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  1. He got one transfer right last summer but nothing else since. Can’t remember what player it was...
  2. The bit in bold of your post is what gets to me. I don’t understand it, SL stated he wanted somebody to come in with fresh ideas and give the club a boost. The coaching staff were here 4 years and ultimately failed. After what’s been a torrid year, an appointment like this just about tops it off. The whole place really needed a boost and this is anything but that!
  3. I agree. Not only have the fans said this but it’s also come from the very top, very publicly. There’s no going back really, it has to be the same.
  4. Yeah I’m just curious though. The stubbornness of the board, will they accept failure and get shot of DH if we finish around mid table or lower? I’m not sure they will.
  5. Think you’re right. What a depressing cycle that is though. Their attention is purely the brand of the club, rather than what matters on the pitch.
  6. It’s a big ask though. This is his record in a young managerial career so far... Oldham - P15, W3, D5, L7 City - P5, W2, D2, L2
  7. Well, after what’s happened these last 5 weeks can we really take anything from the board seriously? But in this instance let’s just say the boards aim is still the same whilst Lee was here. What would be deemed as a successful season for DH? Would his role be under threat if we finish around mid table? It’s interesting because this looks to be a backward step in terms of appointment but I wonder if the board have altered their expectations. Once you come out and say promotion is the aim and you sack a guy who failed to deliver play offs, you’re asking to be grilled.
  8. He’s still here... In Dean’s earpiece!
  9. It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that the majority are bitterly disappointed with this appointment. I suggest this and social media gives you a good indication.
  10. I suggest you type in Jon Lansdown on twitter and see for yourself.
  11. May seem harsh but I don’t really want to wish the guy luck. I wanted somebody with fresh ideas, those were the same words on talksport by SL a few weeks ago. It’s the same old story and I feel like we’re back in 2016 again. The board simply can’t be trusted after this poor show of promises.
  12. Right now, humble pie can get in the bin. What a pathetic excuse for a football club. If the board come out and say promotion is the aim, they can shove it.
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