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  1. I never realised that Chris Sanigar is managing Croatia these days..
  2. It's got draw written all over it.
  3. The left hands are also important.. Don't dismiss them
  4. I've heard Southgate has borrowed Lee's tombola..
  5. Even with the 'professionals' at hand the odds outside of hospital are sadly slimmer.... Hope this clarifies.
  6. Indeed... The % survival rate for CPR outside of hospital is pretty low.. And even within the hospital environment when everything is at hand & the patient is known/records to hand the % chances are very slim.... Someone was watching over him.
  7. He's a yes man...no more than that.
  8. Certainly more masculine.. The modern (21st century) man is of his time with gender "identity" less defined..... No more knuckle dragging! Not all change is necessarily for the best,,just unavoidable.
  9. You put 'yer left knee in,,,left knee out,,,in out in out(etc etc).... Whatever Engerland do with the knees won't make any difference.. Potless they shall remain.
  10. Mark one eyeball.... Indeed not to be underestimated.
  11. Not surprising... Cook's not a badge wearing member of the 'Billy Bullshit Club...... It's a marriage I'd be worrying about. Ashton & Cook certainly not 'birds of a feather & I wonder how long before differences in approach start to grate.... .
  12. Still think Bentley's off....would be a good thing for us as in reinvestment in the squad.
  13. Could've been worse.. Might've been the turnips
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