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  1. anyone know here i can watch? i have paid or espn but only there multi view will load
  2. Again, it's not a blame game, and it's not a case of no white person ever having a tough life and no one in BAME groups ever having a privileged start in life. It is simply a statistical fact that if you are white you are less likely to have to deal with the issue in my previous post, or at least deal with less of them. It doesn't mean you haven't worked hard or earned you position in life. It doesn't mean you haven't fought against adversity to get where you are. It is not an attack on you. It doesn't mean that the wider issue shouldn't be dealt with, but it would be ridiculous to ignore the inequality. If we put it into football terms - lets say of the 68 league goals we conceded last season over half of them were from headers. We would still want to deal with the issue of conceding so many goals, but we'd probably focus a lot of our resources and time on what biggest issue within that was.
  3. Literally not what white privilege means. It simply means you don't have to put up with all that on top of living your normal life. It's not a blame game, it is just acknowledging that having all those things against you makes life harder and its a privilege not to have to deal with that.
  4. Is it maybe because without it you can't block back passes etc? Eg team have pushed all players up high (including the def) and play ball all the way back to keeper. No opposition player could be near GK so would take ages to chase him down etc - could lead to lots of time wasting.
  5. I think this is probably the heart of the issue. There is a stubbornness to see that the booing may not be racist - a refusal to acknowledge what those who have come out to say they are booing. Equally there is a stubbornness to see that taking the knee might not be about BLM the organisation - a refusal to acknowledge what the players have said taking the knee is about. I think it's probably that stubbornness to back down and have dialogue that makes a solution hard. Players could probably change the actions or gesture to something else to make it clear they are kneeling in support of equality, but they can't do that while the current action is being booed or it looks like comprising, and probably feels/looks like placating the people booing for the wrong reasons. Fans could stop booing/make some other gesture that shows there disapproval of the links to BLM as an organisation, but they can't or it looks/feels like placating the people in support of BLM.
  6. I do think there is truth in these kind of comments, but I think it also works the other way. Very good championship, L1/L2 managers would not be able to handle and develop clubs like Man City.
  7. Full article: Fifa is to look at holding the World Cup every two years, rather than four, having launched an unprecedented study into changes to the football calendar. A proposal by Saudi Arabia for the feasibility study for the men’s and women’s World Cups won overwhelming backing among Fifa’s member nations at its annual Congress yesterday — though any such move is likely to be fiercely fought by Uefa as it would have a huge impact on its European Championship tournaments. Gianni Infantino, Fifa’s president, said there was an opportunity for changes to the international match calendar after 2024 and denied that having the tournament more often would devalue it. “Every year in England you have 380 games by the same teams and everyone is very happy with the Premier League so I don’t think the repetitive element would be harming,” he said. “No decisions will jeopardise what we are doing, we know the value of the World Cup. What we need to study is what kind of competitions do we want and need for the world, for Europe, for Africa, for Asia. We will put the sporting element as a priority, not the commercial element. You don’t need to be Einstein to know that if you put World Cups every two years you will double the revenues.” Arsène Wenger, Fifa’s chief of global football development, has previously suggested a biennial World Cup. Uefa declined to comment but insiders are confident a World Cup every two years can be opposed. Infantino said: “We need to look at some of the countries outside of Europe. In Africa, out of 54 countries only five qualify for the World Cup. If you don’t qualify what are you doing for the next four years? Nothing? We will study it and see what it means in terms of the health of players, disruption or non-disruption of national leagues and international competitions.” Infantino called Saudi Arabia’s proposal “eloquent and detailed” and 166 national federations voted in favour with 22 against. Yasser al-Misehal, the Saudi federation president, told the Congress: “It is time to review how the game is structured and to consider what is best for the future of our sport.” Meanwhile, Infantino insisted there was no “collusion” on the part of Fifa over the Super League project, despite Javier Tebas, the La Liga president, claiming he was involved in the plans.
  8. In this case its not Statman and Robin.....its Statman is a Robin!
  9. I feel like we missed he energy, but his leadership more. To me he was instrumental to our pressing both by example and signaling others when to press. Of course I could be wrong - would be Interesting if there were some stats on that. alarms sound at @Davefevs's house... He slides down a pole and rushes to his Stat den
  10. Should have tried this formation this season! Can't have a weakness at fullback if you don't have any!
  11. I wonder if there are also secret badges. "You, completed it? Bet you didn't get the secret ending! Turns out there was secret boss to beat after @Robbored.
  12. He actually has 5 goals this season when you include the cup (50 total appearances) and 6 assists. He is young and the improvement from last season to this was huge. Add in how he can go past players and the number of shots he had that flashed just wide and I don't think it's that hard to see the potential. I would rather we kept him, but it really does depend who we want in. Same goes for Bentley - we may need to sell whoever we can get a decent fee for to free up funds for wages and some transfer fees. Which other players are we likely to get a few million for? However I think he could be huge next season.
  13. I'm also inclined to say keep him. However It's going to be an unusual market this summer - there are a lot of out of contract players and I guess you could argue £3m + freeing up a squad space allows you to put that money towards the wages of an out of contract player we might not be able to afford otherwise. I guess it all depends on who NP wants this summer. But just to emphasise again I'd rather we kept him I think he could really develop the difference between last season and this is already huge.
  14. This is from the discussion on their forum: Gee SCREAMER !!: "Bristol city fans are quite strange aren't they. Spend more time talking about Derby getting relegated than their own team. No surprise really. You think they'd realise that without proper teams like Derby and Wednesday their league campaign would as exiting as a Friday night out in the crap holes round St Pauls. Do you think they have their own register keeping them away from Pride Park or just nice ankle bracelets from the local constabulary."
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