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  1. This thread needs more bar-snack chat. That'll cheer everyone one up. Ooooh. Cheesy Moments.
  2. I have a fondness for (unsurprisingly), all of them. And, seeing as you didn't ask, here is my order of preference. Branston Pickle. Barbecue Original Red Leicester.
  3. No we're not. If you go back a couple of pages, you will find it's the end of the world as we know it. Proper doom merchants have descended and we are all banjoed.
  4. Depends on what cheddars. Variety of flavours available these days.
  5. And you thought the football was shit! The real world is hardly a barrel.
  6. Right. I now have a pint (in the Sugars, bottom of Christmas Steps), and my slightly more considered view is.... No one was shit this evening, we deserved to go in 1 up at half time, and we were competitive for the huge majority of the match. The ref and his mate dropped a couple of absolute howlers which changed the game. The timing of the Forest goals makes this a more difficult pill to swallow, but I can honesty say that for a side without superstars or any real playing identity, we are becoming more difficult to beat. Am I worried that we haven't won at home in 17 games? Yes. I am. Do I think we will win soon? Yes. I do. Game management needs attention, but tonight - for me - the desire and tempo we never got on Saturday was back. Reasonably good performance, very average officials and a hard defeat to accept.
  7. Out of interest, any idea if the match is on the red button?
  8. It's because Gunnersaurus left a negative TripAdvisor review after an away game. Despite being several millenia old, he was upset that he was still the youngest person there.
  9. But then all (or most) other Championship clubs are going to be in a similar position. High earners you want to retain and your only chance of doing that is to hope no side with parachute payments take a shine to them. I think the great football-rest is going to be a few more years of surprise. Clubs hoping to pick up free signings on sensible wages, and players needing to be lowering their expectations.
  10. They haven't made it any easier, that's for sure. But if you live round there you probably appreciate the fact you can rent out your driveway for a few quid and park your car on the street!
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