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  1. We will have to just to disagree on that one then.
  2. I have lived in w-s-m in the past, sorry mate it's a prime shit hole. Blackpool as bad
  3. Yeah probably agree with what you say. But it is so sad to see such a young talent not maybe wanting to or the club able to offer what is needed to keep him. I feel he could be a special player in time.
  4. Interesting idea, but not sure how that builds and keeps a promotion winning side
  5. I do agree I can see any team being ready for a promotion challenge for at least 5 seasons
  6. Surely if we do not keep players like these we might as kiss our asses goodbye. Because we ain't going to get to the prem.
  7. Yes surely HNM has to be a keeper as does Scott
  8. When do we ever see the real truth via press media
  9. Because that what you do in a forum, make comments .
  10. I do not drink any more but Remeber some good Fulham away days always enjoyed the pre match pubs.
  11. But I am still thinking Simpson was really not signed to play but more of a mentor role on our young defenders
  12. So where is the accurate list. Or is not available to the fans .sorry but they all over paid in my book
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