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  1. I saw a chap complaining to the stewards that there was no room. Had he bothered to push his way through the people stood on the back row, which is where a disproportionate number of people congregate, as I dd, he would have found enough room for him his family his pets and could have spread out with a nice little picnic if he so desired. The safety regulations and capacity restrictions at stadiums nowadays are such that it is impossible for there to be too little standing room where there are terraces. I'd like to see the chap I mentioned transported back in time to the away ends at certain City games at Vetch Field or Upton Park, or Bradford, and many others, or the old Wembley for that matter, the poor darling would have been petrified.
  2. I was there and our definitions of dangerous are very different.
  3. Being so relatively young at the time, I don't think I appreciated there was a real chance there wouldn't be a Bristol City after that day. That season, went to every Tuesday night game and the atmosphere under TC with 6,000 stalwarts was electric, went to every away game I could, but back then was playing Saturdays and so wasn't at Newport, although have seen City play at the old Newport several times. Before '82 I'd seen the FA Cup run at Leeds Elland Road 1974, the promo season 75/76, the 4 seasons in the top division, but nothing will ever beat the struggle and the victory in the face of adversity, in the 4th division.
  4. Gutted. People like Terry Cooper don't pass away, they are always here with us. Absolute legend, the current generation of City fans and definitely the current ownership will never understand what that man did for our football club. Will try to find a Guardian article from round 1984, the man managed, played, scouted, cajoled, encouraged, directed as a director, swept the terraces, literally, when we were on our knees, wore his heart on his sleeve, in an era when playing football and being part of a community meant so much more then than it does now. No wonder he broke down at that Wembley final, and we all felt so proud of him, and of us. Really feel that I just lost a part of me. God bless, Terry.
  5. A lot of North African appearance as well - after we went through security at around 7.15 dozens of them were were jumping over a wall. When I could see that quite a lot had successfully integrated and the numbers was jeopardising us getting through the turnstiles in time for kick off and so had an altercation with them they backed off only because they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves.
  6. Anybody that has seen close up the effect which gambling addiction can have on a person and their family would understand. Yes, shameful.
  7. What bullshit, if you've had vaccine all well and good but if you haven't because too young thats because the government deems you not much at risk anyway, then there is BLM bollocks, corrupt UEFA and FIFA, next world cup in a non drinking non culture human rights abusing country, enjoyed Russia but at the end of the day that was also a corrupt tournament, been a member of England Fans last 15 years, been to 90% of games in that time home and away, won't be renewing, attending England has become more of a chore over the years, international football is dead while these clowns are in charge.
  8. Loan to Derby - January 2010. Gary sacked - March 2010.
  9. Thanks yes, I'd forgotten that part. And who said they wanted to extend and City refused? Aah yes, Lee (and Gary) Johnson said they wanted to extend and City refused.
  10. From his playing stats I make it well over 400 for his dad from 472 in all competitions. A look at his playing career. Was an apprentice, according to his wiki, at Arsenal (though years ago when this was claimed, I could find no mention of him in the Arsenal archives, whereas I did find David Noble who Johnson claims to have been at Arsenal with at the same time as), wiki says that following a feud with a coach, he left Arsenal (wonder what that feud was about) for Brentford where he didn't get a game and then to Brighton where, as his wiki page says, failed to get into the squad. So his dad signed him for Yeovil, where he played almost 200 games, mostly at non league and lower league level. My only recollection of Johnson at Yeovil was a televised game where following a ball being kicked out of play by an opposition player to allow treatment for a Yeovil injury, Johnson, in an attempt to pass back to their keeper who was stood outside of his penalty area, managed to send it sailing over the keepers head into the open goal, an "accident" (unless he really was that rubbish) which prompted his dad to order the Yeovil players to allow the opposition to walk the ball into their net to level it up. Got an unexpected transfer to Hearts, where he made 5 appearances, 2 as substitute, was not selected at all towards the end of his 9 month stay there, before being signed by his dad again at Bristol City, and was involved in an incident in his first game at Huddersfield (I was there) where the opposition manager Peter Jackson was sent to the stands after grabbing Johnson around the neck (makes you wonder what could have happened to provoke a normally reasonable person to do such a