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  1. Crowds/stands at away games have historically a lot of the time been unreserved. You can’t have gone to many away games if you think people standing where they want is a new thing.
  2. If this stays like this and with Blackpool already out does this mean our game up there will go ahead as scheduled?
  3. They’ve got Stevenage today? Is that game later in the week? Maybe he hasn’t got a game for NYD fixtures then
  4. Don't disagree with you at all. My comment was more based on what Nige seems to think and I'm fairly confident he wants Palmer no where near the team and is definitely one of the players he wants to move on.
  5. You're going to be disappointed if you expect Palmer to play in a city shirt again.
  6. Worrying but predictable that hardly any on here mentioning the positives that Simpson is bringing to the squad. Very obvious that he was always going to be more of a 'mentor' to the younger players rather than a squad player playing 90 minutes every week. Numerous times this season at the final whistle he has been straight onto the pitch to one of the youngsters, arm round their shoulders with a word in their ear as they walk off. This can only be a good thing and one that Nige would have had in mind when he brought him in.
  7. Not really too fussed on the commentators but overall the ITV coverage of the actual games was embarrassing. The cameras missed more shots than they captured. So slow to switch back from the players face to the board that most of the time you missed the shot going in/missing, demonstrated by the crowd being silent for a few seconds after big moments as they didn't know either! The cameras were blatantly being controlled by people who had no knowledge of darts as well as numerous times the camera didn't follow the 3 dart route that was being taken by the player and again missed the winning dart going in.
  8. We walk through the gate at the Raynes Road entrance and there was no security measures there at all. You can near enough see that entrance from the main KFC one so a completely pointless exercise as anyone who wanted entry without being checked could have just seen that, walked round the block and gone in that way.
  9. Again thanks for trying to explain something to me that you have no knowledge of but alas once again you are incorrect.
  10. I know it isn't illegal to access, I didn't say it was. Thanks for explaining my story to me though
  11. From the South Stand on Saturday the orange one was terrible in front of the Atyeo.
  12. The Dark/Deep web is most certainly real and as others have said worryingly easy to access and 'use'. When I was at Uni an associate (wouldn't say friend) was similarly intrigued to many on here, he decided to have a snoop around on there. To cut a long story short he ended up in front of the University Senate and the Police and was very nearly kicked out. So don't believe anyone when they say it is not monitored, it most certainly is!
  13. Having now finished it I can say it got a lot better as it went on. In many ways actually preferred it to the first season as there wasn't as much stupid-ness going on and it got into some serious issues. Some major twists and turns as well! I won't say anything else in case you are planning to watch it.
  14. What a terrible final, Price was so focused he was actually boring for once. Typical that probably the worst match of the whole tournament was the bloody final!
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