13. Disappointing from the club with the huge increase in the costs to get to away games next season think every club in the championship should be limiting away tickets to £20 due to the cost of fuel
  14. He was a good player in the pandemic era in empty stadium but once fans where back and started to give home some stick for things like not running back and putty the effort in for the whole game he fell apart a bit, and never really lived up to his early promise, can't see anyone taking a punt on him unless we continue to pay all or most of his wage,
  15. I like it a lot , we have produced consistently good away kits for a few years now, It's nice to see something different, I hope we use it more than the rumoured white 2nd kit,
  16. I seen us play a preseason game their not that many years ago so hardly class it as somewhere we not been in ages, plus these a fair few city fans who class them as a 2nd club and watch them if we are not playing, as I say not somewhere that's unusual for city fans to go
  17. Why do we always get the boring ties against other championship teams would be nice to have s trip to a lower league side we have not visited in ages, It's easy to see why no one cares about the league cup until the quarter finals
  18. I liked how he talked about us finding a style of play that works for us and planning to stick with it next season, Finally got a set style will be good for us I think as everyone will know what and how to play, definitely more positive
  19. I think the good signings have helped, club seams to actually have an idea where it's going, I am sure a lot of people believe it's going to be better this year,
  20. Agree with that, shame they couldn't have done a deal with one of the local non league sides and used there ground for these games, still a lot of people who prefer to watch live in person,
  21. Dose anyone know Are fans being allowed into the performance center to watch the games live or is the only way to watch on the web,
  22. I like that looks classy
  23. We have only had white sleeves once in our history the 54-55 season, We have had different white strips on the sleeves a far few times form the 90s onwards but the top was still predominantly red, Only other time we have had this much white was 2013-14 when the bottom half of the sleeves was all white, So only the 2nd time ever we have had no red on the sleeves at all I think that's why it's not really our identity
  24. As soon as I saw it though old Arsenal top :laugh:, Seams a little crazy recreating a colour last seen on out tops over 60 years ago, I think very few would remember us in that colour, to most fans we have always been all red, in all our history we have had white sleeves for one season 54-55 it's just not really part of our history in a big way If they wanted to add a bit of white should have done pin stripes that's always been popular,
  25. Sadly that was how it looked to me as well, he will be a miss if let go as got that bit of class we have been missing
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