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  1. As a city fan the behaviour on the trains going and coming back is disgusting
  2. My father always said about Jimmy greaves he was interviewed and was asked did you ever miss a goal he replied I may have missed one in training once
  3. It’s a £10 replacement fee mucker
  4. I am a rail worker and just received news that the track maintenance that was due to finish today will not be finished in time and could overrun a few days , this may mean trains not stopping at Bristol temple meads as advertised please check before travelling
  5. Pearson bloody lucky to get a 5 useless
  6. In all fairness this takes years to plan as this is a major project
  7. My great friend John Ford absolute top man
  8. I got mates at work that are Plymouth argyle fans and they have a flexible season tickets that entitles them to 6 games of there choice and also the benefits of a club membership which I think is excellent value
  9. Been around loads of great managers but the two that have massively impressed me Rich flowers at Whitchurch juniors and Dave Vincent at Warmley rangers absolutely brilliant people and managers
  10. Absolutely I remember Jock the ref running around with his radio glued to his ear listening to the rugby proper football
  11. That’s where all the bad players go I was the worst
  12. Left back for the mighty Clifton st Vincent’s sent many a ball over the wall with my wonky left peg
  13. My 3 heroes Football/golf. Colin Mitchell a local sportsman that played for Clifton St Vincent’s also my school teacher a absolute wonderful sportsman and a wonderful person a true Bristol legend GOLF : Seve the man was a magician Football Gazza in his prime
  14. Oh Christ I am that old
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