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  1. No offense taken mate. We are all a bit fed up with the off season and the general silence from the club. Welcome to the forum and up the city.
  2. Ah another entitled snowflake. You will fit right in here. If you haven't already please go and complete the polls on your feelings of Dean Holden and Mark Ashton so we can all finally agree what the club needs to do once and for all.
  3. Its never going to be Holden. Its just City lowering our expectations. I believe we were never in talks with CH or SG. Its all been media hear say. And now city have to lower our expectations as Paul Cook was always the man. Announce Cook !!
  4. Until we appoint someone it his his job. This is the first of many non stories we will see from the BCFC media team in the off season. When does the next season start!
  5. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/city-break-ground-on-new-training-facility/ No all external. Perhaps a planning issue to do with building height?. Don't know the benefits of internal vs external. But seeing as all our games are played outside (minus the odd visit to Wembley!) It makes sense to practice outside. Also worth noting the covered rugby pitch does not offer much in the way of height, they won't be doing much kicking practice inside.
  6. And the fact that he couldn't hear me booing from my sofa.
  7. I'm semi involved in the planning industry. Anyone can search the local registers for planning applications that have been made. I cannot find anything relating to a training pitch at this site. So no planning yet. I imagine the image is from an architect bidding for the the job or for a pre planning application. The crest on the side of the building looks interesting???
  8. It is at the moment. Next season it will increase with out a doubt to make up for the lost income.
  9. I don't think we will see any money back or off of merch or next seasons tickets, it doesn't make financial sense to any club to put themselves in financial trouble by issuing money back when effectively its already spent on next seasons wages. Many of us, myself included, have already purchased next seasons tickets in full. So that money in my mind is spent im not expecting it back, I'm hoping that with that money the club can continue to operate. For this and next season I would happily accept digital access to the games live if it can be made possible. I'm pretty sure the
  10. I have heard contracts may have been exchanged on the fruit market this week. I do not know if it is the gas or others but will try and find out! I think all bids were made in september.
  11. I have also mis interpreted your post!! Xg bad. Bentley Good.
  12. Wish I wasn't going tomorrow. Have paid 28 quid and fuel for the privlidge of watching more of our usual brand of Snore-ball. I must be mad.
  13. I must of picked it up in conversation about the wider works planned for st Philip's marsh at work.
  14. Have heard some interesting information on the Fruit market for their potential new home. They put in an offer upwards of £20 mil for the land, however it was tied up in all sorts of clauses about them selling the Mem and projected profits and such which meant the current owners wouldn't have seen the full amount till around 2028/2030. (Actually Wise on rovers part given their current financial situation, but not what the fruit market owners want) There are several parties which own the fruit market and they are looking for money up front. They are mostly of an older generation prob
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