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  1. For me and given his experience I would have expected at the very least Some kind of identity to our play, players mentally stronger, some leaders on the pitch. it has been a little better than Holden but I still see none of the above.
  2. MC RISK77


    I agree totally, Martin/ Weimann have also got hundreds of games at this level. James has won a premier league. This squad has plenty of championship experience
  3. All too inevitable now- we sat further and further back as the half went on, eleven men behind the ball and said to them you will have to break us down. For all the noise about Dave Rennie helping the physical side of the player well-being, I think it’s now a big mental problem for the players especially at home, that last ten minutes where were the leaders barking orders…. Talking the younger players through the game… I only saw Tanner putting the crunching tackles in to get the crown behind them. We still look like eleven individuals out on the pitch and not a team with spirit. we didn’t play well and a draw would have been a fair result.
  4. Indeed he was man of the match for us tonight for me…. Although I thought we paid £3m for him
  5. Been to Pasture a couple of times and to be honest was a bit underwhelmed, the second time was for an anniversary meal and my steak had so much salt on it that my mouth was burning for a couple of hours after we left. Lovely looking restaurant and maybe just an off night but it hasn’t inspired me to go back. I know this is Bristol restaurants but someone who works in London and the city quite often, if you are into your steaks I recommend Goodman’s. They have several restaurants in Mayfair, city and Canary Wharf.
  6. Yeah lots of abuse, you called someone unhinged, not a nice look. What has age got to do with anything? Your not 21 either but always seem to pontificate your views to others. o’dowda has not progressed here and does need to be moved on and Semenyo will never be a £15-£20m footballer
  7. Pretty sure you or your previous guise got your knickers in a twist and started crying about how much more KITR knows about our transfer activity than anyone else. So not sure labelling others As unhinged is for you. Think you also claimed Semenyo would be our next £15-£20m sale. O’dowda is dreadful, Irish work colleague cannot believe he is an international, but more symptom of their current lack of talent as a nation.
  8. Disgraceful run of results
  9. MC RISK77


    Got sent an email from a Millwall fan this week of city being turned over outside the Greg pub in London… never had to rely on them and glad that this kind of thing is something of the past… Football has evolved in terms of experience and as much as it pains me to say it but the premier league has made this happen by appealing to a wider audience after the 1990 World Cup. it reached out to families and was inclusive of women and children… I can’t see it ever going back to the dark shameful days.
  10. MC RISK77


    Indeed and I also don’t believe the “We are not far right” bullshit that they are coming out with. I am pretty sure I had seen in the past sites and individuals linked to football firms frequently sharing posts from Britain First and that Paul Golding muppet who are about as far right as it gets.
  11. Definite difference this season in terms of fitness, work ethic, discipline and shape. I think the days of us getting turned over heavily are behind us, and if you do beat us it won’t be easy.
  12. Yeah and me- always remember how strange it felt how the players were not allowed to shake hands before that match yet fans were going wild hugging eachother when Wells scored…think that was the first time I realised that something big and very weird was happening.
  13. MC RISK77


    Honestly think Bentley must be one of the best instinctive shot stoppers In the league
  14. Great composure from Weimann with that lay off, could easily of had a swing
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