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  1. My apologies. It wasn’t you, it was @Lrrr, ex-Hodge I believe, back on page 275.
  2. When the fixture list came out, you were moaning that our away fixtures would necessitate expensive hotel costs. It looks like this match will need just the single overnight stay.
  3. I did (some years later). Quite strange, when you think about it, as nowadays companies such as Coca Cola actually pay clients to endorse their products!
  4. Hmmm. Perhaps you are correct technically, but to say 'He won nothing' is somewhat disparaging of Alan Dicks reign at Ashton Gate: Leeds and promotion to Division One wasn't bad, even if he never actually 'won nothing'.
  5. Apparently, she was called Lola, :laugh: A; rhymes with Cola, C O L A, Cola. I am not sure whether she asked him to dance.... How interesting. I wanted to write LOLA, with a space between the letters like C O L A, but the forum changes it to 'laugh' - Yes, am aware of :laugh:.
  6. I am assuming the game to which you refer was home to Scunthorpe - in which LT scored one of the best goals I have ever seen at Ashton Gate. If not, then there were at least two games in which Trundle played (exceptionally) well and, it might be argued furthermore, had GJ played him in such a way/position that he was able to show off his undoubted talent, we might have got automatic promotion that year, rather than having to play (and lose to) Hull in the play-offs. Rather than 'laughing their asses off when we bought him' I can well imagine Swansea were dumbfounded as to how we (G
  7. My first recollection was the previous year (Leeds/Liverpool), when I was entranced by the late Albert Johansson - his tragic life story is worth a read. Like you, however, the first FA Cup Final I really sat down to watch, probably from 9 in the morning, was the Everton vs Sheffield Wednesday final, but the man I remember was the Cornishman, Mike Trebilcock!
  8. I believe a lot of Rovers fans feel the same way
  9. A very big, 'What if?', indeed. More like a WTF?
  10. A shame there will be no fans at Wembley for the final, as you might have got to hear a version of this: Perhaps one of the best rivalry chants ever - although one very prominent fan seems less than enthusiastic....
  11. Anybody any idea why George Dockrell is not playing for Ireland? Injured, or not suitable for the playing conditions?
  12. @Kid in the Riot. Please don’t demean yourself by answering.
  13. I think you may be confusing them with Han-Noah Massengo .
  14. Regrettably, I fear you may be correct.
  15. Well, of course he has as his loan spell has finished: the same applies to Afobe. Nevertheless, there is nothing to say that he, or indeed, Benik might not come back next season on a permanent contract.
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