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  1. I'll be honest that I've not followed it closely, and have just read the couple of BBC articles on it. However, my understanding is that as it stands it is a private dispute being conducted under the rules and regulations of the Premier League. These rules are effectively the contract that all 20 PL clubs sign up to - similar to Derby and the EFL rules. In that respect it's not really a "legal" dispute right now, its a dispute between two members of a club, not dissimilar to two members of a local tennis club arguing over parking. It's not happening in the courts, its happening in the PL's arbitration tribunal (or whatever it might be called). As such, those are the rules that apply, rather than the normal court rules. So things like rules of disclosure and retention of evidence would be different, qnd the consequences of breaking any rules of procedure will be different as well. Hence the need to request that evidence not be deleted. Right now I'd say this is unusual, but not unprecedented. Where it could get tasty is if the PL makes a ruling that one or more clubs disagrees with. That could see a Club v PL dispute go to CAS or to the courts in England. That would, I believe, be very unusual. It's also probably very unlikely as the PL would really not want it at all, and would presumably settle before it got that far. There's also tenuous, ultimate possibilities of fraud charges or the like, but I suspect that would be a claim for an Everton investor to bring rather than Leeds or Burnley. Some expensive lawyers will be working out just how much mud they can throw, I the hope some sticks.
  2. I like to imagine that him, Big Sam, and Warnock have hired the back room of a cracking little Chinese in the back streets of Manchester's Chinatown. It's dark, the lazy susan is stacked high, and they've bribed the owner to allow cigars tonight. A bottle of Johnnie Walker black is on the table, flanked by at least 3 pints of wine, and they're just sitting back and chewing the fat. Dyche has brought a fat stack of £50s to bankroll the lot with his Burnley payoff money.
  3. And every single one of them with a phone in their hand just doing it for the views and to film it.
  4. This must be knocking on for the highest number of goals on a final day. 3.9 goals per game.
  5. Brighton have quietly had a cracking end to the season.
  6. Everton really have got away with it this season.
  7. BBC keep cutting to Anfield...despite everything actually happening everywhere else
  8. You've got to be happy for Son. Forever the bridesmaid, but getting his moment now.
  9. I like him even more then! When a man of Martin's calibre likes you then you know you're doing something right. That was my last City game before moving abroad 3 years ago. I was nervous about the move, and honestly Tinners (and yourself) had no need to take me under your wings for the day. But you did, and you both did so in good grace. Even cramming into the back of that taxi from The Vic to Ewood Park. One of my very favourite City games, and I suspect it always will be. I'm back in the UK now, and look forward to toasting Martin's memory at a game some time soon.
  10. Just remembered @Olé @Shtanley @petehinton, Tinners was once an exceptional guest on OSIB. I cannot for the life of me remember the episode, but I'd love to listen again in his memory. A few others might like to listen as well maybe? Could you kindly post the link or episode number if you have it? Edit: found it! Episode 87 "Double-Dipping Disappointment".
  11. Most goals scored by an England player in a single Serie A season. 17 league goals this term. Forza Kevin.
  12. Rest in Peace. What a hero, and a fascinating man to spend time with. I met him just once, at an away game and he was interesting, accommodating, and incredibly generous with both his time and his knowledge. Plus he was so clearly City to his core. My thoughts are with those who knew him better than I.
  13. I'd expect its the Quantuma version. That would be the way the lawyers would write it. Avoids the ambiguity of whether "by" includes "on".
  14. 5Live seamlessly, and without taking a breath, went from reporting on Jake Daniels to reading out an email about a listener working as a banana packer. They described the handling of bananas, discussed banana size, it really was quite the segue. Which really just tells you that there are different consequences for an expressly homophobic corporation with a brand to protect and an expressly homophobic individual without such.
  15. Oh of course, I gave my view on conditional SPAs a few pages back. As I said then, what he's done is presumably commit to funding, and other items, pending the conditions. As China points out here, those are not minor items. One indicator will be filings on CH. AP01s and TM01s to change directors for example. Once they are done then we would know it is fully completed.
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