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  1. Looking forward to next weeks. Thanks for your efforts Tom
  2. Once again your randomness is worrying. I will leave you now with a reminder of the one thing that seems to terrify you - Boris Johnson is YOUR prime minister whether you like it or not and there's nothing you can do about it
  3. I assume you're being this thick on purpose?
  4. Please do keep going and continue to prove my point...
  5. Ah yes what a witty response from a clearly mature poster. But then again when you have no point to make what else can you do but resort to innuendo's?
  6. You forgot running out of bobble hats in the shop just before Christmas
  7. The default complaint of how can Eliasson not be starting when he's our most creative player doesn't always wash, as others have pointed out he's been poor in recent games.
  8. The tears on here are hilarious, obviously still lots of bitter people who haven't got over the election result.
  9. How do you know this? You sound very confident...
  10. That's way off, some of our 'top' players were getting that 5+ years ago. Apparently Kalas' deal put his wages nearer 40k a week.
  11. Is that Keith Stroud’s world class referee brother?
  12. Nothing around the ground really. Use JustPark, lots of spaces and driveways within a couple miles of the Den, paid around £6 last season.
  13. Play the right way for a relegation battle as demonstrated currently...
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