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  1. Palmer must be seriously out of favour with Nige now and not exactly doing much to get back into his thoughts. I'm not Nahki's biggest fan but he's working hard now and seems to have improved his attitude. Watch and learn Kasey.
  2. I agree we would probably feel a bit annoyed but it's not Wycombe's fault that the league was decided in the method it was. So bit unfair to say Wycombe shouldn't have been there.
  3. But they'd gained enough points early on in the season to gain a play off spot when worked out by PPG so just as deserving as the other 3 teams that made it in. Actually more so as Wycombe had the highest PPG.
  4. Why shouldn't they have been? It was calculated the same way for all teams.
  5. God now we've got to see his face all over the place again, poor bloke looks like he's sniffing glue permanently.
  6. Haven’t we got this on banners coming off the ceiling in the Lansdown concourse?
  7. Poor bloke couldn't cross a road.
  8. Joe Bryan could leap like he was on a trampoline though, don't think JD can do that.
  9. I have most luck in small corner type shops. Also vending machines you can sometimes get lucky with. And occasionally I get them in Tesco with the meal deal but they aren't in all Tesco stores from what I can tell.
  10. Your best bet is little corner shops or random vending machines speaking from experience. Glad to see that while we may disagree on the Politics forum we agree on Wheat Crunchies
  11. These are unreal but difficult to get hold of I find.
  12. I would like to see this formation but with Massengo where Palmer is and King alongside James. But as you said the RWB position seems to be the issue. As much as we like Vyner he is still a weak link. Didn't look like he could cross a road on Wednesday.
  13. Agree with this, no way Baker gets dropped. Nige has already said what a great job he's done this season already. He also said when players who are left out get their chance they have to take it or they'll be left out again. Going off that I doubt Nahki will even be on the bench at QPR.
  14. Did full training before Luton game so expect he will be available for Saturday.
  15. Could try uninstalling whatever firewall you are running also.
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