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  1. Joey says "I'm Captain of the ship & at the moment the ships sailing in the wrong direction".... Look out for iceberg's Cap'n...
  2. One of their mod's on the match day thread hoping for a pitch invasion ... Pitch trickle more like.
  3. Yellow!!! It's the referee that needed kicking..
  4. Don't be doing that.... It ruins the train drivers day.
  5. Yes,,a big opportunity for Tanner.. QPR like to get it wide with pace.. Hope he settles to the task but could be 'baptismal fire...
  6. Great post Robert Falcon Spudski.. Sums up my own feelings.
  7. Apparently actually having players scouted at all ... That will help.
  8. Yep - Although four centre half's today & were in the.... Sure he won't though. Would like to see Scott back in his favoured role to give us a spark.
  9. Sell Bentley....... Most & easiest to replace.... Ashton's gone so those funds can be spent wisely... Jobs a good 'un.. You know it makes sense.
  10. All men are created equal in the eyes of King Nigel
  11. Quite right Mihai - you have to strap yourself firmly in & try to enjoy the ride.... Pointless grinding your teeth away.
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