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  1. Nice little attempt to discredit speech that - except your comments are misleading. By pushing I don’t mean in the literal sense, but anyway, having got through the back couple of rows I moved forwards to the rows in front and thereby - this is how terracing works - occupied lower rows. So no ones view was compromised and no “I’m alright Jackery”. Yes the stewards were clueless but equally the small number of fans I saw moaning were lacking in initiative and BTW were not elderly or with noticeable health issues. The days of packed terraces are in the distant past but it is impossible under today’s crowd restrictions to be unable to get a good view with plenty of space. In the days of terrace capacities of probably at least twice what they are now, where frequently it genuinely was difficult to get a good view, I nevertheless don’t think I ever came across anyone who would have even contemplated giving up on finding somewhere to stand, you just got on with it and found the best you could.
  2. Pathetic yes I’m afraid. As I said I just pushed through a few people to find somewhere to stand with a view, listening to a small number of whingers whinging to stewards as I did so. Today’s H&S standards dictate there will always be plenty of space on terraces, but in today’s world it seems some people have been conditioned to think that somebody else, in this case a steward, should sort their little difficulty, and somebody else, in this case FGR, are to blame rather than their own inability to show a bit of initiative.
  3. Pathetic. I was at the back near the centre at FG minutes before the game started without a view, and simply pushed my way through the back couple of rows where there was loads of room in front. Said fan would have wet himself at the Forest league cup semi final in 1988, just for example.
  4. I would imagine the unsung development coaches should take a lot of credit for that.
  5. My dad lived near him in Hartcliffe for a while. Spoke with him at the bar in the Whitchurch Folkhouse once, Shearer had just been transferred for £15 million, Cheese said he would have been worth almost that - Arsenal offered £250k in 1976 if I recall correctly, were turned down by City, and so they bought Malcom MacDonald for £300k instead. Love some of his answers: FAVOURITE OTHER TEAMS: Bristol City reserves and Bristol City youth BIGGEST THRILL: Scoring for Bristol City (not for example playing for Norwich in a league cup semi final or scoring forNorwich at Anfield) BEST COUNTRY VISITED: England PROFESIONAL AMBITION: To help City gain promotion Top man.
  6. NickJ


    A couple of things on this. Firstly, if the people with this banner didn't realise that "All Lives Matter is a racist slogan when used as a response to Black Lives Matter", it cannot be a racist slogan, to them. Notwithstanding the above, where is the rule written down which says "All Lives Matter is a racist slogan when used as a response to Black Lives Matter"?
  7. Yes to the extent that my financial support is restricted to tickets with hardly any expenditure on merchandise.
  8. Anyone ever closely associated with an addictive gambler will recognise that football clubs with gambling companies as sponsors on their shirts is obscene
  9. I saw a chap complaining to the stewards that there was no room. Had he bothered to push his way through the people stood on the back row, which is where a disproportionate number of people congregate, as I dd, he would have found enough room for him his family his pets and could have spread out with a nice little picnic if he so desired. The safety regulations and capacity restrictions at stadiums nowadays are such that it is impossible for there to be too little standing room where there are terraces. I'd like to see the chap I mentioned transported back in time to the away ends at certain City games at Vetch Field or Upton Park, or Bradford, and many others, or the old Wembley for that matter, the poor darling would have been petrified.
  10. I was there and our definitions of dangerous are very different.
  11. Being so relatively young at the time, I don't think I appreciated there was a real chance there wouldn't be a Bristol City after that day. That season, went to every Tuesday night game and the atmosphere under TC with 6,000 stalwarts was electric, went to every away game I could, but back then was playing Saturdays and so wasn't at Newport, although have seen City play at the old Newport several times. Before '82 I'd seen the FA Cup run at Leeds Elland Road 1974, the promo season 75/76, the 4 seasons in the top division, but nothing will ever beat the struggle and the victory in the face of adversity, in the 4th division.
  12. Gutted. People like Terry Cooper don't pass away, they are always here with us. Absolute legend, the current generation of City fans and definitely the current ownership will never understand what that man did for our football club. Will try to find a Guardian article from round 1984, the man managed, played, scouted, cajoled, encouraged, directed as a director, swept the terraces, literally, when we were on our knees, wore his heart on his sleeve, in an era when playing football and being part of a community meant so much more then than it does now. No wonder he broke down at that Wembley final, and we all felt so proud of him, and of us. Really feel that I just lost a part of me. God bless, Terry.
  13. A lot of North African appearance as well - after we went through security at around 7.15 dozens of them were were jumping over a wall. When I could see that quite a lot had successfully integrated and the numbers was jeopardising us getting through the turnstiles in time for kick off and so had an altercation with them they backed off only because they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves.
  14. Anybody that has seen close up the effect which gambling addiction can have on a person and their family would understand. Yes, shameful.
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