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  1. Such sad news. The man who delivered our first Wembley visit.
  2. Well; even by your standards this is pretty random.
  3. You have to be mindful of the fact that when we signed him, he had the chance of Premier League football but a lack of ambition meant he didn't fancy mixing it with the big boys. I am fairly drunk, but equally fairly sure his other option was Blackpool*. Nothing says committed more than looking for the easy option. *probably have the entirely wrong.
  4. I agree with the decision that the charity made, but equally I agree with the fact the debt to society has been met by the guilty. It leaves me feeling quite conflicted. I probably work with people who have been found guilty of drink driving, and in the many thousands of people I work with there is bound to be someone who has been directly impacted by the actions of someone drunk behind the wheel. I'm not sure where the role you do should be an additional punishment vs the fines and time you might also be (rightfully) given by a court.
  5. He reads the weather on North East News...
  6. I was going to take it further and make a reference to a mature female caterpillar. But the only word I could think of after chrysalis would see me get the THUNDER ban (again).
  7. Neither the shocking first statement and the words of Wally includes links or numbers where people who have been victims of domestic violence could reach out for support, instead they use the text in the second statement to say what wonderful things they have done previously. Shambles of a club, furiously trying to back track. The one positive is that most of the Fewers can see through this nonsense.
  8. Well, the greatest surface underfoot is springy turf.
  9. So the club admit there was a crime...
  10. Not sure being incapable makes you compliant.
  11. I think the issue with compulsory masks in the concourse is who is going to police it and enforce it. If you were a minimum wage steward, would you really want to go out of your way to challenge someone? Also, a lot of people eat and drink in the concourses so they'd not be wearing one.
  12. Don't think anyone has said (or likely thinks) the government have done a fantastic job, which is why a lot of people would be more comfortable getting further assurance going to large events. Personally, I don't like the idea of vaccine passports, but I would happily show my vaccination status if it meant other people were able to enjoy themselves. My issue is that it doesn't include a negative test, which is a result people can fake and until that issue is fixed, then we are going to continue spreading the virus amongst the jabbed and the non-jabbed.
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