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  1. Fair play to them I say. Fantastic achievement to be where they are after being so low so recently. Credit where its due. We all had a great laugh at their expense a few years ago but they have responded pretty well.
  2. Seriously, that is beautiful. Fantastic news that they will have some cover from the rain as they walk through the door after getting soaked all the way up the steps. Yes folks that's all inclusive in your corporate package. Not sure which is funnier, the canopy or the signage on the staircase which requires you to dislocate your neck to read...
  3. Or perhaps the fact that they've just redeveloped the entire ground!
  4. Athletics I'd imagine. Bristol is lacking in that department, and it would be largely beneficial to the university.
  5. Can't say I disagree with that... Funny as it was seeing the blue half in non league in their tin pot stadium, I think it about time Bristol football as a whole got it's act together somewhat.
  6. Rovers 1-4 Sainsbury An early goal from rovers as the judge announced sympathy for the club, but then a rout ensued with rovers' previously watertight defence torn wide open resulting with a humiliating defeat.
  7. Even their official statements come over as amateur and desperate.
  8. Ah, Rag-ass Rovers. I'd completely forgotten about them for a month or so. Did it really happen? Or was their non-league dalliance just a dream...
  9. Tbf I believe that picture was taken six hours after the event. At its peak the throng was so large that the roads were blocked off and they then became literally stacked on top of one another so high that the airspace was restricted around the mem, meaning this photo wouldn't have been possible.
  10. Still, tbf, their outcome was a fairytale for them. They managed to achieve promotion and reap the financial benefits of a home sell out and wembley final. If they could have chosen auto promotion or play off win before beforehand it would no doubt have been the latter.
  11. I agree. Not worded nearly strongly enough. This goes further than a slight inconvenience, as this thread testifies. I wouldn't necessarily go as far as to suggest that heads should roll, but the axe certainly needs sharpening! EDIT: Forgot that this was to be my EE farewell as well!!!
  12. There must be a serious amount of people on this thread alone who will now miss this game. Add my name to that list. I'm coming back from hols on fri. What a frigging joke. Who made this call? Did anyone at any point stop to CONSIDER THE FANS, the life blood of the club??
  13. I think it's a good move by rovers, personally. I'd doubt the naming rights would extent to a set in stone 125 years. There would be some kind of review/re negotiation date or clause I'd imagine. The point is though, roverz couldn't have done it any other way; they have no money to buy land. The sainsbury money doesn't even cover thre build cost. Regards to location, I think there are pros and cons. Glos road was a really good location, but I think the uwe will grow into something quite decent after a decade or so. Remember there is a link road about to be built from the eastern end of parkway down to the ring road near the m32, which will improve congestion as it will allow much of the traffic from the station or the business parks to bypass the abbeywood/uwe part of the ring road. I gotta be honest I'm actually happy for them, and glad trash got trashed. Il look forward to us visiting the south glos bowl one day to see city humiliate them. EDIT: just seen the naming rights have already been clarified above.
  14. I should think city and rovers could both be at home on the same day since they will be different counties, so no probs there.
  15. Interesting. Please share your fact source with us!
  16. Yeah I have a feeling they would take any option for appeal as well. Be hard for the dog to let go of the bone when so much has already been invested in it and as we already know from our own experience things are never set in stone. They might have questions to answer from the traders and residents who had already donated if they didn't. On the other hand an appeal would likely coincide with the local elections, so the likes of Radice might not be willing to risk it.
  17. That was my take on it as well. When he says he'll announce his decision next thursday, it doesn't necessarily mean he'll be mulling it over until then, as some of the blue bunch seem to have presumed. Judges are very busy people with full diaries. I'd think it much more sensible to assume that he's already come to a decision, just needs to find a bit of time to write it up and a suitable gap in his diary to be able to announce it...ie next thursday at 2pm. Could be wrong but.
  18. We're losing touch here. Cmon ffs 3 points is a must today!
  19. Jesus. This isn't aimed at any poster in particular - but can we just lock this thread now! It's sapping far too much time and energy. Let's unite once more (ok I'm sure we did at some point) and focus on survival.
  20. I understand where he's coming from, as I thought myself a winner - as in I can't stand losing - I would constantly moan and bark at any players not tracking back or doing what they should've been. after a loss at 5 a side I would be be in a right foul mood for hours if not days, unable to understand how others could laugh and joke and not care. I think that's what he means. He's of that type. But could I manage a team... and be a winner in the true sense as a manager? No chance. Steve its clearly so caught up in his own little world that he is blind to his own short comings. Great when you want to talk yourself into a job at an interview, but the long term realty doesn't hold up and you will get found out. I was never a fan, and although I have nothing against the bloke I blame the board -, I think he will take us down.
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