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  1. No I work on the trains ,so go to Birmingham every day he works out of New Street I have followed the story for a few years
  2. Happy days I work with his dad , maybe some tickets coming my way good signing
  3. This sort of behaviour happens most weeks on public transport after the games , I reckon clubs for security on trains after fans are awful
  4. I posted the other week , as a railway employee this sort of behaviour ie anti social happens every week with football fans smashing up carriages etc hopefully a long stretch will be given to this idiot
  5. I was only chatting today to a Villa season ticket holder they have photo ID on there season tickets so can’t give them away to mates
  6. I am so disgusted at the absolute idiots onboard the train from Birmingham to Bristol tonight smashing up the tables and behaving like idiots , what makes it worse it’s not young kids but middle aged tossers who think it okay to behave in this manor
  7. In all fairness if RA had brought Bristol City and won 19 trophies in 19 years city fans would of done the same
  8. I was listening to Radio Bristol on Saturday and said that was Kalas 5th booking is that a suspension
  9. I think at least one will be sold for big money due to the situation we are in but have faith in Nigel to bring on more youngsters
  10. Mate I am a Railway employee so have seen this on a weekly basis for the last 28 years but today they were awful
  11. I have been thinking long and hard about posting this but today I am ashamed to be a football fan , from the behaviour of our fans on the train down to Swansea from Parkway to being rounded up outside the station to the City fans damaging the new Mercedes with the casually thrown flare onto its roof ,to the mini ambushes from the Swansea fans and the fighting between sections of fans on route to the ground , I thought the way the police handled a horrible situation well as can be expected along with the vile abuse they received from some city fans I have been supporting city 40 years and that 1 and a half hours from train arriving to kick of was disgusting
  12. I had a abysmal experience today I am embarrassed to be a football fan tonight, being rounded up at the train station and the city fans damaging a new Mercedes car with a fare thrown into the air , then the mini ambushes on route to the ground by pockets of Swansea fans throwing flares into the city fans then the fighting between the rival groups absolutely horrendous day and the behaviour of the fans on the train down just disgraceful
  13. I work with Kane’s dad I will ask him to sign for us
  14. I went to Blackpool once with the city only thing I can remember about it I think one of the city players died a few days before but can’t remember the name I think he was on loan at the time
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