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  1. It would be a real blow if we were to lose Weimann, just caught up on the transfer thread as well and it seems rumours of an incoming bid for Semenyo is being muted in the press. It may be a busy last couple of weeks of the window and could we conceivably lose Semenyo, weimann and potentially Wells?
  2. Thought he was unlucky at Watford from memory they were sitting outside of prem relegation zone with only a handful of games left when their bonkers owners sacked him
  3. Absolutely it’s what sky does best.
  4. Being hammed right up as Gerrard v lampard
  5. What about Lee Tomlin or will he still be banned?
  6. True it wasn’t good with Boro- however is Pearson not another dinosaur which the modern game has bypassed?
  7. And that’s great and I think everyone appreciates the environment he is working under is far from ideal. However it’s his seemingly continued inability to organise a team defensively that is surprising, as well as lack of resilience in holding onto a lead and not inviting pressure onto ourselves, especially deep into games. Early days granted, and his financial situation is what it is, but we all thought Wilson, Klose and Naismith were good additions in the summer defensively- but two matches in and the frailties are still evident.
  8. Think it is too premature to judge at the moment, and I think I would wait to see the impact having our best player semenyo back has on our performances? But 18 months in and a 26% win rate should suggest that this isn’t working out, oh for a streaky Lee seven game winning run anytime soon.
  9. Is it a job lot or you still willing to send £3.33 for the glorious sunshine?
  10. I guess because a lot of people still feel the rivalry
  11. Tyre pressure warning and big nail in tyre on way to ground today so currently at the garage with no chance of making kick off - cue thumping 4-0 win and champagne football in the glorious sunshine
  12. Fair shout fella, good to hear we looked ok. maybe I am too Arsene Wenger to your Jose Mourinho. I guess just frustrated that we have started the season off losing points in injury time again. Have a safe trip back
  13. In total control for large parts of the game but couldn’t kill them off- sounds familiar. You make your own luck
  14. Going for a decent point to start the season with 1-1. everyone starts on zero- hopefully a season to remember.
  15. Seri always has lots of speculation while at Nice around big clubs wanting him, but no bids ever materialised, and it always felt like how did Fulham get him. Seems like plenty of potential that never got realised.
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