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  1. Needs a better song that what he’s got. One of the consistent better players we’ve had in years and he’s got a song that nobody can understand, let alone him!
  2. T’was a light hearted joke
  3. Wouldn’t have thought so now.
  4. Was it Freeman that flattened Sykes?
  5. Lew-T


    I can give the ref some slack on the red maybe, but the pen shout was a stonewall one moments before. Maybe a bit of frustration that led to the red card incident?
  6. As was Vyner. Completely faultless all of them! What a platform to build on.
  7. Get in. So many to mention but I’m gonna single out Rob Atkinson, the lad was a beast tonight! Love him.
  8. Back line has done well too. All in all a very good half!
  9. Really enjoyed that half. High press, good football, sharp passes… I like Chris Martin but you can really see the difference when he is not there.
  10. Goals for both teams you’d think, just hope we’re on the right end.
  11. Feels like we’ve done this the whole time I’ve been following City. Even in the Danny Wilson days!
  12. Could Pring come into the back 3 for Atkinson? If Klose isn’t available.
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