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  1. Lew-T

    Baldock Today

    Quite simply, yes. The amount of chances he has missed for a striker we paid good money for is frankly, embarrassing. You can't fault his effort but Brett is 10 times the finisher Sam will ever be.
  2. Lew-T

    Baldock Today

    There is a difference... SERVICE.
  3. Lew-T

    Baldock Today

    Exactly. Brett would score 30+ if he was still with us this season..
  4. Lew-T

    Baldock Today

    It's very frustrating because his overall game play is good. Makes brilliant runs and will work hard all game... He just can't finish!!!
  5. First impressions.. He's no better than what we have. Was at fault for their first goal and nearly did the same late in the second half.
  6. If true then I think that's the end of Fontaine. We already have 3 solid Centre Backs in Williams, Flint and Osbourne. Don't know much about this bloke though.
  7. Decent point that. Always a tough place to go up there! Onto the next... You Reds!
  8. 23-5. Can we just **** off home, please!
  9. Whenever they've had a tumble, they've fought back and we have allowed them to get back on the front foot. Whenever we have been in the mire, we have fallen flat on our arses. That's the difference in this series
  10. I stayed up much of the night to watch that. Absolutely embarrassing, they should be ashamed of themselves. What was KP doing FFS?! Plays that shot, knowing full well there are two catchers for that shot. Unbelievable Cook, KP, Prior and Root all need to up their ******* game and get into them!! The pressure should be on them! Why are we suddenly scared??? IMO I can't see us coming back from 2-0
  11. Very fragile batting line up. Cook - Hasn't performed well enough Carbs - First series for a few years Root - Again, hasn't performed KP - Hot and cold Bell - The only batsmen I have confidence in Stokes - Test debut Prior - Has had a shocking time with the bat This batting line up really needs to stand up and take responsibility. It's a flat pitch, no excuses
  12. Swap Barker for Warnock and then you won't be far off.
  13. Terrible decision. Lansdown Out!!!
  14. Johnson, Watson and Warner are the main 3! All easily wound up, lets give em hell!!!
  15. Seeing them win a test against us just reminds me that we can't lose to them. All talk, talk and more talk and constant drivel of us being scared. Their press are even worse! Some of the stuff they have been saying is laughable. We have to win in Adelaide.
  16. Did I hear right... ' Broady is a wank3r ' Certainly sounded like that.
  17. Although it was a good point away from home, I still felt frustrated coming out of the ground. We should have really killed them off in the first half when we were on top and played some lovely stuff. My impressions of Ozzy and Gillett are good. Both decent and are an improvement to what we have. Ozzy and Flint looked very solid all game, as did the full backs. Midfield were okay but somebody really should of taken responsibility to make a challenge for their goal, way too easy. JET and Sam did okay aswell, JET looked dangerous in parts but was quiet most of the game really. As for Tranmere, have to say that they were the worst team we've played so far, just awful. Nearly as bad as their home crowd, you could hear a pin drop in their end!! Decent turn out from City and very good to see everybody from the away end clapping on the 7th minute. Onwards and upwards
  18. Lew-T

    The Mem

    We're all Bristolians at the end of the day. It's all banter! Both projects were put in place to make our City stand out and be more of an attraction to the rest of the UK and even Europe!
  19. Lew-T

    The Mem

    I don't find this amusing, I find it sad. That's just me
  20. We all knew before he arrived that this was a second stepping stone chance if you like, for JET. He's well and truly taken it so I'm just going to enjoy it, while he is a BCFC player still. And when he looks back at his career, I think he will have City in high regard because we've pretty much brought is career back on track. SO'D aswell. Just enjoy him guys and gals, it's certainly a pleasure having him here.
  21. Dawn raid for spitting on a bloke?? Granted its awful but you've lost your head!
  22. BREAKING: Arsene Wenger has announced that Arsenal have signed the Korean midfielder Fu-Kin-No-Won.
  23. Went to Cov for while before going on loan to MK Dons. Not sure what he's up to now though.
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