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  1. Most of us cannot comprehend the astronomic salaries of players (myself included); so we get told how much they earn a week as if somehow that makes it easier and keeps them in touch with 'the working man' because he gets paid a wage. LJ was earning between £4 to 600,000 as his salary, so i can't feel too sorry for him as he will still be being paid for his unexpired contract Because he has tasted premiership money Hughton will expect his salary to be in millions, while Cook will have been paid far less. Probably less than half. Much as we might want Hughton and he may be the b
  2. how come Preston are one of the cleanest, they are a really niggly side
  3. Now we know who the rag tag teams are 'basket casing' their way out of the premiership; and that the champions of the league below have lost their star player because he is coming back to us, who should we be afraid of? I can't see any other side to bully us like Leeds have been doing for the past few seasons, or outspend us illegally like the Villains. Sure there are some talented managers who can get the most out of limited resources like Alex Neil at PNE but whoever we appoint as new coach will have to hit the ground running, as this has to be our year. The field is wide open
  4. dear Steve, Get a grip, you are a very wealthy man, have built a magnificent home in which to pamper your next 'amour' and have more recognition and praise from anyone who knows you than most could ever dream of. Just find the best you can possibly find, because you are worth it.
  5. I never thought anyone would listen to this plea but letting LJ go now, with a little dignity still intact was the right thing to do. Finding a proven manager to transform the club into serial winners like a Clough, Revie or Shankly is the next significant task, Come on SL don't settle for mediocrity, find the best you can.......because you are worth it
  6. Can anyone please share the aggregate results for our home fixtures during LJ's reign? if he had never played games at Ashton Gate he might still be in a job. Indeed i used to look forward to going to away games rather than fear another drab show at home. So for the new bloke coming in whoever you are all you've got to do is get the spine of your team sorted and make your home ground a fortress. and for what its worth SL wants promotion badly, i think he will surprise us all by finding the very best he can, in the same way that he fully backed his rugby club we all wan
  7. In which season have we ever won the league and the cup before. in which season will we ever win it again? Yes i know it was third tier but we filled our end at Wembley, we won 6-0 at Bradford, and our centre half scored a hat trick at home to Walsall. The nearest i have seen was early on in the season when things finally clicked for Alan Dicks and we got promoted to division one. We had power in midfield, care and touch in defence and beef in attack. Right now all our best players are out on loan, and the manager would be more helpful to the team if he was on furlough......perm
  8. So you own two clubs, one rugby, one football. In one you get relegated trying to run things on the cheap; so you hire the best coach you can find and give him full authority. Suddenly your clubs in the running for the premiership title. The other club you get relegated and then take a punt on a stroppy, opinionated manager. Who gives you the best season the club has ever had Next season he asks for a top striker, no other big money recruits, just a striker to give you 20 goals. Not even a full subs bench You don't like him standing up to you, so you replace him with
  9. Images of our heroic players spitting away to their mouths content must become a thing of the past If any good comes out of the corona virus then not spitting on the pitch, or anywhere in Birmingham for that matter, has to be a real benefit Lusty spitters like Patrick Viera would soak his shirt back in the day by flobbing feebly down his shirt and who could forget when Holland v Germany met
  10. Dasilva as a left sided midfielder or winger/wing back. too easy to bounce off the ball at the back, so on the bench next to johnny smith. have a hunch O'Dowda would make a very good defender
  11. so there we have it 24 views on riding high before wolves 'beasted' us in the last 10 minutes plus ages of extra time. bossing the midfield hasn't been much good since that turning point. here's to a better city with an entire squad of fit players and loanees busting to get back and into the first team here's my team for next season's end of this season, assuming no new players 1 o'leary 2 vyner 3 o'dowda 4 Taylor moore 5 kalas 6 han noah massengo 7 korey smith 8 afobe 9 diedhou 10 palmer 11 eliason subs nagy, we
  12. Not sure we have got much to look forward to down at the gate for a while, so lets look back to the point when we were one nil up at home to wolves and this was our position in the league
  13. I used to go to watch football at Ashton Gate, now i self isolate; and take pride from the players we get to the factory gate. at other clubs So should the original 1982 'eight' be proud of what's been going on, of late? Well winning things doesn't matter so much, nor does entertainment, because its all about how we gyrate. Tombola formations, random selections, blame the players not the boss, because his job is just to help the club elevate Not through climbing the football league, but in adding value to each players exit price to make funds that generate Soon we
  14. Josh Brownhill has been sorely missed in our midfield since his departure to the bench at Burnley. Whether he was an 8 out of 10 every week doesn't matter, it is his absence that coincides with our awful showing in midfield since he left. Good luck to the Lansdown's for making decent money out of him, but just once in a while imagine if you had done some of the following instead 1 Signed a football equivalent of Pat Lam to run the team, in order to attract players like Gayle 2 Tried harder to keep the likes of Bryan, Reid, Webster, Kodjia, Brownhill, Kelly, even Flint, by r
  15. Given how poor our home form has been for several seasons now and that LJ appears unable to fix this, i offer two ideas. 1. we seek to get Ashton Gate blocked as a venue and offer to play all other teams twice away from home each season OR 2. we get to cash in our season tickets at home, for one for away fixtures only After over 50 years of watching City i can't remember such a long period over too many seasons in which our home form has been of such indifferent quality. Perhaps we could implement a manager for away fixtures and a different boss for home games? Play ou
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