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  1. A few of us a planning to come over for this one. Is it likely to hit general sale?
  2. Fammy 100%. We've come a long way since then
  3. I think he's saying Burnley are going to win the league, can't be sure
  4. But the manager's decision would be final, that's the point. Sarri was made to look weak
  5. I don't think Kepa should be sacked. If I argued with my manager I would be rebuked, not sacked.
  6. The fact that Sarri took it means weak management. If he put the board up, Kepa has no choice but to take it, even if he doesn't like it. Weak management has get the sack I'm afraid. He got overruled by his player and that's unforgivable.
  7. My issue with this is how would the qualification work? Surely 5 teams can't all qualify automatically?
  8. He's really playing himself into some form now!
  9. Is he a strike partner? I couldn't tell you which position he's playing
  10. My point still stands. We changed personnel/style when those who started the season so well with the press started to fatigue and/or get injured. This would have happened regardless of the two extra games beating United subjected us to. I don't think the beating Man United "Clipped our Wings" as the article suggests because it was a great night and I ultimately believe that form would have dropped anyway.
  11. I'm not entirely sure the two are correlated to be honest. Our promotion push failed because we ran out of steam playing high press/high tempo with such a small squad. Beating United only meant that we played 2 more games; we would have ran out of steam regardless no?
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