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  1. To come back from 0-2 down to draw with virtually the last play of the match suggests real character. We are still in with an outside chance of staying up. Well done!
  2. and we went from 1st to 4th divisions in successive seasons
  3. Paid for family & process worked efficiently (maybe this coz of lack of interest from others). as someone who has supported City my whole life and suffered incredibly lean years including the old Division 4, it’s inconceivable that I would fail to renew and I want to keep the decent seats that I have. The idea that delaying would make a difference as to who will be the permanent manager is in my view fanciful. I very much hope Nigel Pearson is our manager for the long term, but if he isn’t I would still watch the team I will always support.
  4. We also draw 2-2.... but that was some years ago
  5. RIP Frank, he was a real character. When I was at Leicester Uni back in the early 70’s he was known to have an occasional lunchtime drink or two before a match... and still played the most fabulous football. Amazing skills. sad loss
  6. Fans will forever remember that fantastic season when you put pride back into our club. You are a top manager and will always be welcomed by City fans. ... oh and get well soon!
  7. Excellent win. Well done! we have a real chance of staying up
  8. The FA should charge the players with bringing the game into disrepute - and then dish out 10 match bans
  9. As a matter of interest, can you name the convent that you are referring to?
  10. ... and Herefordshire is moving into Tier one - wwhhooo! (though I remind myself that just because something is allowed in law, common sense dictates that I’m still careful)
  11. I bought the 3rd team shirt as a gift before the deadline in order to be able to also order a specific coloured training shirt half price, but when I logged on this wasn't allowed. I ended up ordering yet another training shirt, paying full price. In the event I paid full price for the 3rd team shirt and a training top - despite an advert clearly stating otherwise. As the shirts were a gift I proceeded with the purchase, but it is disappointing that the customer service is so poor.
  12. The advert refers to being able to buy a training top half price with the 3rd team top. It’s disappointing that although I can order a third team shirt I am unable to order the half price training top advertised- so I have to pay full price for another top. Then get a message that some items are not in stock & everything will be delivered together.
  13. I’ve paid £10 to watch the first half but with no sound. When I tried to sort this at half time I lost everything and had a message which claimed I haven’t paid to watch. ive paid a second £10 - again with no sound. hopefully I will be refunded £10 it’s frustrating that the IT doesn’t work properly
  14. If in 1982 someone said that we would have the ground, training facilities and infrastructure that we have now, I wouldn’t have believed them. Im one of many that paid hard earned cash to buy shares to keep the club alive. The fact that we’ve have now got a billionaire benefactor whose family are genuine supporters is something I would only have dreamed of. Yes, many of us are miffed at how the last few months have gone, but we are in a very good place regarding the future of our club.... and if you were a supporter of the blue few back in 1980 you would not have believed how the gap between the 2 clubs has shifted. Attempting to be objective, the shift is irrevocable
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