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  1. But surely the delay with VAR is the human interpretation not the speed of the VAR equipment
  2. Surely it is so dependant on who might still leave and what players are signed and/loaned in.
  3. Yes agreed, but not many follow this idea
  4. .Nothing changed there then . Did the trip years back . Long way and shit hole yes but not as far as Carlisle
  5. But is it fair they are allowed to exist
  6. Ok latest statement by NP that Baker will unlikely be playing next season .so if he still has concussion problems . That sort of does not fit . Concussion surely does not last that long. If no going to available for a whole season , will he ever recover? Does it point to retirement ? I want him fit in the side he does a good job when playing . But it all not make any sense to me . And I have suffered concussions and had head injury coma situation my self . So I understand this medical issue .
  7. When in life has any thing been fair ?
  8. I feel he wants players to be flexible for different opponents and to switch mid game as the game requires
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