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  1. He is a well off bloke and probably part bank-rolling the football club so I struggle to think anything will happen as a result.
  2. 100%. Knows he’s spent and on the wind up. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some seriously dodgy shit going on there led by the messiah
  3. Wilder KO Sunday morning because this is the heavyweight division and people never learn.
  4. Can 100% see him at rovers by the end of the season
  5. Not great news given how long it took him to recover last time. Hope he bounces back
  6. Apart from the odd fancy touch and one burst of brilliance in the second half, he was invisible for nearly all of the game and I’d like to see him work harder for the team. Nige should bring in Weimann next game and show ‘Messi’ that work ethic is required to be successful over here.
  7. There seem to be widespread reduced allocations across the board this season. We took 5k to the hawthorns for a cup game not long ago
  8. To be honest, to have us 9th in the table right now is seriously impressive
  9. Probably because all mascots really achieve these days is getting ‘paedo’ chanted at them by away supporters
  10. It started on the right track but as it’s grown the overall quality of journalism has dipped and the shoe horning of narratives into just about anything that happens is irritating. Sometimes a football match is won because one team plays better than the other.
  11. And all that achieved whilst having a world of problems to deal with behind the scenes and elements of toxicity to eradicate. I’d say it’s been solid progress in a short space of time.
  12. Loved the story about semenyo giving Pearson a Vulcan death grip at the dinner table
  13. Need a scumbag to replace Mendy I guess
  14. The terminology does piss me off. Carlton Cole is in the top 5 ‘premier league goalscorers’ for West Ham. I never think about who our ‘Championship all time top goal scorer’ is
  15. He sounds completely done with it
  16. Don’t want to be the belter who starts a new thread on this so I’ll ask on here... Where do city fans usually gather pre reading? As I remember there’s essentially **** all around the ground
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