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  1. Interesting comments on Gould v Ashton. For me it was great to hear that Ashton Gate has been registered as an asset of community value. That is a real small piece of protection that will at least ensure that fans are informed of and have the opportunity to affect a sale of the ground, or other very big decisions that could affect the Club. Great news.
  2. Precisely. Two good teams between which it is necessary to distinguish. That doesn't apply to Bristol.
  3. If we ever do get promoted...oh boy is it going to be annoying for some on here. If you think Micah Richards is going to refer to us by our full name on MOTD then you're dreaming.
  4. Just as with that night, I shall not be saying anymore on the subject.
  5. Have you heard about "expected threat"?
  6. Some great and valuable context here. Glad to hear he was decent and will surely push on.
  7. At the moment it's between him and Weimann for player of the season. So Massengo, or a seasoned pro with Premier league experience and full international caps. The lad's doing brilliantly.
  8. Hang on. We won!? I've been at Norwich v Watford. I thought we were doing shit. Well cooked. What happened?
  9. It's Massengo v Weimann for player of the season so far isn't it. Thank you.
  10. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope you can enjoy some more time with her before she dies. On your other point, I am also in my early 30s. I had a private health check when I was 25, and get one every few years now as well. I get mine free through work so am in a slightly odd position. However I'll give you the following advice. If you can be honest with yourself then at our age you (with a little help from NHS online) can probably do a fair self-assessment. A private assessment will mainly be asking about lifestyle - how much do you drink, smoke, exercise etc. What's your diet? Do you do drugs? It's that kind of stuff. If you're honest with yourself then you likely know your vices and paying a Dr to tell you them may jot be useful. On top of that they'll weigh and measure you, and do some basic tests to see how your flexibility is holding up. Height and weight you can do at home and the Internet can advise on what is healthy. With flexibility - can you touch your toes? Can you do a beginners yoga video on YouTube? Can you touch your hands together behind your back. Oh the other good test is can you stand up from a cross-legged seating position without touching anything with your hands? Anything above that, stuff like bone density scans, full heart rate measurements, prostate stuff, gastro checks - all that is extra and will only be done if you or the Dr have any particular concerns.
  11. Some responses above. Just to clarify that I'm not trying to dismiss or belittle anyone staying away. I was just pointing out that it's simplistic to assume that the whole of the reduction can certainly be attributed to those, like yourself, who are staying away due to the risk of being infected with Covid.
  12. Don't worry mate, I knew it wasn't your data. My questions were not directed at you in expectation of any concrete answer. Good point on the away fans though. It is interesting to see that there is a definite reduction in attendances, even without controlling for all factors.
  13. The pertinent part is this. Looks like a good start although as it says there's no legal relationship created here. I'm not even sure this has been heavily guided by a lawyer - looks corporate rather than legal. But a good start, if a little vague around exactly what will be forthcoming.
  14. Interesting. But I have a few questions. A) what is the normal variance for each club between 'normal' seasons. B) need to account for special cases. Didn't Derby have some issues with ticket sales - ie they didn't or something? C) also account for positive special cases ie didn't Swansea do a free renewal or something? Might not be remembering that correctly. D) account for price freezes/drops/rises etc. E) what % are ST holders v POTD. Have ST's been sticking with it or not? Hard to say when all clubs just assume every ST holder turns up to every single match. F) does it include away fans attending in 2018/19 and then not in 2021/22? Could away fans account for a large amount of the change? Basically it seems a pretty surface level view of the stuff. If this is honestly trying to say "this is how many people are staying away because of Covid", then you need to control for all the other factors that might cause someone to do that.
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