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  1. Yeah his first touch was class today, took several balls out of the air and under perfect control - made it look easy. Good all round performance and great finish for the goal.
  2. Really sad to hear this. A very valued member of OTIB - RIP
  3. Yep exactly what it is. I've actually used a variation of one of these during rehab.
  4. That's just the quasi mode of some people on here though.
  5. Not watching here so asking those thst are - is there signs that we are starting to develop supirior stamina? It seems like we are coming into the game more as it goes on. Are the Pompy players looking tired compared to us?
  6. On a lot of American made cars the brake light is the indicator! So they are red.
  7. I have the same. @Tinmans Love Child I just found that out via your post . The worst for me was playing cricket. If the ball ended up in long grass just outside the boundary of the pitch I played out it was basically invisible to me. Could jot for a nd it even if looking right at it!
  8. Correct - Mark Clattenburg was part of the coverage on ESPN here in the states. He commented in real time while the checks were being made and gave his verdict and reasoning before the refs decesion. For the Kane penalty appeal he said the ref obviously hadn't felt there was enough contact and there wouldn't be enough on the replay to make this a clear and obvious error. For the penalty that was given he said the same - the ref obviously felt there was enough contact and the replay wouldn't show this a clear and obvious error. Now for me the Kane one was more of a penalty but it seems VAR is for finding things the ref completely missed. Think that's a good question, and it's kind of answered above. It wouldn't have been overturrned because VAR would not have found a clear and obvious error either. However the same goes for the Kane penalty appeal if he gives that then VAR would also not have found a clear and obvious error and it would have stood. Now you can argue about whether we need VAR the way it is currently implemented, but it was actually used correctly here. And interestingly (to me anyway) on this occasion both outcomes would have been the same even without it.
  9. Have to watch on ESPN here in the US. They have Mark Clattenburg comment on any contentious moments. He gave the same reason for England not getting the pen earlier as getting the Pen later (that lead to the goal). UEFA say VAR should only over rule if there is a strong reason to overrule the initial decision - something blatantly missed by the referee. His comments while the incidents are under review so he is noot being biased by hindsight.
  10. It's a bit out of the way, but if you head to airport catch a flight to San Jose, California. Then head to The Britannia arms in Cupertino - they'll be showing the game and the atmosphere is great! Hope that helps.
  11. Sterling shades maybe as we won, Schmeichel was amazing though. Thought Walker not far behind either, had a great game.
  12. It's got to be max!
  13. I think certain players get over scruntanised. Rashford has not played at peak all season, but most players don't - he still recorded 11 goals and 9 assists in 37 prem games - that's scoring and creating in every other game. Even in current form he warrants his place in my opinion.
  14. I agree - its difficult to grab your chance as a defender though. He didn't really do anything wrong just played it safe all game - received the ball and then passed it back pretty much every time (though with the way the Scots set up often there weren't that many options). We have so many talented RB's - to break through and get established you probably have to take a few more risks as a player, but that is also something you don't necessarily want you defenders doing + make a mistake doing it and your chance probably won't come again for a while.
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