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  1. Sorry chap.Trying to follow all of this during clandestine visits to the bog during a twelve hour shift.Driving my insane!
  2. If we do get CH,how long til someone starts moaning that we should of got Neil bloody Warnock?
  3. They have found Shergar.
  4. Wouldn't the favoured term be "released ".?
  5. Depends what he was "sacked" for.?
  6. One day someone will make a film about all of this!
  7. 50k a week?Can't imagine City would be paying that.
  8. With all that running around they probably get hungry as well as thirsty so do you think the subs will be six inchers or footlongs?
  9. You are paying well over the odds there mate.Much cheaper ones available at......oh hang on, I'm not saying...umm,gotta go there is someone at the door.......
  10. You forgot the blue few.
  11. He's not a DJ but is involved in music.He is the leader of a big band.When he isn't driving his bus,he's the conductor.
  12. CH doesn't guarantee promotion but does show ambition and the desire to obtain promotion.
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