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  1. I’m a fan of the new Patrick Thistle kit. Brown tartan shorts, with the face of their club mascot, Kingsley, on the top. It’s worth noting that the angry, jagged Kingsley was designed to represent the pain and frustration of supporting Patrick Thistle.
  2. Lots of similar stories from my school days but perhaps the craziest one was when a kid in my brother’s year told a teacher to f!@k off. The teacher got him round the neck and proceeded to slam his head repeatedly with the changing room door - like Vinnie Jones with the car door in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Nothing happened to the teacher and he kept his job there for many years after.
  3. Some of the worst, demotivating, man management I’ve ever seen is regularly referring to players as “another club in the bag”. Especially when they’ve only just signed. Amazingly this is nowhere near the top 5 cringiest things he said while at the club.
  4. My 4 year old’s kit arrived this morning. He didn’t like the home kit as it “looks like a singlet”. He instead opted for the purple training top with the purple goalkeeper shorts and socks. I’ve got to say it looks great and the details are very nice. I also bought myself an Ashton Gate co-ordinates t-shirt and the print quality is terrible. The ink is thin, the lettering is slightly deformed and the small badge is smudged as well. It looks like a market knock-off. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m asking as I want to send it back to my brother to exchange it but if they’re all bad, I’ll just send it back for a refund. That said, the postage here and back again is more than the cost of the shirt.
  5. And so begins my annual cycle of extreme hope and immense despair.
  6. Like a bus out of Hull, I’ll be gone when the morning comes.
  7. Yes. Both things are true. He had one bigger arm to begin with but the difference was made much more significant by only ever training that one arm. He did this to keep his total weight down as arm wrestlers compete in weight divisions.
  8. Reminds me of world champion arm wrestler, Matthias Schlitt who took the unusual approach of only training the arm he needed:
  9. What a change of managers they had over the past ten years… Evans to Betsy
  10. To see a game it was sometime in 2013 for me. SOD was in charge. I can’t actually remember who we were playing but I was fearing the worst given all the despair on here at the time. I didn’t think it was that bad, or I could at least see what we were trying to do. We drew due to a shocking attempt at a back pass by Flint that put them through on goal. Other than that, it was a trip to the club shop in 2018. That was a lot more depressing than watching City failing in League One.
  11. Ideally get rid of VAR but if it is kept, use it like in tennis with team captains having two opportunities to use it. Post match review of games with a one game ban given to players who are deemed to have dived.
  12. Yep. I completely missed those ones. Scrap my previous post then
  13. I read an interesting article about how it’s extremely dangerous to be an avocado grower in Mexico these days. Long story short… with the legalisation of marijuana in the US, the Mexican cartels found themselves with a lot of unprofitable cannabis crops. They saw that the mark-up on avocados (selling to health conscious, avo toast loving Americans) was more lucrative than weed, so they dug up their crops and converted the land to avocado plantations. To maximise profits they took all their drug business knowledge and proceeded to strong arm and execute any competitors, essentially executing a load of innocent farmers who had been in the business for years!
  14. In Australia coke, alcohol and watching sport are all pretty popular past times. Doing all three at the same time is not uncommon either. Despite this, there’s never any trouble at sporting events - and this is largely cultural. Sporting rivalries tend to be friendly and there’s an unwritten, but widely accepted, societal rule of: “Don’t be a d**khead”. If anyone is a d**khead, they’ll very quickly be told to pull their heads in by the vast majority of those around them. It’s not perfect but it generally works.
  15. I’ve just been informed that Aaron Ramsey is on £400k per week. I guess if there’s any silver lining for Rangers, Juventus are paying it all.
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