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  1. What an absolute Give it 12 months when half their team are on the treatment table, the other half are running out of contracts, Paul Cook has left and they've appointed a mate of Ashton's and their new Messiah will be a very naughty boy.
  2. Had a good bit of luck today. I got put through as the lucky caller on the BBC Radio Bristol Big Mystery Prize competition. The DJ said to me "How are you feeling?" "Nervous" I replied. "Don't worry he said, it's an easy Maths question, get it right and you win the star prize" "That's a bit of luck" I said "I did Maths at GCSE and A-Level and then I went on to do an HND in Engineering and there's lots of Maths in that" The DJ responded, "Well then it shouldn't be too difficult for you. Ok, Before we start, I can reveal that the Grand Mystery Prize today is 2 VIP Tickets to a Bristol Rovers match of your choice. After the match you'll have the chance to meet the manager and players and you'll get a signed shirt. So, the question you need to answer to win this amazing prize is....... what it 2 plus 2?" "7" I said.
  3. Ashton Gate - The Anfield of the South The Memorial Stadium - The Asshole of the South. Simple.
  4. Not just from another country, he's from another planet.
  5. If it's anything like Irene, about 100 pounds an hour.
  6. They're looking great so far. 1 goal in open play against Melksham, Barnet and Guzz. Still pre-season but the Barca of league two obviously have some work to do.
  7. Fellas, is that rumour about the blue dye true because I think I need a piss
  8. The Thatcher's Chedder Valley Stadium. Or The Weston's Old Rosie Stadium Would be fine by me.
  9. "Barton asked me if I was interested in a friendly with the Gas, beat Melksham I told him and we'll think about it"
  10. "And then Ashton told me 'I know, I was a professional football player don't forget'"
  11. I can never understand why some owners are quite content to burn the house down while they're standing in it? It's not as if Power will come out of it with anything worthwhile. The club rent the ground and seemingly have nothing else of worth to make money from. All he's managed to do is cripple a club and the bin it. Not exactly a sound business model that's likely to encourage future business partners to have faith in you. Sounds like they'd be better off starting from scratch.
  12. That word that auto corrects to source and is another name for ketchup. I'd definitely go for: "OTIB - The s a u c e of all UNAN"
  13. Right, got you mate. Yeah, he should have stayed on to take one.
  14. Henderson was taken off for one of Gareth's penalty takers with two minutes to go. Bit hard to take one when you're not on the pitch Harry.
  15. Probably Horfield. Can't get much of a bigger state than that.
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