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  1. Wacked 3-0 by Barnsley tonight - even with their premier (aka 3rd world) set up and facilities. They're coming for us mind Mind the gap.
  2. controlled the first half well. nice to see conway and wells on the scoresheet. Just a bit concerned that Luton might expose our soft underbelly when they go for it in the second half based on past performance but hopefully we can push on and get a couple more.
  3. I try get to the ground 90 mins before ko and have always found somewhere to park on surrounding roads by driving away from the ground in bigger and bigger circles until I find somewhere. Never had more than 15 mins walk. It's getting more difficult as time goes on and much easier of course if you drive a smaller car. I see a few people who can't park their estates and Chelsea Tractors, but I've always found somewhere.
  4. No chance of a penalty being given to us, but on a slippery surface there is a fair chance of one being given against us.
  5. Premier League, surely. Tinpot is an understatement
  6. I have no doubt that if one of our players did that, he would have been sent off for certain. The penalty decision was a bit less obvious. I've seen them given and I've seen them waved away, but again, if it was at the other end, it would probably have been given. The referreeing has been truly shocking so far though.
  7. All gone quiet on the football frond and we have returned to slagging each other off. Let's concentrate on the game.
  8. Presumably not on Robins TV and not driving all the way to Burton for a Mickey Mouse Cup game, so what is the likelihood of a stream tonight? If not, I guess we willhave to make do with any scraps we are served in the highlights show.
  9. Bristol City's soft underbelly has been well known throughout the Championship for a few years. Whilst we played a little better at times on Saturday, the soft underbelly is evident for all to see. Compared to some of the hard players we have had over the years, we tackle like girls.
  10. Odd assumptions to make when you have no knowledge of the users football experience.
  11. My friend uses Nord. They often offer special deals which are not unreasonable and their service has been 100% reliable for several years. He keeps the cost down by sharing his login with his friend as it can be used on several devices at once (can't remember how many offhand but it is at least 2 or 3).
  12. From what I've seen of Pring, I think he has looked like a more complete left back/wing back than DaSilva and his erxtra height and bulk is a big advantage.
  13. I was wondering why City players kept getting injured in tackles whereas Hull players only went down when they were time wasting. It's the same old problem. Whilst you don't have much control over bad refereeing decisions, you do have control over how committed you are in the tackle. I suspect we will see more committment and harder tackling from the Lionesses this afternoon than we have seen from a City mens team in a long time. In fact, I find it hard to consider us as a mens team really.
  14. Zak switches off much too often to be a viable championship centre back. Pretty much every time I've seen him he has been responsible for conceding a goal and there have been countless times he has lost his man in the box but been fortunate to get away with it. The problem is that he doesn't seem to improve either.
  15. Referees have effectively been banning tackling for years and challenges on goalkeepers are also penalised. If heading is banned too, there won't be much of a game left to watch. After heading, what will next be for the chop?
  16. I thought this one was going to be free for SC holders on RobinsTV, but that seems not to be the case.
  17. It would be Nice to know, but if he goes for next to nothing that really takes the biscuit.
  18. Nice would probably be nice for him.
  19. Odd one. Cam is currently the best LB at the club and I prefer him to JD personally. Strong, physical and tall enough to slot into left CB if needed. Also fairly decent left midfield. I really can't see why he's not in the team let alone the squad.
  20. Seemed to be a bit more pattern to our game, though losing Alex Scott seemed to spoil it a bit. Derby did have a couple of chances they missed, but so did we. Good result in a game that didn't really mean anything to either side. Antoine looks more of a beast as each game passes and it was nice to see Andi score his 20th and Timm Klose bag his first.
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