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  1. Not a chance. Why would LJ leave Sunderland unless he was pushed, which is possible but not right now. As for DH, assistant manager at Stoke could be working in the EPL next season. Would be hugely surprised if either would want to work for Swiss Tony again in any case.
  2. Until they sort out the parachute payments this is simply tinkering around the edges. FFP, or whatever they call it now, is simply a mechanism to ensure that the clubs that benefit from massive TV payouts remain in the EPL, although now and again they may need to spend a season in the Championship. Think about this, SL could wake up tomorrow and decide to give Nigel £100m to spend next month, he can afford to, but is not allowed to - not saying that he would, but that is wrong. The upshot is that TV money has ruined the game both in this country and elsewhere.
  3. He forgot to thank the Lansdowns for their support........IIRC that used to be in sentence two
  4. Can’t argue with much of that. He reminds me of JET albeit in a completely different position. Just to be clear I loved JET but he frustrated me as he had so so much talent but did not always use it. I fear Tyreeq may be the same. Certainly with JET I was never sure how important football was to him, lots of other interests.
  5. Appleton is a very good shout, there is of course the possibility that he might invent a new role in football CEO and Head Coach
  6. Heard that too , gave me a good laugh cooking tea!
  7. Not sure they are safe from relegation. Highly unlikely, but with no money to spend after burning £400m there could be a problem. On R5L last night they had a guy on who runs a popular Everton You Tube channel. He reckons that the club are in utterly disarray and really fears for this season - I will assume that he knows more about their situation than we do.
  8. Could not agree more. My hope, and it could be in vain, is that SL has said to Nigel, you are totally in charge of the football side of the ‘business’ you have 3 years and X budget get us promoted. Because ultimately, I believe SL would love to be the owner of an EPL club - even if it is only for 1 season - but, remember his background, there is no way that he is going to break rules to get there and nor should he.
  9. I think that is fair. My feeling is that NP has total control of the football side and, is currently, much more than simply the first team manager. I suspect that Nigel will look to appoint a DoF in due course, which may be himself once he has other fundamentals in place.
  10. Agree entirely. But not the time for sentimental returns. I think Bentley will want to move on come the summer but unless it was silly money January is not the time. He would need to be replaced as Max scares the life out of me !
  11. Emma Hayes knows her stuff, no question.
  12. Poor bloke. This looks like a bad one, let’s hope not.
  13. I think it is fair to assume that Kasey is not on the bus.......
  14. FIFA can make clear whatever they want but if there was a significant boycott any ban for future tournaments would never be enforced - too much money involved for FIFA having the next WC without the ‘big’ players. Of course, none of this will happen as I doubt any player, if selected, will refuse to play next year
  15. He was yet another one that was touted as the replacement for Frankie. As I recall he started well enough and, as mentioned above, did command his box way better than Frankie. Then it all faded away thanks to that goal against Brighton.....
  16. Absolutely correct, the weather at the time of year the tournament is taking place will be like a good summers day in Southern Europe. As for all of the other factors, totally agree, I would not be interested in going. I have been to the UAE a number of times and there is a certain air of unwelcoming animosity, it is subtle, but it is there. I think it will be a tournament like no other with a real risk of clashes with the authorities for the fans.
  17. I would think, despite the Boro rumours, Chris Wilder will be in their thoughts - as he should be.
  18. I suspect he may be changing his Sat Nav to Norwich
  19. Wishing Nige a full and speedy recovery. IF, it is Covid related, and we don’t know that it is, as someone posted earlier look at what it did to Cotts who, I believe is a very very fit bloke. Lets hope that it something much less serious and he will be back at the helm very soon. We need him.
  20. I am sorry, maybe I was unclear, his new salary at Brighton did not effect our FFP situation but his transfer fee certainly did. In a positive way of course. And, of course, for numerous reasons, we could not match Brighton’s offer to Webster.
  21. It still utterly astounds me how many on here do not get how modern football and FFP work. Lets take Adam Webster as an example - was excellent for us, but that was noticed, Villa came in for him and we said no, que disappointed player due to the fact that Villa would probably have quadrupled his wages. In come Brighton and they make an acceptable offer to the club and I am sure to the player too. On what planet do people think he would want to stick around? Answer he wouldn’t, it happens to all clubs and there is nothing we can do about it.
  22. And , I agree. Some on here fail to comprehend FFP and also the fact that we have made money from transfers out but, we have spent that money. Take Kasey as an example, on his day, and they are too few, he is a very good player at this level, but at an alleged £1m per year that does not work. The club is in an utter mess thanks to Swiss Tony and the owner was asleep at the wheel.
  23. OK, so let’s hear your solution, given all the restriction. Genuine question, would love to hear the answer, you are very vocal, which is your right, so let’s hear it, maybe unlike @Hampshire Red and his other name @Hampshire reds you will have a response?
  24. Goodness, how MANY times, SL cannot put money into the club, it is something that you may have heard of - FFP - Steve is obviously a hugely wealthy man , BUT he is not allowed to invest......tiresome having to mention this yet again.
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