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  1. They have some proper firepower at WBA what with Snodgrass and Hugill but its Grant who takes my eye Scored against us for Huddersfield I think before his big money move to the Baggies; just the type of quicksilver player we should have tried to sign Keep him quiet today, score 3 ourselves and we might hold out for a draw Who has caught your attention amongst our opponents? COYR
  2. Deja vous perhaps but how many times does Nigella need to see a last minute collapse to know that his end game management is not working, There must be ways we can skank a win at home , what would Colin do?
  3. Dear Club, Just in case we fluff our lines again tonight and Nige doesn't get a tune out of our motley crew can I please swap my home season ticket for an away version. Can't stand watching us being out played at home (with Fulham being one of the few 'give it a go' exceptions) we all seem to be trusting in Nige, but his performance since taking over at home is wretched COYR
  4. Two games at Bradford stand out, the 1-0 cup run 'battle of the Alamo' and then the 6-0 romp to seal our promotion in 2015 under Cotts. There weren't many of us there that night but we were so relentless and powerful. We gave them an absolute battering and partied long into the night knowing that we were going up. superb champagne football at its very best
  5. We all know about John Terry and his moral compass but who, apart form Jacki, had an eye for the ladies at our club? Went to the Gerry Gow testimonial and my misses took one look at Jacki, all suited and booted, and wouldn't stop talking to him. Not taken her to a game since. George Best eat your heart out
  6. Gertie from Hamster Jam sung to serenade one Geert Meijer
  7. A few interesting comments from a pal who is a keen Oxford Utd fan; most of which cheered me up COD was too controlled by his dad (who is also his agent) and has been held back in stepping up to the heights he is capable of because of his overbearing father's know it all attitude. He should get his own agent! Mark Ashton was a poor appointment for them who hid from trouble, took centre stage when there was applause but was deemed thoroughly untrustworthy. Their fans were thrillled when he left and couldn't understand us falling for his bull. Atkinson is a baller and a great player in the making. Times this runs as well as Harry Maguire. Only criticism is that when he advances he tends to pass inside and miss the overlapping fullback. A very solid purchase for us, who will do well Lastly what a good manager you now have, you will start motoring from here on I bought him a cider and thanked him for his soothing sentiments and said I would spread the word...........so here you are
  8. if the big money is in players who score goals and you are a selling club why don't you specialise in strikers? why breed full backs or wingers if the big cash is in the goal getters attic? even the gas have sold off a string of goal scorers over the years, while we seem content to spread our betting across all positions. I can see some logic to it but why not build a squad of strikers and maximise the cash generation how would you change things?
  9. Key to Big Nige's success for next season will be our home form. We haven't had any form down the Gate for several seasons now and that has to change. So could we please start.......... Setting the team up to attack, not repeat the away line up, Create a choir from capable singers plus a band to generate the Ashton Roar Slow down Drink up thee Zyder to become an anthem, a bit like Spurs do with their variation on 'when the Saints' Fashion a players tunnel to 'welcome/intimidate' the opposition as they come onto the pitch. Foul the away teams best players good and early get right behind the team for the kick off etc etc Operation Fortress please
  10. Given the dreadful run that Big Nige presided over after the first few flukes of 'his' fixtures. I am looking forward to seeing a defence that doesn't keep letting in goals. That's my only ambition in the first 10 games or so. Maybe after then I might get excited about Sam Bell's runs, or Antoine Semenyo finding the back of the net more often. After that I would love to see an existing player find a new field position and excel in a fresh role; for example COD at left back and JD playing in midfield, with Adam Nagy reborn in a very advanced playmaker role. Taylor Moore at centre forward anyone? Oh and selling Palmer off to a Cardiff to balance the books, not selling Bentley to Southampton
  11. This reads like the script from Line of Duty, over and out AC12. Lets back to comparing notes about wine
  12. or try Chateau Palmer if you want to keep the football names in the west country
  13. You just know deep down in your bones that our time is coming. Two top class appointments as Manager and CEO. Wholesale clear out of the sick and wounded; fans coming back, a line up that is based on a 3-5- 2, (just like Cotts) and a recruitment plan to hire talent. scouting for players that we see once every 5 years or so who can actually play and possess a first touch A supply of ready made youngsters we are cooing about and we haven't seen the leading contender Sam Bell at his best yet. But the happiest bit is that our beloved owner can't be arsed with the slow route anymore. He's ready to get to the premiership, bump up the club value and either sell to get his money back or sit back and enjoy the ride. We have more potential than Leicester, far more than Swansea, Bournemouth or`Brentford; so why not us this time? Look what Barnsley are doing with a change in formation and tactics and no money Can't wait to get next season's party started........ up the football league we go
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