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  1. Yea,,, They didn't have toilet facilities..
  2. Cheers,, I'm out on the smash so somthing to try to watch when I get home!
  3. Great post.... The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions..
  4. Indeed.....sell HNM (should we give Watford a call?).. Sell Bentley (happy enough with Max "between the sticks") Keep our Babber Scott as the "get out of jail" card (if you'll pardon the expression)....
  5. Great post - concise & understandable for 'non finance people such as myself . Another example of poor decision making - gambling even from the headshed.. Hard to quantify from a fortune made in the financial sector...
  6. My god,what a choice... From the frying pan into the fire!
  7. One of several clearly not able to survive at Championship level... I have my doubts that his level is even league one.
  8. Would play a "striker" today though... Start with Weimann up front.
  9. I don't think there's much to puzzle over interpretation wise .. Were on the cusp of the January window & suddenly he's out of the side. I know it's the pantomime season but we don't need to shout "he's behind you"..
  10. Always felt in the past he has been very steady & calm... One game sticks in my mind was Villa away,,obviously a while ago - outstanding performance.
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