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  1. Don't worry. I don't think anyone saw them.Just tuck them back in before anybody notices.
  2. Anyone got a good stream for the Spurs game please?
  3. If the shop did sell the stars I imagine there would be accusations of the club profiteering from people's grief.
  4. Orr had nowhere near the level of exposure Barton has had.Barton is much bigger fish in many ways.
  5. Takes his bargains very seriously.If you get between him and a 30% off sticker,you won't make that mistake a second time!
  6. You might want to hang around Lidl in Hanham.The little old one mind not the fancy new big one.If there is anything with a yellow sticker on he will be all over it.Dont try to get in first though. He will have your arm off!
  7. You could be right. It certainly may deter the more casual users if nothing else.
  8. I would imagine if someone is addicted and desperate enough they would find the money for their habit from somewhere. Theft,robbery, burglary, mugging would probably be the favoured means of funding their habit if they lose their normal income. Desperate people do desperate things.
  9. Possibly just a coincidence?????
  10. I think someone may have touched on this but while decrimialising may be a good idea,I assume the stuff bought legally will be higher quality, and therefore more expensive, and the current suppliers will offer a much more impure version at a much lower cost which I imagine will be more affordable/desirable to the majority of consumers.
  11. This would have been the perfect time to send out a very strong message at a time when incidents of bottle throwing, pitch invasions etc are on the rise.Admittedly his punishment will be more than just time served.
  12. Reports of Rangers having 100,000 fans travelled over there so that's probably what the sags think they have in common.
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