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  1. Who was the really thick set, ginger haired winger, very fast as well? Was he one of Wagstaff or Chilton?
  2. I went there as well - we won 1-0, but wasn't it played at Selhurst Park?
  3. They just got Luke Proctor with an extremely dodgy LBW decision, miles outside of the line.
  4. I assume they realise they will not escape relegation without wins, so very much a case of shit or bust. Looking very much like bust now, although Northants have just lost their second wicket.
  5. Northants now require another 89 at under 4 an over. Currently on 115/1 at 8.02 an over!
  6. Tom Banton has started well, though.
  7. BBC on the ball, as ever. See how France reached Wembley FT: Germany 2-1 France Watch the highlights here! Video content Video caption: Highlights - Germany beat France 2-1 to reach finalHighlights - Germany beat France 2-1 to reach final
  8. Well, here’s your chance. What an ideal opportunity to take advantage of the discount, buy yourself a cheap guitar and start having some lessons .
  9. Some Pakistani player with a famous relative , unless you are referring to the young Scotsman, although I don’t think he would be classed as ‘Overseas’. Seriously, though, I don’t think he starts until September, when The Championship restarts after the 100 farce. In addition, and I haven’t checked, he may be playing currently against Sri Lanka.
  10. Going for what, in the circumstances, was an unnecessary second run. To make things potentially worse, Graham Bartlett has just been given out, although for what remains to be seen: he was going for a (probably unneccessary, in the circumstances) reverse sweep, he didn't touch the ball with his bat (it came off his pad) and it didn't seem LBW to me. Oh, and the successful bowler, leading the appeals, was your favourite!
  11. Obviously, I have no idea, but I suspect this may be part of the issue. As has been mentioned on several occasions, Han-Noah came here as a teenager, acompanied by his father and several younger sisters. It may well be that they (his sisters) have decided they wish to return to France, either to complete their education, to start work or even because they are homesick. H-NM comes across as a lovely young man, but, if this is the case, he may not be comfortably stay on for another, say, two or three years, living the life of a bachelor without the support and comfort of his family. I have racked my brains, but I am completely stumped.
  12. Indeed, and especially given how many fans Sunderland might bring if they sell their ticket allocation, it would just be asking for trouble.
  13. Surprisingly, I got WORDLE with two to spare, but struggled with QUORDLE. Daily Quordle 184 quordle.com
  14. Somerset will need to bat extremely well to get 15 points for a draw .
  15. Very childish and petty, I know, but given that MAITFC had him on approval and, for whatever reason, returned him, I hope he stars when they play each other, preferably with a hat trick in the play offs. Seriously, attitude aside, I always rated him, and consider it a shame that, for whatever reason, he and NP didn’t see eye to eye.
  16. Ha! Yet another failed WORDLE Wordle 402 X/6 So frustrating. QUORDLE is so much more satisfying. Daily Quordle 183 quordle.com
  17. Not over yet, but I agree: what an important toss.
  18. So, you have a CD player in the car, or you never actually played the CD? .
  19. Essex won the toss and, unsurprisingly, chose to bat. No RvdM, so presumably relying on Matt Renshaw’s part time spin - or is the pitch a good one to counteract Jack Leach?
  20. Anybody who has visited France, especially rural areas, will know that we are blessed with a large number of fresh food markets, especially fruit and vegetables. I live in a small town a few kilometres west of Paris, and my twice weekly market has eight (8!) fruit and vegetable stalls, a few cheese stalls and various fresh meat and fish stalls, and there are always queues at each stall. I also have three , high quality butchers within a two minute walk, together with a wet fishmonger. The produce is cheaper than the nearby supermarkets, and certainly of a far higher quality, so why would I contemplate buying ready made meals or ordering a takeaway, when I can buy fresh food and prepare a meal myself? If you were to walk down the Champs-Élysées, not my favourite French street, you would be amazed and disgusted by the number of fast food 'restaurants' and the large queues outside - mainly tourists looking for a reasonably priced meal as opposed to the horrendous fare served in the tourist trap restaurants, but quand même. Unfortunately, most city centres and railway stations have a large number of SDFs (people with no fixed abode), who gather there and drink their cheap bottles of rosé and cans of high alcohol beer, but town centres in the evening are not as full of alcohol filled drunk and violent young men and women - certainly not women. When the local media show pictures of hopelessly drunk young women in UK town centres at Christmas time and New Years Eve, they invite responses of mirth, ridicule and scorn. I can honestly say that I have never seen a woman hopelessly drunk on a French street.
  21. This made me smile. If you ate confit de canard in Sarlat, the chances are it was served with 'pommes de terre salardaises', a wonderful dish of sautéed potatoes. Here is an English version of the recipe, although it is frequently prepared with far more duck fat! https://thegoodlifefrance.com/sarlat-potatoes-pommes-de-terres-sarladaises/ I am not sure, but I suspect a proper Cassoulet de Toulouse or Castelnaudry is less harmful for your arteries.
  22. Ah, so my earlier post should be ignored .
  23. I doubt it, but it would be an awfully long way to travel if it is.
  24. I remember that advert and also a comedy spoof, probably Benny Hill or The Two Ronnies, where a voluptuous young lady, obviously braless, walks seductively towards the camera....
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