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  1. Have some vol au vents and Arctic roll for tea,washed down with Cresta,light some candles and pretend it is the 70's all over again.
  2. In all fairness it was a quality fart.Im assuming she hadn't been on the Cheddar Valley.Could have got properly messy!
  3. Shall we have a whip round to cover your expenses?
  4. Poor old Joey.So many arrests/charges and convictions yet pleads not guilty every time.Must be extremely unlucky if he is innocent every time he gets nicked.
  5. Gypsy Woman........Crystal Waters
  6. If it is a Call of Duty game,you definitely would not want me on your team. I am woeful at them.
  7. I think I know what you mean now.Did it used to be called Warhammer?Think there is a shop down town that sells it.
  8. I have never heard of it!Count me in.
  9. Definitely looks like Max has tried to shut the door.
  10. Gypsies, tramps and Thieves.....Cher.(Gas connection obviously).
  11. Strange how we see things differently isn't it.Looked to me like Max cut across the front of Lewis.
  12. Oxygene......Jan Michel Jarre
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