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  1. You surely don't think SL is making money out of the club, or ever will for that matter?
  2. Proof if ever that people want to bash the club for absolutely anything it does. Who gives a flying **** if they use WhatsApp.
  3. What he does in the comfort of his own home is not for us to judge, Steve.
  4. Maybe it's for Ashley Williams as Assistant to Dean Holden's Assistant.
  5. They could write all manner of things in the T&C's but it doesn't mean they'd stand up to a challenge. Would certainly be interesting.
  6. Perhaps someone with more legal knowledge than me could clarify but couldn't you just make a "money claim" against the club through the court system? Presumably you'd be blacklisted from ever buying tickets again though.
  7. Has Holden been appointed? My initial comment was supposed to be light-hearted, that OTIB would either suffer a meltdown (with Holden's appointment) or people would have to eat humble pie (if we appointed Hughton). Appointing Hughton would match the stated ambitions of the board, IMO.
  8. I agree with everything you say. The humble pie was for if we actually appoint Hughton, I think a lot of people would have to withdraw comments they had made about the club in that circumstance.
  9. Either way OTIB is going to get a hell of a lot more entertaining when an appointment is made too. A colossal meltdown or a lot of backtracking and humble pie.
  10. We've run out of other things to speculate about.
  11. My employers would be grateful if you could block it in Gloucestershire too.
  12. The over the top LJ bashing on OTIB is embarrassing. Ultimately he did not succeed here but some of the criticism and revisionism of his time here is ridiculous. Funny that the people that wanted him to go the most seem to be the ones finding it hardest to get over him.
  13. It's the sort of thing John Terry would do if he were appointed.
  14. That's actually a decent record especially considering his appearances were often short and often when we were either trying to defend a lead or chasing the game. 13 assists in the equivalent of 34 games is very good, too. I think he could have done very well for us given a run of games with a regular forward partner. Would have been very good foil for Diedhiou.
  15. If it means the forum is offline for a few days, it would probably do a few people on here the world of good! As for the therapy, have a a hatful of Black Rat and you'll forget all about the Parma Violet nonsense.
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