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  1. Very sad news and thoughts go to his family. As a player who had 2 spells playing for us both as a player during our 1st division heyday and then more importantly as the player/manager who revived the club after 1982, we will always be in his debt - to the extent that everyone here can even forgive his brief time with the blue few! However I have just heard the radio news announcing this news and very annoyingly mentioned TC managing clubs like Birmingham and Exeter, but no mention of us at all, even though that Freight Rover victory was his only silverware as a manager. The likely reason is that his time with us and what he achieved hardly registers on his Wikipedia page. Please could someone with a better memory of that period add some more detail to his time as City manager on Wikipedia, so that it truly reflects his importance to our club and supporters.
  2. Less dinosaurs, more wise old owls. Especially Nige given his Wednesday connection!
  3. Someone once said a week is a long time in politics but it’s also a long time on this forum. I know it’s renowned for massive mood swings but even by the usual standards, the fillip of Nige being a serious candidate, then actually being appointed, followed by two 3-1 away wins, the change is immense. The players seem to have so much more confidence as well. Add in the sunny spring weather and suddenly everything just seems a bit better with life!
  4. And of course to show that the 6-0 defeat was from another era...
  5. As someone pointed out before, Villa were in a worse position than this prior to making the playoffs and being promoted a couple of seasons ago. The point is that although the playoffs can be a lottery, the teams coming into them with momentum are often successful. Do I think we could do it? It’s improbable but definitely not impossible. And with Nige in charge it does feel like anything is possible.
  6. With a great game at Walsall followed by a nightmare back there a few days later with David “****ing” Kelly. No trip to Wembley in those days, just 5 of us students bundled into a Mini, then standing in their end -twice!
  7. Who says SL doesn’t read this forum?!
  8. Tiki taka - the only Greek restaurant in Middlesbrough? Certainly nothing to do with Warnock-ball!
  9. Football is so far behind the curve on this. I know rugby is currently getting some stick about its rules for contact with the head, but their protocols for dealing with potential head injuries are light years ahead of football. Repeated concussions can be very serious.
  10. Just stick him with the cat filter. That would definitely be more fun!
  11. Adam Baker asking the questions that fans would want answering. Perhaps not “on message” enough (no hard questions) to survive under the current set-up.
  12. I appreciate that a football club is not like most other businesses, but given how much every other business that I seem to have any form of customer relationship with, however small, seems to want my feedback, I do find it amazing how little the club engages in getting opinions from supporters. And supporters to take the analogy further are customers with the ultimate in “brand loyalty”. Now I understand that many of the comments might not be very constructive, but if there were rules about keeping it clean and non-personal, that would be less of an issue. Admittedly I don’t necessarily tell Sainsbury’s how to run their logistics, but I might tell them that running out of stock on certain items is pretty hopeless. Likewise the delivery company that leaves an expensive item in plain view outside my house if I’m not in, is not going to get a glowing review, and zi can give suggestions about where to leave the parcel without resorting to suggesting they “stick it where the sun don’t shine”. Remember the days when SL used to do a fans forum, usually before an away match? Admittedly COVID has done for those in the past year, but there hadn’t been anything similar for some time before that. In many ways, it was a brave thing to do, but it also gave supporters immediate access to the man at the top, and likewise he had very clear idea of the supporters views first hand, which I am sure was very valuable.
  13. The after match press conferences would at least be a bit more entertaining. And he wouldn’t be the first “joker” we’ve had in the dugout!
  14. Their performances and results had improved under Woodgate, but it’s a big risk in terms of ensuring a place in the playoffs.
  15. What is interesting is that his insight on the issues at that time from a playing perspective were pretty spot on. We didn’t manage to replace Caulker and that weakness at the back ultimately cost us. And he took ultimate responsibility for the relegation. But then he was a lot closer to the club at that time than he is now.
  16. But isn’t that the point? It’s nearly a year since we were last at Ashton Gate and able to support our team in person, so surely it’s more important than ever to keep the supporters onside and feel connected. I agree that if we were winning and being successful, it would be far less of an issue, but we haven’t been and many supporters have been aware of the problems with the playing side of things for a long time, hence the frustration now being vented.
  17. I agree. The communication sounds pretty chaotic throughout the club tbh. In which case shouldn’t the buck stop with Mark Ashton as CEO?
  18. And that’s the classic way of misreading the situation. Customers will go elsewhere if they think that they can afford something better. Whereas fans have an attachment and allegiance that shouldn’t be abused.
  19. I know that this has been touched on before, but the huge issue coming out of all of this for me at the moment is the way that large numbers of our supporters feel completely disconnected from the club. Whilst we might not invest our money beyond attending matches/watching Robins TV and buying City-related stuff (often at way over the odds!) the emotional investment seems to have been completely overlooked by those running the club. You could say well what else would you expect from an owner who made himself rich through financial services (a “bean counter” for want of a better term) but actually Steve Lansdown coming on to Radio Bristol last Monday was almost an admission that the club hasn’t been communicating well with its own supporters. However by trying to become “more professional” (more corporate is closer to the truth) the impression given by Bristol Sport is that we are nothing more than customers. That irks in itself. Being sent an email offering 40% off the cost of replica shirts the day after being beaten 6-0 also hardly smacks of good communication, and again is only likely to lead to irritation. Whatever happens in the next few months, a lot of work is going to be needed to repair bridges with supporters. We are not just another advertising target group. We are not just there for the financial benefit of the club. It’s something far deeper than that, and if anyone at the club doesn’t realise that then they know nothing about any serious sports supporter, let alone the passions invoked by football above most other sports.
  20. David Lloyd v Downsy - there is no comparison!
  21. I don’t suppose any of the rugby players call Pat Lam, “Lammy”, certainly not to his face. I doubt they even call him “Pat”. He’s the boss and everyone knows it. He’s strong but appears fair, and you certainly wouldn’t want to mess him around. That’s generally the type of character you need to lead a sporting team, especially one in trouble that needs to be taken by the scruff of its neck and given a bit of a shake to get it going. Do you think Klopp and Guardiola are all chummy with their players? Have you seen the anger and rage in both of them when things don’t go well? The players know their passion and they respond accordingly and show them due respect.
  22. His record in the Championshio is not good. Admittedly that was a few years ago and he’s had more experience since then but in terms of knowing this division and what it takes to keep us up, he is not the right man for the job. It would also smack of Ashton appointing one of his mates yet again. In fact the more I hear about Mark Ashton, the more his methods seem similar to those “Italian business families” who like to promote their own and demand ultimate loyalty.
  23. Really, I thought by now you would have realised that that’s not “the Bristol City way”. We have our structures and processes that must be followed. Not only do we want a Head Coach (not a manager) we want that person to be a “good human”. Plus that person has to do exactly what Mark Ashton says because he’s the CEO don’t you know. Oh yes when it comes to a crisis at Bristol City, we don’t panic, we let the situation unfold until the inevitable will happen and then suggest it was a set of unfortunate circumstances beyond our control that got us to this point. Of course the supporters know that this was a mess all of Bristol Sport’s making, but as they aren’t contributing anything other than few of them naively still forking out £10 per match to watch the team get beaten on TV, then what say should they have in this? None. They are only customers after all.
  24. What we need right now? Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode ”Reach out and touch faith”
  25. I beg to differ on the “no player was ever signed who the HC didn’t want”. Even from LJ’s time there were clearly some players that he knew little about before we signed them and liked even less once he had seen them in person, the standout being Engvall.
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