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  1. I just walked back from the chippy thinking that was one of the best games I’ve ever seen
  2. Undecided on attending but I don't have a problem with anyone's decision either way. Especially the young who have had most of the things they enjoy about their lives completely decimated over 18 months and especially the old who will still be worried about the consequences of being exposed in a large crowd. I hope we can all treat others personal decisions with respect and whether people are wearing masks, going to events etc doesn't turn into or is viewed as some sort of political standpoint.
  3. Feel like I’m watching a different game to all if you, not overconfident but the players look happy in this style and seem to know better than any England team since the 90s what their roles are. Hold out hope
  4. Thoughts with Paul, and everyone else suffering with cancer throughout and beyond the pandemic.
  5. Full moon with all my fellow covidiots
  6. Hope not if/when there is full attendance allowed.
  7. Do we have any idea how its going to work with tickets? Negative lateral flow test or double jab required I assume? How much cap?
  8. I agree. I’d much rather see us just play a capable team in the next round and find out early on if we can match them than crawl through camped in our own half against Sweden etc. We’d go into a game against Germany, France or Portugal with little expectation, and sometimes that works for England.
  9. Although I'd say City in the end (providing it was promotion to the premier league) it's not quite as clear cut for me. Imagining what an England tournament win could do to unite what is so often such a miserable little country makes the decision a little harder.
  10. All the anti super league talk from the FA and they’re pricing out conference fans. They were just sad they weren’t getting a slice.
  11. No we won’t be back in full numbers. Fanciful proposition at best. Sadly
  12. I’m actually impressed by 11K (if that’s the true number) at this stage taking everything into account.
  13. Hope Simpson and Downing staying isn't an indication of the current structure behind the scenes remaining in place.
  14. Which is exactly why he should go
  15. That is possibly the oddest bit of communication the club has ever done
  16. Anyone heading down rising sun or anything tomorrow?
  17. The only team with the ‘DNA’ fit to wear the shirt in the last 10 years
  18. And before the dust has even settled - a reformed premier league with rangers and Celtic joining. We’ll be a Premier league 2 club by next season.
  19. See you all in the rising sun garden around 5pm Saturday
  20. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/20/uk-government-may-legislate-to-stop-european-super-league-says-minister?__twitter_impression=true Positive.
  21. I’ll always support my club, but without the premier league dream as we know it as a hope through everything the entire dynamic would change. I don’t know how sustainable it would really be with a set of fans who’s interest is declining season after season without the dream of that one golden year that takes us to the promised land.
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