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  1. Not sure what people want really. If he made a lot less errors than he does he wouldn’t be with us.
  2. His desert island discs on Sunday was great. What a guy
  3. They should hold our card details and then charge us £10 per goal we get to see
  4. Now isn’t the time for flaky fans
  5. Completely disagree. They hit the post and bar and missed two sitters first half.
  6. Anyone over 55 must wonder if they will ever see a home win again in their lifetime.
  7. Think people just want to see a home win to be honest mate. It shouldn’t be a rare event really
  8. There seems to be a lot of trust in Pearson but no other manager thinks Baker is a left back!
  9. What is the game plan other than get crosses in?!
  10. Pretty embarrassing tactics tonight. Get it wide, cross and hope
  11. Lauren Smith I’m guessing. Surprised it bothers you that much!
  12. Looks like the lowest crowd for a league game for many a year.
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