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  1. None of those two. It’s an aging player in the lower leagues, with a poor record who has more clubs than Ernie Els.
  2. Re Kalas. The tune for him has to be the same one as Mo Salah for Liverpool, it fits nicely just obviously needs different words.
  3. That’s a good shout. Fantastic tune too
  4. Pretty sure it was Scooter. Not sure on the words though…
  5. Luton have been a bit of a recent bogey side haven’t they?
  6. The mood and attitude is changing around the place, and that’s down to Nige and the younger players coming through. Finishing higher than 14th would be a good season considering the changes and financial issues the last year or so. We’ve set the mark now. With some shrewd additions in the next couple years, we could be set very nicely.
  7. Yes, not easy for him to play out there in a game like that. Thought he did well, as did Vyner in fairness.
  8. Shoutout to the fella in the away end with a Gas flag. “Yeah, you know what I’ll take a Bristol Rovers flag in and show them” Tadaaaa
  9. Good choice of tunes too. Can’t knock a bit of twist and shout…
  10. His best game for us. Absolutely faultless with two classy finishes.
  11. I can definitely see that! He’s a very talented lad with a lovely turn of pace in him. I’ll touch on his attitude again though, just a lad you’d love to have in your side.
  12. Love Cam Pring. Just a proper player with a good attitude.
  13. Yeah thought the same. But like City in those days we flattered to deceive…
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