thing). Was more or less guaranteed a place in the starting line up at Bristol City until his dad was sacked following an incident at half time at Plymouth (makes you wonder what could have happened for a football manager to be provoked into attacking one of his own players). Subsequently, under Keith Millen, he made the starting line up for less than a third of the games. Perhaps this was just a case of one manager "not fancying" Johnson, although it had happened before, at Brentford, Brighton and Hearts, nevertheless with one year of his Bristol City contract left, Johnson was 29 years old and theoretically, with all that Championship experience behind him, a solid acquisition for another Championship team. Which Championship teams wanted him? None, so he was loaned out to Chesterfield, where he was selected 13 times for a team that was relegated from League One. Not being "fancied" by the manager at Chesterfield, Johnson then managed to get a transfer to Kilmarnock,where he made 23 appearances, even playing in the Scottish cup final, until eventually his starts became more sporadic and his contract was mutually terminated in January 2013 when just 31 years old. There aren't many footballers that have their contracts mutually terminated, and there aren't many footballers that retire at that age........... So it would be a fact to say that of the several managers which Johnson was available for, it was only his dad that "fancied him". That's all fact and in my opinion that's because he was a shockingly ineffective footballer - couldn't tackle, no pace, no inventiveness, rarely scored - from what I saw of him in the Championship. I would suggest that even those who don't think he was shocking would have to agree that there is no way that Johnson would have played anywhere near the number of Championship games as he did if his manager hadn't been manager, thus the resentment and ill feeling towards Lee Johnson. On to the managerial career. Began with less than impressive spells as manager of Oldham (a club which he said he loved) and Barnsley (a club which he said he loved) in league 1. While at Oldham made an enemy of Paddy Kenny, who has made less than positive comments about Johnson in his autobiography and rejoiced in Sunderland's recent play off defeat, referring to Johnson as a "weapon" (makes you wonder what could have happened to make Kenny so angry - well this one is public knowledge, as Kenny's autobiography refers to, the classy [cowardly] public humiliation inflicted by Johnson on Kenny during a game). Was surprisingly appointed manager at Bristol City (a club where he was paid millions as a player and manager but most importantly, for some fans [love the naivety], said he "loved") in the Championship, whereupon Steve Lansdown showered the gobshite with the sort of funds which the amazingly successful but ultimately and unfairly (my opinion) sacked predecessor Steve Cotterill could only have dreamed about. Said he would need 5 transfer windows (clever move) and despite 2 record breaking losing streaks was given 8, with the funds still rolling into his transfer pot. Managerial career at Bristol City characterized by scattergun signings of players (not blamable on Ashton because right at the start Johnson categorically said he he had right of veto), embarrassing Davis Brentisms, wankerish antics such as measuring the grass (at Sunderland, again I was there), bullying of certain players, and constant and cowardly blame shifting. All the while wearing a constant smug self assured smirk. To say I can't take to him would be an under statement.
  11. A full pre-season with our first team is the last thing he needs.
  12. Havent looked for a while but Sunderland fans continue to be unimpressed with the LJ bullshit. Worst run since 2017/2018 doesn't ruffle Johnson Just a question of pressing the right re-set button apparently. He's even confident and looking forward to the play offs. Is he right or is he alright? My instinct tells me he’s waffling shite. He's done here, proved he's not upto the job. Needs to reset himself the fkn chancer. If he spent as much time picking the team as he does on selecting his touchline attire we'd be sound. Bloke's not fit for purpose. Well it should. I dont like him and his smirk. I’ve watched blokes in betting shops confident that the next one will win and wipe out all their losses. Johnson’s the same as them. He’s a gambler dressed up as a tactical and motivational genius. johnston thinks he some sort of genius Why does he always come out with riddles clichés etc. starting to really get on my nerves now. speaks a good game but cant deliver. he would have a great career in politics. dont like him Lee Johnson says one or two players have been affected by their contract situation at #SAFC. Sounds to me like he's throwing them under the bus. Seems like it’s look at them and not Lee scenario He's such a bullshit merchant. ******' hell. Maybe they don't know their pomos from their super strengths. Surely all the other clubs must have some players in the same situation...?
  13. Ha yes mate those coach trips we always seem to come home with less than we started with, will start up again next season......
  14. Come on surely someone has to say it........
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