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  1. Agreed I can’t see a play off challenge at all….everyone starts on zero and all that but will be happy with a better style of football and mid table while developing some of our own talent
  2. Genuine question about NP where does everyone think his head is at the moment? I know he will have signed up to it and the fact we have very little money to spend but wondering if the realisation that we don’t have enough quality to challenge the play offs could frustrate someone of his undoubted pedigree?
  3. Can I ask a question that I have no idea what the answer is at all that may add a layer of complexity to longer term covid implications. The vaccine take up is clearly impressive in uk and we appear to have less sceptics than other countries. My question is that if the fear train starts slowing down over the next year and you need a booster jab every 6 months to keep your level of immunity, what happens if that high take up drops if more data is available by then of longer term effects of the vaccine (if their is any) or previously vaccinated people feel they don’t want to have a booster? Will we go back to lockdown days or will the govt become even more authoritarian?
  4. Haha glad it’s bringing you back some good memories. A little before my time. not sure about Ritchie I swear he just had a 20 yard head start through on goal but O’Leary caught him comfortably. Chessley does look the real deal though, Am I right in thinking his career was effectively ended just 4 days later?
  5. Mancini has done a great job taking us from World Cup absentees to euro champs… Bonucci and chiellini were outstanding last night but surely they won’t be around in Quatar next year. Enjoyable tournament with the two best teams in the final.
  6. Yeah agreed fordy- I like hummell ever since Denmark rocked it in 1986 World Cup (not sure if your old enough to remember) but these are very bland like you said. Also seem to remember Spurs using hummell in the mid 80s with their Holsten kits which were nice but I may have just imagined that.
  7. Meh- boring kits this year
  8. As a group they are certainly socially aware and responsible and that is admirable compared to some of the teams that preceded them as someone else pointed out. The taking of the knee to highlight racial inequality is something they clearly feel very strongly as a squad. Rashford is an outstanding role model for kids.
  9. Yeah imagine if we had won a couple of those games and been able to add to our 4 world cups and one euro championship…never forgiven Baggio!!!
  10. Jesus beat Denmark first before you decide who you prefer to beat in the final or who you will enjoy playing more
  11. Flipping hell only happend 6 years ago…. Every time he makes a move somewhere someone mentions him turning us down. I doubt very much if he cares about turning Bristol City down.
  12. David Platt scoring for Crewe
  13. Yeah has to have been that- I guess none of us know the reason he collapsed medically, the players must be comfortable to play… surprising but not knowing the details like his teammates do suggests he may not be in any immediate danger
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