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  1. There is ALWAYS a Biscuit reference when you need one. (And for those of you who have yet to listen to The Voltarol Years, their most recent album, it's one of the best they have done).
  2. Well if thread proves one thing, anyone thinking of signing him will take one look at OTIB, read this thread and think... Just the sort of signing to bring the fans together. We must make sure we get him!
  3. As someone else said, palm him off on Joey. The Fewers will think they have one over us and we get shot of a player who has occasional glimpses of quality in amongst a questionable desire to actually want to be a footballer.
  4. One for Jerry and/or SCAT to share their understanding on, maybe?
  5. Further to the other comments.
  6. Reminds me that I need to go to Halfords.
  7. Just wondering... in response to my own message... When there was that Crouch podcast the other day when he talked about contracts and the 'retirement age, 35' was included; wonder if that is a payout/insurance clause.
  8. Probably for insurance reasons. Villa did the same with Richards, having to tick every box in terms of trying to aid their recovery before they would be able to claim.
  9. I reckon we could be missing a trick here, attendances could skyrocket if the club declared Ashton Gate a 'Sweet Caroline' free-zone, we could attract followers of cricket, darts, rugby and who knows whatever else. Just need to stop that nonsense noise from being uttered in BS3!
  10. And who doesn't want more student flats!
  11. Club won't care if the promoters sell out or sell one ticket, they'll have rented them the space.
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